Uncover Enchanting Escapes: Disney Cruise Line Destinations

Author: Maharshi Soni on Apr 24,2024
Aerial view of Disney Cruise ship

Welcome aboard to a world where dreams set sail, and every moment is a magical adventure. Disney Cruise Line is not just about traversing the open waters; it's an immersive experience that blends the wonders of Disney entertainment with the excitement of global exploration. You can go through these destinations offered by Disney Cruise Line, each promising its unique blend of thrills and relaxation.


Bermuda Bliss: Pink Sands and Pirate Tales Await

Bermuda beckons with its pastel-colored homes, pink sand beaches, and turquoise waters. Aboard your Disney cruise ship, indulge in the luxury of Broadway-caliber shows, character meet-and-greets, and themed deck parties that keep the magic alive day and night. Onshore, the Royal Naval Dockyard awaits its rich history, offering opportunities to explore maritime museums, shop for local crafts, or unwind with a stroll along the waterfront. Take the chance to sink your toes into the soft sands of Horseshoe Bay Beach or dive into the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling adventures.


Price: $1,854 (For Two People)


Destinations: Nassau, Bahamas | Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point


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Canada Cruises: From Maple Syrup to Majestic Falls


Disney Wonder cruise ship in Canada


Disney's Canada cruises offer a tapestry of experiences, blending natural wonders with cultural delights. Onboard, savor the flavors of gourmet dining, pamper yourself with spa treatments, or engage in family-friendly activities like splashing around on the AquaDuck water coaster. Onshore, immerse yourself in the charm of Quebec City's cobblestone streets, stand in awe of the thundering Niagara Falls, or discover the quaint fishing villages of Nova Scotia. Whether whale watching along the coast or sampling maple syrup in Montreal, Canada's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture promise adventures for every traveler.


Price: $1,519 (For Two People)


Destinations: Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point | San Juan, Puerto Rico


Europe Where Fairy Tales Come True!

Discover the treasures of Europe with Disney Cruise Line, where each port of call is a chapter in a grand adventure. Onboard, be dazzled by Broadway-style productions, themed dining experiences, and youth clubs that whisk kids away to fantastical worlds. Onshore, traverse the ancient ruins of Rome, stand in awe of the Acropolis in Athens, or wander through the bustling markets of Barcelona. Whether you're tracing the footsteps of ancient civilizations or soaking in the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, Europe's rich tapestry of history and culture will surely leave an indelible mark on your soul.


Price: $3,830 (For Two People)


Destinations: Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy | Livorno (Florence, Pisa), Italy | Genoa (Milan), Italy | Toulon (Provence), France


Alaska Cruises - Glaciers, Wildlife, and Wilderness


Disney Cruise in front of the fantastic Alaskan scenery


Experience the untamed beauty of Alaska's wilderness on a Disney Cruise, where breathtaking landscapes unfold. Onboard, embark on nature-inspired activities like wildlife spotting from the comfort of your stateroom or watching glaciers calve from the ship's deck. Onshore, the possibilities are as vast as the Last Frontier from dog sledding across icy tundras in Skagway to kayaking amidst towering icebergs in Juneau. Take a scenic train ride through the rugged terrain of Denali National Park or marvel at the cascading waters of Tracy Arm Fjord. In Alaska, every moment is an adventure waiting to be discovered.


Price: $3,270 (For Two People)


Destinations: Glacier Viewing (Stikine Icecap), Alaska | Skagway, Alaska | Juneau, Alaska | Ketchikan, Alaska


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Caribbean - Swaying Palms and Sunshine

The Caribbean is a playground of sun-soaked beaches, azure waters, and vibrant cultures, perfect for a Disney Cruise getaway. On board, guests can enjoy themed pool areas, exhilarating waterslides, and nightly entertainment that brings the islands' spirit to life. Onshore, the possibilities for exploration are endless swim with dolphins in Grand Cayman, snorkel amidst colorful coral reefs in Cozumel, or zip-line through lush rainforests in St. Lucia. From exploring historic forts to sampling local cuisine, the Caribbean offers a treasure trove of experiences for every type of traveler.


Price: $2,325 (For Two People)


Destinations: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands | Nassau, Bahamas | Disney Castaway Cay | Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Mexico - Spice up Your Adventure

Journey south to Mexico and uncover a land of ancient civilizations, vibrant fiestas, and breathtaking landscapes. Onboard your Disney cruise ship, indulge in Mexican-inspired cuisine, catch live entertainment, or join in on character dance parties that keep the fiesta going all night long. Onshore, delve into the mysteries of the Mayan civilization at Tulum, swim with whale sharks off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, or explore the colonial charm of Puerto Vallarta. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Mexico's rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty will captivate your heart.


Price: $3,610 (For Two People)


Destinations: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Ensenada, Mexico


Bahamas - Castaway Cay and Beyond 


Disney cruise in Bahamas


Escape to paradise with a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, where powder-white beaches and crystal-clear waters beckon. Onboard, guests can enjoy beachside BBQs, watersports, and family-friendly entertainment that keeps the fun going from sunrise to sunset. Onshore, dive into the depths of Atlantis Paradise Island, unwind on the secluded shores of Castaway Cay, or immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Nassau. Whether seeking thrills or tranquility, the Bahamas offers every family member the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.


Price: $1,953 (For Two People)


Destinations: Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point | Nassau, Bahamas | Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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New Zealand & Australia Cruises - Down Under Discovery

Set sail for the South Pacific and discover the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand and Australia with Disney Cruise Line. Onboard, guests can enjoy gourmet dining, Broadway-style shows, and youth clubs that cater to kids of all ages. Onshore, the wonders of the Antipodes await from the stunning landscapes of Milford Sound to the iconic landmarks of Sydney Harbour. Dive into the vibrant underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, hike through the otherworldly landscapes of Rotorua, or sample world-class wines in the vineyards of Marlborough. With its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, New Zealand and Australia promise adventures that will leave you spellbound.


Price: $2,083 (For Two People)


Destinations: Eden, Australia | Melbourne, Australia


Transatlantic Cruises - Sailing the Seas of History

Cross the Atlantic in style with a Disney Cruise, where days at sea are filled with relaxation and entertainment. Onboard, guests can participate in cooking classes, spa treatments, or catch a movie under the stars. Onshore, explore historic cities like Lisbon, Barcelona, or Copenhagen, where cobblestone streets lead to hidden treasures and centuries-old landmarks. Whether you're savoring the flavors of Portuguese cuisine or marveling at the architectural wonders of Gaud, a transatlantic cruise with Disney is a voyage of discovery unlike any other.


Price: $4,018 (For Two People)


Destinations: Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal | Lisbon, Portugal | Cdiz, Spain | Cartagena, Spain | Barcelona, Spain


Lighthouse Point - Disney's Private Paradise

Step ashore at Disney's private island, Lighthouse Point, and discover a secluded paradise where adventure awaits at every turn. Onboard, guests can enjoy beachside BBQs, watersports, and snorkeling adventures that showcase the island's natural beauty. Onshore, relax on pristine beaches, explore nature trails teeming with exotic wildlife, or visit the iconic lighthouse for breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. With its unspoiled landscapes and tranquil shores, Lighthouse Point is a haven for those seeking serenity amidst the splendor of nature.


Price: $1,519 (For Two People)


Destinations: Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point | San Juan, Puerto Rico


Anchors Away For Disney Cruise

Embark on a journey of enchantment with Disney Cruise Line and discover a world of wonders waiting to be explored. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, each destination offers its unique blend of excitement and relaxation. So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and set sail with Disney Cruise Line where magical adventures await at every port of call. Take the first step to a beautiful Disney cruise through Leisure's flight booking portal.


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