The 5 Best Family Cruises To Hawaii For A Fun-Filled Vacation

Family travelling on cruise ship on sunny day

The paradisiacal island, of Hawaii, awaits travelers from across the world to explore its rich culture and history. Of all the places in the world, Hawaii is perhaps the dream vacation of everyone- all that for a good reason as well. In between island visits, families can indulge in an array of dining options right on board the ship. Extremely transparent waters coupled with vibrant blue-hued skies, encompassed by near-perfect temperatures; all together makes Hawaii easy on the eyes and your body.


While one can easily fly to Oahu and spend a few days in just Honolulu, you might not get a fuller experience of what Hawaii truly has to offer. The best possible way to explore and experience this heaven is by getting on a cruise with your loved ones. The best family cruises to Hawaii offer you a chance to explore the culture and history of Hawaii in a fun, eccentric way.


Read on to know the 5 best family cruises to Hawaii.


1. Carnival Cruise Line


Carnival Cruise ship


The carnival cruise line aboard its ship Carnival Spirit offers some of the best Hawaiian vacations. The vacations sail out of Honolulu, Vancouver, and Ensenada, Mexico, on a 12-day cruise. The ship includes various family amenities like the children's pool, sports deck, sun and Lido deck, and the Techno Video Arcade across the main deck. Dining options on Carnival Cruise Line include both buffet-style meals and specialty restaurants. To meet all dietary preferences, the dining options include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. Teenagers between 15-17 can participate in Club O2, which features a round-the-clock hangout area on the sun deck. Camp Carnival on Carnival Spirit is geared towards tiny little cruisers between 2-11. Circle C on the main deck of the ship hosts video games, dance parties, and late-night movie screenings for passengers between the ages of 12-15.


2. Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America cruises, the MS Zaandam, and the MS Rotterdam offer a unique Oasis and a teens-only Loft hangout space on the uppermost Sports and Sky deck. Other children and teen-friendly amenities include a sports deck club HAL that offers a supervised activity area for cruisers between 3-12. The Upper Decks video arcade room provides a video gaming experience across all levels. The best family cruises to Hawaii on the Holland America cruise line sail from San Diego and Vancouver. Itineraries for the route come with round-trip and one-way journeys ranging from 14-30 days. One of the highlights of Holland America cruises is the diverse dining options that cater to all ages. Experience an unforgettable family cruise with Holland America, indulging in a plethora of amenities while exploring the beauty of Hawaii.


3. Norwegian Cruise Line

The Pride of America by Norwegian Cruises sail all year round to the Hawaiian islands. The cruise line offers extremely friendly onboard amenities like Connections Teen Club, the Rascals Kids Club, and the Blast-off Video Arcade on decks 12 and 13. The dining options on the Norwegian Cruise Line range from casual eateries to upscale restaurants. Sports activities on one of the best family cruises to Hawaii include jogging tracks, a basketball court, a tennis court, and a volleyball court. The cruise ship offers multiple shore excursions and plenty of other onboard activities for the entire family.


4. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Rhapsody of the Sea by Royal Caribbean cruise line sails to Hawaii on a 10-12 days journey. The cruise ship is considered one of the best family cruises in Hawaii because of its features and amenities. The adventure ocean playroom onboard Rhapsody of the Sea offers an exciting and immersive experience for children and teenagers, ensuring endless fun and exploration throughout the cruise. Also, With a variety of dining options available 24/7, you're never far from a delicious meal. Children and teenagers can embark on thrilling adventures and enjoy interactive activities at the adventure ocean playroom onboard Rhapsody of the Sea, making it a highlight for families on their Hawaiian cruise.


4. Princess Cruise Line


Princess cruise ship


When you are onboard the Princess Savers cruise ship on the Princess cruise line, you will find completely equipped Youth as well as Teen centers that offer almost everything - jukeboxes, ping pong tables, and the latest video games. While your kids have all the fun, you can relax knowing that your children are entirely supervised and under the care and guidance of the Princess Youth Activities Coordinators.


5. Cruising with family

Families cruising with their family, especially their children, should know a few things before disembarking on the journey of their lives.


Kid-friendly programs

Any family-friendly cruise ship will offer an onboard childrens program, fully staffed and supervised by youth counselors. Participating in such programs is also an educational opportunity for children as well as their parents, who can find it really hard to get the kids to leave them alone for a few hours while on vacation.


Typically, children can be organized by age in various groups, every group offers age-appropriate activities in separate areas. Some of the best family cruises to Hawaii even have a teens-only nightclub. The minimum age to join a program will be at least 2-3 years.


Rooms and suites

Family cruise ships have a large number of different staterooms for all kinds of budgets. These accommodation options can include suites, balcony staterooms, oceanview staterooms, and cabins. Every family can choose the type of stateroom that best fits their budget and requirements.


Some cabins/staterooms can accommodate 4-5 people in a family, while others are smaller.


Depending on the size of your family, here are a few things to consider when choosing your desired cabin/stateroom:


Triple/Quad occupancy cabin

If you are traveling on any of the best family cruises to Hawaii with young children and are looking to ensure they stay in one room with you, it is advised to find a room that can hold more than two people at a time. On most cruise ships, a portion of the cabin has a third/fourth bed that drops out of the ceiling or gets pulled out of the walls. These beds are full-sized and can be retracted during the day, so they do not hamper your moving around space during the day. Your cabin steward will help you take care of making the beds during nighttime and will also put them away for you the next day.


Connecting cabins

Newer ships on any fleet will come with options of different configurations for families. One of the most popular newer options here is a cabin with interior connecting doors as you see in a hotel or a resort. This will offer you the added advantage of having double the room space, with separate yet together bedrooms. This also adds another bathroom to your cabin, which is extremely important if you are a big family. However, the only disadvantage here is that you will be required to pay for two rooms in such cases.


Family suites

Family suites are a fantastic way to host accommodations for 5-8 people in one family. Some of the family suites include private dining options for those evenings when you'd like a quieter meal. These suites usually have a minimum of two bedrooms and bathrooms, with a large common area and a balcony that can be used for fun-filled family gatherings. Since there might only be a very limited number of options for such rooms on a cruise ship, families interested in getting their hands on a suite should book their tickets at least a year in advance.


Why Opt For The Best Family Cruises to Hawaii?


Value for money

Cruises at all times are an all-inclusive vacation for everyone. One price contains everything- accommodations, food, shore excursions, other activities, entertainment programs, and much more. Truly, on the best family cruises to Hawaii, you get a great deal.


A hassle-free way to have fun

On the best family cruises to Hawaii, there will be no onboard shopping, cooking, or cleaning. You will not have to wait in any queues, no rental cars, no reservations or bills, just pure and simple fun. Your cabin will be cleaned twice a day, and you will get your hands on some great amenities, all included in your price.


A floating resort

The state-of-the-art cruise lines of today offer something for every single passenger, no matter their age. From rock climbing, rollerblades, ice-skating, hot tubs, swimming pools, gym facilities, movie theaters, cafes and restaurants, casinos, educational classes, libraries, sports bars, yoga, and many more things. The best family cruises to Hawaii indeed are multi-generational resorts and offer a plethora of entertainment options that cater to every age group, ensuring a delightful and engaging experience for everyone on board.


Dining options

Exploring dining options on the cruise ship can be an exciting activity for the whole family. When did you share a meal with your family last? If you have to think for more than 5 seconds, get your tickets to the best family cruises to Hawaii.


On a family cruise, you can sit down and share a meal with your family every evening. You and your family can enjoy intimate moments with each other while indulging in lavish meals. If you are looking to spend some time away from the kids, just you and your spouse, you can also enjoy an alternative option for adults-only dining while your kids spend some time under the supervision of the cruise ships caretakers. The wide array of dining options aboard family cruises ensures everyone will find something to their taste - Don't forget to check out the kid-friendly dining options available on each cruise line.


Highly satisfactory vacations

Family cruises offer the highest guest satisfaction ratings across the travel and leisure industry. Statistics show that families who have traveled together once on a cruise ship in the past are highly likely to return within the first two years of their first vacation. By planning a fun-filled family cruise adventure, you get a better chance of making yourself and everyone around you happy.


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Final Words

Cruises provide families with a way to plan vacations that appeal to every single member of the family. On the best family cruises to Hawaii, families can enjoy fun-filled activities, excursions, and so much more. On-board activities like miniature golf, amusement parks, teens-only clubs, daycares, and rock climbing keep children busy and entertained while the adults can indulge in spas and casinos. Specific age-group programs like nightclubs for teenagers only, day camps for the young ones, and other youth-focused programs ensure everyone can have an equal share of fun. If you ever get a chance, do visit Hawaii with your family on a cruise! You will fall in love.

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