Travel And Leisure Best Hotels To Stay In San Francisco

Author: Megha Agarwal on Dec 31,2021

Mighty in all its pizazz, allure, and pop culture, the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is truly worthy of being on every single travel bucket list out there! Here are the top ten travel and leisure best hotels in San Francisco with perfect bay views you could ever dream of! 


1. Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco at Embarcadero 



Category - 5 Star 

At Leisure, we are going to make it pretty simple for you! If you ever have fallen in love with San Francisco’s skyline and its beautiful panoramic views, this is the hotel for you. This hotel leads in the list of travel and leisure best hotels in San Francisco, and why not? It offers a staggering view of the most famous landmark in the city - the Golden Gate Bridge. Along with the Golden Gate, the hotel directly offers you a view of Alcatraz as well as the Transamerica Pyramid. 


Almost all of the rooms in the hotel will offer you an exceptional view of San Francisco Bay. Need to know more? To get the ultimate viewing experience, pick a room with a “bridge to bridge view.” These are the rooms where you can see a full, stretched-out view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Another plus for choosing such a room - you will be admiring this view through three extremely large windows! 


Truly a classic, this is the perfect postcard hotel when staying in San Francisco. 


2. Fairmont, San Francisco


Category - 5 Star 

Another 5-star hotel on the list, Fairmont, also offers its residents a glorious view of the San Francisco Bay, Transamerica Pyramid, Oakland Bridge, Angel Island, Coit Tower, and of course, the mesmerizingly beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Fairmont also features a great deal of different dining options, including the Hurricane Bar and the Tonga Room dedicatedly focusing on exotic Asian delicacies. Another dining option, The Laurel Court Restaurant & Bar, specializes in the tastiest seafood you will have in San Francisco.


The hotel is strategically located at Nob Hill, which is perhaps the only location in San Francisco you can access through a cable car line. The cable car lines are what connect the guests to the entire city, including Union Square, Downtown, and the must-visit, Fisherman’s Wharf. 


3. Harbor Court Hotel 



Category - 4 Star 

A hotel that guarantees you that classic postcard view of the Oakland Bridge! Harbor Court Hotel is among the travel and leisure best hotels in San Francisco that will never disappoint anyone who chooses to stay here! Once you are here, the Oakland Bridge will be the first thing in the morning you will see, right from your bed. Want more from the privacy of your room? Well, if this idea grows on you, get a bay view room if you are looking forward to staying at this hotel; you will thank us later! 


Apart from the views, the room has an in-room Soundfreaq Bluetooth music system, in-room yoga mats, organic treats, and all the amenities you could think of. This luxurious boutique hotel is extremely eco-friendly and is just a 5-minute walk from some of the major points in the city, including the Railway Museum, Embarcadero Plaza, and the Ferry Building. 


4. St. Regis, San Francisco 


Category - 5 Star

St. Regis is located in one of the most desirable areas of the city, SoMA. The hotel, therefore, is an extremely pleasing option for sophisticated travelers. In just a few minutes of walking, you can reach the Museum of Modern Art, which houses a staggering 30,000 art pieces in its collection. For travelers who genuinely love paintings and art, the cityscape view from the hotel should be truly something to look forward to! The cityscape will feel exactly like a live painting that reflects all the colors and the perfect shapes of the city from the hotel. 


Also, while you are staying at St. Regis, definitely check out their heated infinity pool. You will fall in love with the remarkable city views from there! 


5. The Clift Royal Sonesta, San Francisco



Category - 4 Star

Long since The Clift Royal Sonesta went under an extensive renovation, this downtown hotel recently opened its door again at the wrong time! They reopened in early 2020, after which we witnessed the aftermath of the spread of coronavirus. However, the result of this renovation is truly enchanting! 


The hotel is much more welcoming, pleasant and lighter than its earlier architecture and interiors from 1934. The hotel houses 302 rooms and suites, which have been upgraded to match the modern elegance we are surrounded by while still preserving the essential characteristics of their earlier times. 


But, this article was intended to talk about the views of the hotel! Let’s get back to the point, then. Well, if you are choosing to stay at one of their “city view” rooms or suites, you will be treated to memorable skyline vistas of San Francisco, something you will fall in love with! You will also get to witness, directly from the privacy of your room, the newest landmark in the city, the Salesforce Tower. So, if you are planning to work remotely in San Francisco, this is your place! 


The hotel also has multiple in-house dining options and eateries, like Fredericks, whose communal tables might just turn out to be the ideal workspace for you during your stay here. Also, the hotel is just a few minutes away from the historic Curran Theater and the city’s epicenter, Union Square. 


6. Huntington Hotel 


Category - 4 Star

This phenomenal 4-star boutique hotel is one of the ideal places to stay when you visit San Francisco. This travel and leisure best hotel in San Francisco is conveniently located in one of the original seven hills in the city - the Nob Hill. Because of its hilltop position, the hotel offers you a remarkably extraordinary view of the entire city, including the Transamerica Pyramid, Bay area, and the Grace Cathedral. 


You can visit Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf in just a few minutes on foot. The upscale surroundings of the hotel offer you access to some of the most beautiful parks in the city and some extremely diverse food scenes.


The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is located just a 10-minute drive away from the hotel. 


A tip from our Leisure top travel guides - Do check out their award-winning spa and pool. You will fall in love with the spectacular views of the entire city from here. 


7. San Francisco Marriott, Union Square 



Category - 4 Star 

For travelers who love to stay right in the middle of all the action of any location they visit, this one’s for you! If the hustle and bustle are what suits your travel style, then this travel and leisure best hotel will certainly tickle your fancy. One of the best San Francisco hotels, Marriott, is just a few steps away from Union Square. This 39-story hotel hits our list of the best places to get an inspiring view of this unique city. To get a great view of the city from the privacy of your room, grab their city view rooms when making a reservation. In fact, put a request to get a room on a higher floor! You can thank us later.


If, however, for any reason, getting a city view room is challenging, you can head to the View Lounge at the hotel to get a perfect panoramic view of the city. The views will be nothing short of spectacular! When choosing to stay at the San Francisco Marriott, Union Square, your stay will be all about convenience. You will have the entire city to explore as soon as you walk out the doors. 


8. 1 Hotel San Francisco


Category - 5 Star 

Located directly at Embarcadero, the North Waterfront, this boutique 5-star hotel benefits truly from its ideal location. You can conveniently explore all parts of the city since you are inside its heart. The historic streetcar has one of its stops just right outside the doors of this hotel. 


You are surrounded by plenty of restaurants, cafes, and stores at the Ferry Building Marketplace, just a few steps away from the hotel. 


Now, let’s talk about the rooms. From almost all of the rooms of this hotel, you will get a fantastic view of the waterfront, including the iconic Oakland Bridge, or as the locals call it, the Bay Bridge! This extraordinary bridge view can also be enjoyed from the hotel’s rooftop terrace, which is one of the best places to visit when you are in San Francisco. Also! If you love gorging on Italian delicacies, we just have one word for you - Americano. Do not try to go back home without having tried it at least once. 


9. Hotel Drisco 



Category - 4 Star 


An extraordinary 4-star hotel, Hotel Drisco is conveniently located in the uphill position on the Pacific Avenue of San Francisco. The location is ideal for people looking forward to staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city center and all of its touristy places. But, at the same time, the hotel allows you to stay close enough to feel the energizing vibe of the city. 


The views from such a high position are staggering if nothing else. You will especially come to love the views during the nighttime when all city lights start lighting up. To enjoy these romantic views with your significant other, ensure you book a city view room when making your reservations. 


Speaking about the decor of this 48-room hotel, it is unique and Edwardian, with all the fundamental amenities and detail-oriented services, round the clock. But, what will truly sweep you off your feet at this hotel is their warm hospitality. Just get ready to be spoiled when you are here! 


10. Cavallo Point 


Category - 4 Star 

When the point of conversation is getting that perfect view of our beloved Golden Gate Bridge, it really cannot get any better than Cavallo Point. Among the top travel and leisure best hotels in San Francisco, Cavallo Point lies in the outskirts of the city, in the upscale Sausalito area. 


The hotel is located directly at the Golden Gate Bridge Recreation Area, primarily next to the San Francisco Bay region. The hotel is also just a few steps away from the main city center. The hotel’s shuttle service will provide you with all the transportation amenities you require during your stay here. 


Staying at this beautiful property means that you can pick a room with a direct view of the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the beautiful and romantic panoramic views directly from the comforts of your room. Also, you must take full advantage of their attached decks and patios if you choose these rooms. You will get an exquisite view of the bridge. 


You can take the help of the hotel staff and book a kayaking tour if you are an adventurous traveler. You will surely take home a few memories! 


Final Words:


If I were you, I would be booking my flights to San Francisco right now! Book your tickets to the city, explore what peace feels like on the west coast. Experience luxury, extravagance, and comfort while you get some of the best views you will ever witness in your lifetime at these travel and leisure best hotels in San Francisco! 


Bookmark this article for future trips, or share it with someone who might need it right now! 


Happy vacationing to you! 


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