Sip The Different Coffees In Vietnam

Vietnam is the largest stop of coffee and you get to taste many different varieties here

If you are on Vietnam vacation packages then you must try these amazing coffee that is served traditionally. Vietnam coffee is made from robust beans that give it a very strong taste. Many explorers have tried to copy their coffee-making style but failed miserably. There are many experiments done with coffee beans here and you are going to love them all. So while you hustle on your Vietnam vacation take a step back and taste the following coffees.

  • Drip filter coffee for a roasted butter taste

  • Hot egg coffee  for a spoonful taste of a creamy cup

  • Cool yourself with coconut coffee

  • Snack on some yogurt coffee

  • Taste the iced coffee Bac Xiu

There is only one thing that can replace a warm hug and that's a cup of coffee. It is a rocket fuel that keeps everyone buzzing. Every street in every city or any Cafe can't have their menu completed without adding coffee to it. You might have tasted different kinds of coffee around the world but the one in Vietnam that you may taste on your vacation is surely very different from the rest. You can taste these 5 types of coffee for completing your coffee lust. One thing is for sure that you can never get over the taste of it. You may take back a few recipes and try on for yourself.


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Drip filter coffee

It is a must-try street style coffee that you cannot miss. When you are out in the lanes of Vietnam. It is usually roasted in butter and then brewed in metal filters. Every filter has a different way to brew the coffee, mostly small filters are used so that it can fit into the coffee cup and some are huge enough to be carried on by many people. You might take away a few filters as souvenirs. You need to wait for a few minutes until your coffee gets brewed. However, the final taste is pleasurable enough to make the wait worthwhile. It is quite bitter hence, this black coffee is soft yet very hard.

However, if you want to sweeten your drink you can add some condensed milk or some ice. Instead of going into luxurious or fine dining restaurants you must take on the streets for a few of the best local Brews. You can walk up to Cafe Thai which serves you various kinds of dip filter coffee that dates back to 1920. There are many cafes on the pavement or the crossroads that you may locate and enjoy your perfect coffee.

Hot egg coffee

During the war, it was very hard to find milk and even harder to spend the acquired milk into the coffee. Hence the Hanoians craved something that can add cream to their coffee.  Egg yolks were the perfect alternative for a creamy scoop of coffee. Even after the war when Vietnam had enough milk and prosperity people couldn't forget the taste of hot egg coffee and this legacy was carried out. It is now one of the must-have coffee when you visit Vietnam on your vacation. It is famously taken into the winter months. The eggs provide a very rich brew and gently fold the froth with a spoon. You can stir it slowly and have your cup of hot creamy coffee. You will find the best egg coffee in Hanoi and the Cafe Giang is the original server of this coffee.

A refreshing coconut coffee

Vietnam experiences one of the bitter summers. You may feel dehydrated due to overheat when you explore Vietnam during summers. Hence on every few metres you will find coconut coffee. This is coconut coffee is more of scoopable ice cream instead of a liquid drinking coffee. This coconut coffee is one of the best things that you can have that keeps you full and cool on your exploration.

It is an upgrade of the most famous dip coffee  in which the vendors add coconut milk, condensed milk and ice. It is a fun tropical drink and the best coffee cocktail that you can have. This delicious coconut coffee can be tasted best at the cafe Cong Ca Phe.

Snacky yogurt coffee

It is one of the weirdest coffee that you can taste and it is sinfully awesome. It is a wonderful alternative to milk and you may fall in love with its taste. This again has a base of drip coffee in which they add yoghurt instead of milk and condensed milk instead of sugar. It is the main snack which can be found across every restaurant or coffee shop across Hanoi. It is a sour and bitter blend which is overpowered by sweetness and gives you a mouth-watering coffee snack. You may try this out at Cafe Duy Tri and you can learn the recipes from the locals. 


If you have a sweet tooth then you must try this with Vietnamese iced coffee. It is a very simple recipe yet gives you a relishing taste. The main bet is in the proportions, you may try different proportions to get a variety in taste every time. It is a very popular dish amongst the teenagers and you can taste the bitterness of original Vietnam Robusta beans with this coffee.

Ho Chi Minh City is known as the sugar capital of Vietnam and you should try the BAC XIU coffee as it is the birthplace of it. There are many Street cafes that serve you different varieties of it by playing with the proportions. At the Vietnam Coffee Republic you will get to taste more delicious flavors of this variety.

Coffee is the lifeline of Vietnam and your Vietnam vacation packages are incomplete without having tasted these five fantastic Vietnam coffee.

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