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Ukraine is a country that feels like home! No wonder with a distinct culture, stunning architecture, beautiful cuisine and glorious cathedrals, the tourists feel like home.

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Detailed Itinerary

Here is a tailor-made itinerary just for you and your loved ones that you can have during the Ukraine vacation.

  1. Kamianets Podilskyi- One Day

The beautiful place is located in the western part of Ukraine. The vintage town is flooded with colorful and stunning houses, street murals and cobbled up streets that appear like a labyrinth. The old town has a grandeur castle which dates back to the 14th century. The castle is very well known for its fortifications and the castle is the quintessence of the best fortifications in the entire Europe. The castle is open for all the tourists where they can hire local guides to understand the history of the place. The beautiful and quaint piece of history has been well maintained and preserved by the locals. 


  1. Uman-One day

Uman is very well known for the stunning Sofiyivka Park. The park has exotic flora grown beautifully as well as a research center within the boundaries for studying botany. Even though Uman is known to capture its beauty all year round, the place looks breathtaking in autumn.  In the autumn season, the leaves change their color and over the picturesque scene which makes it look like a fairyland on the Ukraine vacation.


  1. Mukachevo –Two days

This is a typical city that marks the notable architecture and churches of Ukraine. The highlight of the tourism in the country brings the Palanok castle into the limelight. The fortress is divided into three different buildings; the lower castle, the upper castle and the middle castle. The museum in the city gives us an insight into the history of the city; it also has a beautiful art gallery for art enthusiasts. 

  1. Khotyn-Two days

This town is one of the oldest towns in the country. The town has been converted into a trade town and defense town for strategic reasons. The Khotyn fortress has been encircled by 8-meter high walls which are guarded by five towers. The walls have been adorned by red-colored bricks with geometrical motifs resembling the Podia art. 

  1. Odesa- Two Days

In no small measure, Odessa is the most traveled city in the country. Because of the warm and welcoming climate of the city all year round, you can visit this beautiful city whenever you want. Tourists generally enjoy basking on the beautiful beaches of the city.  Couples in love hold hands and stroll through the clean lanes, appreciating the architecture of the grandeur buildings. 

  1. Kyiv-Two days

It is the capital city of Ukraine and gives the most appropriate glimpse of the entire nation. Greenery in the city can be found in abundance with a lot many boulevards, parks and picturesque gardens. It is also the cultural and educational hub of Europe. The people of Kyiv are very welcoming and helpful at all times, making your vacation very simple. Even though the natives of the capital city do not speak the English language fluently, they can definitely help you guide your way. 

  1. Chernivtsi-Two days

The city is located in the western part of Ukraine. The elegant hallmarks of the country can be witnessed in Chernivtsi. Taking a Ukraine vacation is definitely a pleasure concerning the unique styled cafes, grandeur architecture, lovely buildings, and amazing history. Chernivtsi National University located in the city is also mentioned in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beautiful building is also very enchanting and worth a small visit. Strolling through the city gives you a European vibe where you can admire the scenic beauty around you and lurk on the streets. 

  1. Carpathian Mountains- Half day 

When you visit the beautiful Carpathian Mountains you feel as if time has stopped and only if you could gaze at the scenic beauty forever. The most beautiful place in Ukraine has small villages, scenic beauty, lush woodlands, and pines. There are plenty of resorts nearby which you can stay for the night. There are many entertainment and accommodation options near the Carpathian Mountains. If you want to experience the best scenic beauty of this place, you should definitely visit in the winter when the place looks like a fairyland offering you plenty of adventurous activities. 

  1. Rakhiv- Two Days

This city is the highest city in the country. It is tucked with green Carpathian forests and is perfect for the nature enthusiasts considering the hiking opportunities.  A village near the city is a perfect escape to hide from the fast city life. The Hutsul Brynza Festival takes place in September which exhibits the culture of the country.

  1. Bukovel- One day

This is the ideal skiing destination in winters. The area is surrounded by three huge mountains and resorts located on hilltops give the perfect picturesque view from the top. The skiing destination promises fun for all age groups so do not think twice while coming with young members or old members. There is even a ski school where you can learn new activities and then perform in the snow park. The best months to plan this destination are from December to March. 

  1. Ivano- Two days

The city is the most adventurous place for the locals and tourists both. Many people decide to visit the place but very few actually end up staying there. Earlier the place used to be of grand significance because it was connected to the Potocki family. Cafes in and around the place are very well known and spending hours for this reason in the city is not such a bad idea. 

You are now well aware of the stunning places within Ukraine, which will promise you lots of joy with your loved ones. Whether taking up adventurous activities or simply sipping coffee in peace with your pack at a scenic beauty, traveling the country is always a great idea. Stick to the itinerary and plan your dream Ukraine vacation today. 

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