Perfect Itinerary With Best of the Ukraine Tourist Places

Ukraine is home to all beautiful and exquisite places with a number of tourists’ attractions. The ancient castles, welcoming and diverse culture, vibrant cities, lovely country and landscapes of the country are what make it so beautiful. Most of the tourism of the country is only because of the country’s authenticity and the fact that it feels welcoming. The place makes you fall in love with the exotic streets and well-built structures. The best time to visit the country is between June to September, with the weather all warm and cozy to enjoy the summer activities. Furthermore, the country is not even suffering from over-tourism which clearly means the absence of crowded places and long queues.  


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Here is the ultimate guide for you and your lovely family to travel around Ukraine and feel the vibe of the beautiful vintage country:

The Cultural Capital, Lviv –FIVE DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS

The vintage European town lies close to the borders of Hungary, Austria, Romania, and Slovakia. The cultural capital is very well known for its Polish architecture, which is considered to be influenced by Soviet culture. The city also has an end number of restaurants and cafes to treat your taste buds. Lviv is a heaven for the foodies and is known for its themed cafes which are quite unique. You need at least 5 days to explore the beauty of the city and walk through the beautifully laid streets. Lviv is known for its rich chocolate and coffee manufacturing units. 

Tunnel of Love- ONE DAY TRIP

The Tunnel of Love located in Klevan Town is just like a fairytale place and considered to be a very romantic place. The natural wonder is covered with beautiful bushes and green trees which capture the essence of the place. The unique beauty is a stretch of 6 kilometers which creates an illusion of infinity. In history, the tunnel was believed to transfer goods and arms of strategic importance during the war. The tunnel is called the “Tunnel of Love” due to the charming beauty and dreamy view of the place. Also, the tunnel is now very famous among the couples for obvious reasons. Some of the couples love to take their marriage vows under the beautiful vintage tunnel.

The Black Sea Beach- ONE NIGHT

The Black Sea Beach is known as the party place of the country since the destination has many beach shacks, clubs, restaurants and bars. The Port city which is located at the Black sea is very popular, especially during the summers. The black-bluish sea is enchanting furthermore, around the sea line there are many historical monuments, ballet theatres, opera theatres, and exquisite parks. 

Capital of Ukraine, Kyiv- THREE NIGHTS

The beautiful capital is known for its colorful cathedrals topped with domes made up of pure gold. The architecture in the city has surely gone under renovation but it’s all for good. The city was destroyed many times and yet the citizens managed to rebuild it, a lot of history lies behind every brick. The tall apartment buildings add to the beauty of the city. Many theatres, gardens, and museums attract a lot of tourists. The cathedral St. Volodymyr is an impressive building that hangs the paintings of notable artists. A number of monasteries in the city with colorful domes and white polished buildings should definitely be visited. 

Odessa- TWO DAYS

The beautiful city has numerous places to be discovered hence two nights are enough to explore the places in and around. The central part of Odessa is for the architecture lover who cannot just get enough of the beautiful constructions. The unique architectural blend of buildings and grandeur palaces is worth your time! For tourists who enjoy the sea view, the city has stretches of the Black sea with entertainment around every corner. 

Kamianets-Podilskyi- ONE DAY

The town gives old-vintage vibes and has many spectacular places to visit. The town is considered to be the most breathtaking part of the country. It is stationed on an island which is circled by the Smotrycz River. The small town is very famous for its hot-air balloons, which are generally released during the summer. A view from the top of a hot-air balloon is a must. 

Mukacheve- TWO DAYS

The charming destination is full of Austro-Hungarian styled architecture which is very impressive considering the detailed construction. The most significant tourist spot is the Palanok Castle, which is one of the most important fortresses. The town is also well-known for including the Synevir Lake and the enchanting Shypit waterfall.

Carpathian Mountain Tour- ONE DAY TRIP

The emerald lakes, wild forests, pristine rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and rugged mountains are the spot of attraction for the tourists. The misty Carpathian is known for its breezy wind in the summers and for skiing in winters. One day visit for the mountain beauty is enough however, for those who cannot get enough of the scenic beauty can camp in the tents and enjoy the night. 

Sunflower Field- HALF A DAY

The world knows that Ukraine is top on the list of sunflower exports. The country is filled with many sunflower beds which are blooming in the warm sun. Mostly the south-eastern and north-west areas of Ukraine are home to these magical flower beds. You can walk in the beautiful rows of flowers and click pictures for Pinterest and Instagram handles. Stop on your way while taking a road trip and feel the vibe of blooming flowers. 


Hiking in the natural sanctuaries of the country between the Carpathian mountain ranges is a cherry on the top. The mountain range has a lot many edible berry patches hence hiking while plucking the juicy balls is fun and adventurous. These patches are in fact spread throughout the country.

Thus, taking a Ukraine vacation to discover all these beautiful places, learning their culture, gazing at the beautiful architectures and serving your taste buds with some of the delicious savories will promise a perfect Ukraine vacation. Add the vintage country to your bucket list and go with your loved ones!


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