Thailand For Your Next Honeymoon Vacation

Embark your journey of life after marriage in Thailand and its picturesque location you can spend at least a month here enjoying all the beautiful things. Thailand bustles with tropical beaches and many temples along with some royal palaces. There are many hidden jewels in Thailand that you must explore on your next vacation. However, it is the most sought out place for couples from all over the world for their honeymoon. Thailand is also known as the “land of smiles”. There are endless possibilities for fun romance and adventure. It has many mesmerizing landscapes, majestic beaches, and luxurious resorts and spas, along with some delicious food and a happening nightlife. It is a paradise for honeymooners, you can do whatever you want to do without any restrictions.

Your Thailand itinerary for your honeymoon must include the following places to have some relaxing and fun time with your better half: 

  • Visit Bangkok to experience its busy city life
  • Experience majestic mountains and unheard tribes at Chiang Mai
  • Enjoy the best of beaches at Phuket
  • Feel exotic at Koh Samui
  • Feed your adventurous soul at Krabi
  • Visit Hua Hin for some quiet village life and fishing
  • Have a glittering nightlife at Pattaya
  • Explore Thailand’s hidden treasure Similan Islands


Once you lay your eyes on this beautiful island with your significant other you can feel the positive vibes. There are many beautiful places to visit on your Thailand vacation. These 8 has to be on your top priority whenever you plan to visit Thailand.

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Detailed Itinerary


Plan your honeymoon around November to February if you want to enjoy Bangkok to its full. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and was named as the world's top tourism destination in 2017. This city offers you shopping, cultural activities, and many photogenic places. You can spend your days at the famous floating market, cafes and the temple. You can enjoy its nightlife at rooftop bars which are as high as 83 floors. There are many famous night markets, nightclubs, and many Go-Go bars. There are many interesting things for you in Bangkok. April to June are the hottest months in Bangkok, also, you must avoid monsoons if you want to enjoy Bangkok city. There are many frequent intense showers of rain here since it is the off-season and everything goes at the lower prices.

Chiang Mai

The meaning of Chiang Mai is a ‘new city’. It has many majestic mountains and hill tribes that were part of independent Lana Kingdom till 1558. It is a very peaceful and calm place to visit. If you want to spend your vacations in the beautiful scenery and away from the city vibes, then this is your must-visit place. There are many travelers that seek peace here, away from the capital city Bangkok. However, the footfall here has increased, since 2014. The best time to visit here is from November to February as it is a very cool season and you don't have to stay inside away from the sun rays. You can also schedule your trip around the festivals to see the colorful life and the vibrant ways to celebrate.


It is already a very famous location amongst the tourists and is the place heard by everyone. It is one of the largest islands of Thailand with mesmerizing beaches, amazing sea-food, and upscale restaurants, relaxing spas and much more. It offers you a very happening nightlife and daily life too. You can spend hours on the beaches, enjoying your favorite food and relax at the beachside. You can explore the less crowded Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi islands too. The traveling becomes quite expensive during the season time, hence, it is advisable to pre-book things in advance to avoid last moment hustle.

Koh Samui

It is the second-largest island in Thailand. and has the most diverse attractions. You can have a relaxing day or go out for some adventure activities. Go for some exotic dinner amidst the Anantara Lawana's treetops along with your significant other. You can even go out and have some adventure activities like bungee jumping or simply relax in one of the exquisite villas. The best time to visit here is anytime other than monsoon seasons from September to November. There are many small islands to enjoy in Koh Samui. However, it is advisable to pre-book things as it might cost you heavy if you depend on last-minute deals.


Krabi is mostly famous for its cliffs and the clean emerald pools. It is located in the west of Thailand and you may have endless adventures here. Go rock climbing or trekking with your partner or go for some recreational activities. When you are at the beach you can engage yourself in water activities like scuba diving, kayaking or island-hopping. You may also soak in some hot springs or just wander around in the mangrove forests. You can step up to the Tiger Cave temple for a mesmerizing view. The best time to visit here is from November to March to enjoy the cool breezes.

Hua Hin 

Historically it was a quiet fishing village. You can visit one of the largest waterfalls in Thailand here i.e Pala-U waterfalls. Go on to explore the majestic Phraya Nakhon cave or simply dwell into the natural scenery of this village.  Hua Hin is just 3 hrs away from Bangkok and you can visit here from August to September.


Pattaya is already very famous amongst the masses and has a vibrant coastal atmosphere. You can have the best parties on the beaches of Pattaya. It offers you the best nightlife. There are endless luxury hotels, bars, and shopping malls too. In the year-end, you can also experience the bioluminescent plankton phenomena at Bang Saen Beach. 

Similan Islands

Amidst the Andaman Islands lies this beautiful heaven of Thailand. Your Thailand vacation packages must include this paradise with 11 little paradises. The majestic coral reefs and the diving spots of the Similan Islands are world-famous and attract a lot of travelers.

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