What to Do On Tahiti Vacation? - Follow These Ideas

Dreaming of basking in the warm sun and sipping the most perfect cocktail? A Tahitian vacation is at your rescue. Explore the natural beauty of Tahiti and go for the best adventures you can ever think of. Discover new journeys, go hiking and buy some cute souvenirs in the capital city.

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Detailed Itinerary

Here’s a visit as to what to do when you are on a Tahiti vacation with your lovely family:

1. La Plage de Maui-One Day

The main reason why all the tourists have this place on their itinerary is simply because of the dazzling white pearl beaches. The beach is located in the southern part of Tahiti. The water is crystal clear, the sun is warm and the stunning lagoon is blue, shallow and calm. The beach also has a beautiful bar that caters to the best of seafood snacks to enjoy with your cocktail. So don’t skip it from your Tahiti vacation packages. 

2. Papenoo Beach-One day

At the shores of the Papenoo beach, a village is located which reminds the tourists of its volcanic eruptions history. The beach has clear blue water of the South Pacific with ebony sands. This beach is not as recognized as the La Plage de Maui beach. On your visit stay, it is difficult to find basic amenities so make sure to remind me of it. The Papenoo beach is located in the northern part of Tahiti. The beach clearly welcomes you at every hour of the day however, the basic needs need to be taken care of including the means of transport on Tahiti vacation packages. 

3. Papeete-Half day

Papeete is the capital city of both Tahiti and French Polynesia. The capital city has a lot to offer the tourists including a shopping spree, fancy dine-in, and amazing nightlife. The best shopping items you can purchase are the gorgeous black pearls. If you are looking for fancy souvenirs then go for island crafts. The local market of the capital city is best suited to buy green leafy vegetables, stunning flowers, meat and fish and souvenirs. It is the most visited place by the tourists on Tahiti vacation. Take out time to enjoy the nightlife of the Papeete. 

4. Fautaua Waterfall- One day

The beautiful waterfall should be visited during the monsoon season since the waterfall looks more amazing than ever before. The sparkling water of the Fautaua waterfall cascades into the reserved pool. However, if you want to reach the beautiful waterfalls, you actually need to hike your way out. It is advised to visit this place in groups along with a local guide to brief you about the place and to help you throughout the journey. The adventure hike can be very thrilling however; you need to make sure that you are fit enough since the climb is very steep to avoid unnecessary tiring

5. Plage du Taharuu- Half day 

The gorgeous beach is located on the southern part of the Tahiti coast. Taharuu beach is characterized by palm trees and different volcanic black colored sand. The widespread beach gives you enough space to bask in the warm sun. The frothy blue waves of the beach attract the locals and tourists since it is ideal for swimming and one can even enjoy surfing. The bar on the beach will give you the famous snacks to munch while gazing at the beautiful site. Tourists find the beach clear and clean which gives a picturesque view. Thus, relaxing with your loved ones on the beach after a long tiring day can be a pretty good idea. 

6. Bougainville Park- Half day

The paradise of gorgeous flowers will make you fall in love with Bougainville Park. Surrounded by native flowers you feel held in the lap of Mother Nature. The park is an ideal place to plan a picnic with your pack and have lunch under the giant banyan trees. There are a few statues in the park which you can gaze at while admiring the native plants during Tahiti vacation packages

7. Black Pearl Museum – Half Day

The black pearls of the island are very rare and the gorgeous collection can be seen at the Black Pearl Museum. The pearls are known for their mythology and the museum brings out the highlights of the cultural importance of the precious pearls. 

8. Moorea- Two Days

The area at Moorea is very rugged and is covered with lush trees. The landscape features a beautiful outcropping which is known as the Magic Mountain. Tourists generally hike up the climb and take ATV rides for adventures. There are even a number of beaches which are popular around the tourists. The island even has a Lagoonarium where tourists enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving to gaze at the marine mammals. The island is also lined with a number of luxurious resorts to make your stay worth it. The Lagoonarium allows the tourists to get close to stingrays, tropical fishes and sharks during Tahiti vacation packages. 

9. Botanical Gardens- Half day

The native flora at the botanical garden is worth a visit. You can view Polynesia's rare and gorgeous flowers. The gardens are located just next to the Gauguin Museum. When the famous American botanist and professor came to Tahiti he planted exotic flowers and trees over 137 hectares of land. You can stroll around the garden and spend some time with your loved ones for half a day while Tahiti vacation.

10. Notre-Dame Cathedral-2 hours

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is the oldest church in Tahiti. The Catholic Church is quintessential of vintage colonial architecture just with a touch of the island. The church has a clamshell in which the fathers have stored holy water. One feels calm and at peace after paying a visit to the Catholic Church. 

11. Arahoho Blowhole-Half day

The beautiful place is the must-visit attraction in Tahiti. The Arohoho blowhole was created by the coastal erosion which was caused due to the constant slamming of big swells on the coastline. Magical science worked with Mother Nature and created one of the greatest attractions of the island. 

Thus, the perfect itinerary sure compels you to visit the stunning Tahiti Island. Gift yourself and your loved ones the time of your life in the form of Tahiti vacation packages.

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