Cities Of Sri Lanka You Must Visit

Sri Lanka is already known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. It is a small island in the south of Asia and is a very beautiful place to spend your vacation. Sri Lanka vacation packages are attaining a lot of attraction nowadays. It is a great country for your spiritual awakening with lots of Indian touch to it. Located in the Indian Ocean it is surely going to take your breath away. Awaken your soul with a soulful bliss at Sri Lanka. It is one of the pearls of the Indian Ocean and has the oldest man planted tree. The mesmerizing beaches and the amazing wildlife are just a few of the things that attract the visitors here. There are many things to enjoy here and you must spend at least a week here to admire these natural wonders.

You can plan to visit the following places on your next Sri Lanka vacation:

  • Visit Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth for beautiful hills

  • Visit the most important pilgrimage site at Adam's Peak

  • Spend some leisure time at Negombo city

  • The most happening locations await you at Ella

  • Surf some epic waves at Arugam Bay

It is home to the most sacred mountain and much natural beauty lies here. The locations are scenic and you can experience the best of everything here. You can learn a lot about its history and enjoy the beaches. You can experience different shades of culture and life in Sri Lanka.

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Detailed Itinerary

Kandy and The Temple of the Tooth

Kandy is located in the heart of Sri Lanka. It is covered with beautiful green hills and is the second-largest city in this country. It is also the last ancient kingdom left here. It is a mesmerizing city that is home to one of the most sacred Buddhist temple that is known as’ the temple of the tooth’. You can discover many beauties of Kandy and it takes different routes from here. It is also considered as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka and is a very beautiful place to visit. You can spot many beautifully colored houses along the hillside and many Majestic architectures around the lake. It is the former capital of Kings. There are many ancient and historical things that you can explore here. The architecture speaks loud about the colonial era and is a must-visit place if you want to learn about its culture. The tooth temple is one of the most important Buddhist temples in the world and has a very beautiful Kandyan architecture from the 16th century. 

Adam's peak

Adam's peak is a 2.243 meters high mountain located in the center of Sri Lanka. The locals usually call it Sri Pada and for the travelers, it is Adam's peak. It is one of the most sacred mountain peaks in this country. It has been a very important pilgrimage site since 2000 years. According to folklore, it was a footprint of Lord Buddha and for the Christians, it is believed that Adam's first step after exiting from the garden of Eden was this peak. Hindus believe that it was Lord Shiva's footprint. Hence, every religion has a different story attached to this peak. 

However, it is popularly known as Adam's peak. It is advised to trek in the night for getting on top of this peak before the sunrise. It is a very mesmerizing view of sunrise from here. Trek is quite difficult and will give you many challenges that you might not forget in your life. It usually takes 2 to 4 hours to reach on top. It takes one or two hours to come down, however, once you reach on the top and look at the beautiful sunrise from here you will know that it was worth it. 

It is one of the best places in Sri Lanka that you should visit. It is advisable to avoid visiting here in the mid-April or full moon or even the weekends because that's when it is most crowded.


This city does not offer much, but it has many palaces and beaches where you can spend some luxurious time and chill by reading your favorite book. It has golden sand beaches and in the past, it was fought over by the British, Dutch and the Portuguese. It is a hub of cinnamon plantations and hence many of the largest democracies have tried to win this place. A quarter of this city is still home to a colonial-era fort. One can see the influence of this era on the architectures. It is located in the north of Colombo and has many happening restaurants, bars, and places. To live in the tropical climate of Nigam, it is ideal to stay back at the Bibi beach.


The city Ella is covered with beautiful forest hills and tea plantations, along with mesmerizing valleys. It is a lovely place to spend time here and is one of the most popular country villages. After gaining popularity a few years back, it is now a hub of many hotels, bars, and restaurants which are completely meant only for travelers. It has developed so much that you may not find anything authentic remaining here. The modernization of this city is something you can't avoid. Surrounding this city is beautiful scenery which attracts a lot of tourists here. Hike to nearby waterfalls and temples to see the real beauty of Ella. Once you climb on the top of the Ella rock you will get a beautiful view of the hill country.

Arugam Bay

You can experience some epic waves for surfing or can just relax by the Arugam beach. Enjoy the Beach life here with the beautiful Arugam bay. It is a dry part of Sri Lanka and is one of the best surfing spots in the country. However, it has a more peaceful atmosphere alongside relaxing waves and mesmerizing beaches. It is very different from the crowded places and is the beautiful coast in the southwest. If you want to enjoy the sun and the sea then you should visit the nearby historic temples or can move to Kumana National Park.


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