11 Amazing Things To Do In Colombo

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 26,2020

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and has a very rich heritage. It is filled with lush greenery and fine dining options. You can spend a luxurious vacation here. It is a very small city but offers you a variety of experiences. You can spend days exploring this little city on your next Sri Lanka vacation. Every Sri Lanka vacation packages include a visit to Colombo. You can have high-end colonial-style hotels that are in bulk here. Colombo is your go-to place for shopping and to spend some leisure time on your Colombo vacation. You can do many things here and not feel bored even for a second. One needs at least a week to explore the city. You can either spend a romantic vacation or solo trip in Sri Lanka.

Your travel itinerary may include the following things and activities

  • Playing Golf at the Golf Club

  • Take a round of the city

  • Shop till you drop

  • Take a therapeutic massage

  • Visit around for artistic Sri Lanka

  • Spend a peaceful day at the temples

  • Go around zoological Gardens

  • Enjoy the amusement park

  • Chillout in the nightlife of Sri Lanka

  • Taste the authentic cuisine

  • Ride in the local vehicles

There are many possibilities when you travel to Sri Lanka. Don't miss out on any opportunity on your vacation packages.


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Detailed Itinerary

Play golf

You can play golf at the Royal Colombo Golf Club which is a very beautiful and historical place. It is 129 years old and many travelers can't stop themselves from visiting here. It is a very wide lush green field to play this Royal game. You can visit here during any tournament or go along with your friends for a little fun time.

Take a city tour

The best thing to do in Sri Lanka is to take a city tour of Colombo. This helps you in experiencing the charm of this city. You can take the city bus which can offer you a complete round of Colombo or you can plan on a road trip for the same. There are many things to explore in the city along with the famous temples and much more. You can also visit Mt Lavinia to taste the amazing seafood being offered at this Golden Beach.

Shop till you drop

Colombo is the most sought out location if you are searching for shopping opportunities here. You can shop for designer clothes, shoes, handbags and much more. Colombo has many departmental stores along with shopping malls that offer you handicrafts and souvenirs to be taken back with you from the Colombo vacation. You can even shop for home items and everything that you wish for. Sri Lanka gives you many opportunities to shop luxuriously as well as many cheap markets that you can rely on.

Indulge in massages

Nothing can be better than spending your vacation getting therapeutic massages and indulging yourself in the greatness of aromatic oils. The masseurs are trained for each kind of massage to offer you an enriching experience. You can try on different massages like Swedish, shiatsu and much more.

Art galleries

Sri Lankans love art, there is a Colombo National Museum that you should visit for experiencing some amazing paintings. This Museum holds sculptures and sketches from the 4th century. There are many local galleries that offer, modern art, however, it is suggested to go for the contemporary to learn about the history and culture of Colombo. The landscapes here are sketch worthy. You may fall in love with a few of the artists and the kind of ancient art Sri Lanka carried.


It is suggested to visit the famous temples that are located in Colombo. It is a hub of temples but people prefer visiting its beaches. On your Sri Lanka vacation, you should visit the Ganga Rama Vihar which is one of the most sacred temples of this country. It is is is made with wonderful brass and the walls are carved with stonework and there are many Buddhist arts too. It is a place of learning and has an enchanting museum along with the residential hall.

Zoological garden

You can visit Dehiwala zoological garden in Colombo. It is a beautiful landscape which is 30 acres in area and is a must-visit place if you want to experience the flora and fauna of the Colombo. You will get to see amazing mammals and some endangered species of birds. You can click some pics of the fishes there and experience the natural habitat of Sri Lanka.

Amusement park

It is recommended to visit the wet and wild Leisure world. It is the first amusement and Waterpark of Sri Lanka and has many amazing rides like roller coasters and the thrilling rides that are meant for kids and adults. You can check the ticket price on the main website and plan your day accordingly. One needs to spend at least a day to enjoy at this amusement park.


Every country has its own nightlife and Sri Lanka is no different than others. If you want to experience the glimmering nightlife of Sri Lanka on your vacation then you must visit Colombo. It has many chill-out bars and casinos that you can visit on your night out. One can try their luck at the casinos. One can go out with friends or the better halves to some fine dining restaurants. Colombo has a very buzzing night and you can party until the morning

Traditional food

Sri Lanka is a very culturally rich country and has many food choices that you must try on. However, the most famous snack in Sri Lanka is Kothur rotti. It is the rotti blended with chicken, beef or egg and other spices to give you a relishing taste. You can learn its recipe and try out a few substantial changes according to your diet and your food choices.

Local rides

You can try the local rides to experience the true spirit of this country. Take a tuk-tuk ride to experience the lanes and roads of Colombo. These three-wheeled vehicles are the backbone of Sri Lankan transport. You will get an adventure of life when you travel through them. These rides smoothly on a smooth surface and on the bumpy roads you need to take care of your belongings and a little bit of yourself on your Colombo vacation.

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