Enjoy 4-Day Punta Cana Vacation In A Different Way

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 01,2020

You are going to love Punta Cana for its sublime beaches, dominating palm trees, rum, and tropical vibe. Add this exotic destination to your vacation packages if you wish to rejuvenate yourself in a tropical paradise. Punta Cana welcomes the adventure seeker as well as the low-key traveler equally with innumerable things to offer.  

Head to a snorkeling session in one of the beaches or sunbathe under the refreshing sun rays. Go on a nature trail to the Parque Nacional Los Haitises, a natural reserve or explore 

While traveling without a plan may offer you a good experience, to have a basic idea of a destination will be better. It would save you time. Here is a planned 4 days Punta Cana itinerary that would help you tour without any hassles.

Day 01: Punta Cana and Bavaro.

Let the Caribbean landscapes of Punta Cana welcome you first. The coastline setting of this town is incredible and dream-like; once it draws your attention, you will not feel like moving away. Tourists visit Punta Cana for several reasons and the top amongst them are beaches. With a variety of beaches surrounded by sky-high palm trees, you just have to let the vibe of the azure waters sink in. either you want to get some tan or show your adventure side, the beaches will provide you with all that you need. Some well-revered water sports include diving, skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, and much more. Vacation packages offer small group sailing tours at an affordable rate. The next thing Punta Cana offers is the late nightlife filled with clubs and resto-bars. This Caribbean paradise changes into a party town by night. Top the sass with some rum and cocktails, margaritas, or wine! 

Make sure you next head to the Bavaro area of Punta Cana which is decked with golf clubs. It is also a beach area but has something more to offer: coral reefs. A major attraction with a scenic view, it is visited by lakhs of tourists every day. This region has many cool restaurants serving typical cuisines such as Toc Beach Bar, Ceviche 301, and Taino. Some top attractions of Bavaro are Jesus maestro Parish, Manati Park, Ojos Indigenas Ecological Reserve and Park, and Escape Room. 

Day 02: Montana Redonda and Cueva de las Maravillas:

A refreshing early morning drive from Punta Cana will land you in the beautiful wallpaper-perfect destination of Montana Redonda. This tourist destination is the newly added one for the past few years. Before it becomes crowded with tourists, pay a visit and you will also help the local economy to flourish! Don’t forget to get your camera because this is the cardinal spot for some great photography. The location offers a panoramic view with fellow tourists paragliding in the sky. With lush green mountains protecting you, what you will see will be a matchless portrait of the South-east Dominican Republic as far as your eyes could reach. There are enough places to sit and contemplate; hammocks and benches. But what is for the daring people are swings. May sound silly, but it will be an edge of the seat experience (take it in the literal sense!). 

The Cueva de las Maravillas is a bunch of caves with innumerable pictorial representations of the Tainos. It is the best place for geography and history enthusiasts. These sets of caves are the most preserved in the Dominic Republic with excellent renovation, lighting, elevator, and guides. Known as the “cave of wonders”, these caves will be the best spot to go back in the time of the Tainos, a group of cultural natives.

Day 03: La Romana:

Just 52 minutes away from Punta Cana is the city of La Romana facing the Chavon River. The primary destinations include the 16th-century hamlet of Altos de Chavón and Casa de Campo Resorts. The former is a village designed by the Italian named Jose Antonio Caro. While the rest of Punta Cana transforms itself to attract tourists, this village just goes back in time with its timeless styles to gain the attention of the world. Home to Dominic Republic’s finest culture enthusiasts, the village is an experimental town like a canvas for an artist. Pottery and weaving are constantly on the move, so you can buy some handcrafted pots and clothes made from love! 

Your next stop would be the three museums of Altos de Chavon- The Archaeology Museum, Amber Museum, and the Chocolate Museum. Vacation packages offer a triple tour to these three interesting sites. The Archaeology Museum is the home of the history of San Domingo, earlier known as Hispaniola. The Amber Museum exhibits precious types of stone and jewelry made from it. Tourists can also buy them if they like. Last but not the least; the Chocolate Museum will be favored by those with a sweet tooth! This museum showcases how chocolates are made from cocoa. Tourists can also attend an interesting workshop and make chocolates for their own. Shops offer creative products made from chocolates!

Day 04: Parque Nacional Los Haitises and Las Palmas:

The Parque Nacional Los Haitises can be called a mini Amazon Forest of Dominic Republic. What starts as a simple boat ride will astound you to see how slowly the mountains start to appear. What preceded the mountains are the mangroves which are considered to be of great ecological importance. They are home to multiple colonies of species. If you are lucky, you will get to see a bunch of woodpeckers, herons, pelicans in vast numbers. Vacation packages offer a kayaking experience to witness this forest more intricately. 

End your tour with a gastronomic delight by paying a visit to La Palmas. Tourists get to have the best seafood here. Just book your table in advance and the fisherman will go and get fresh fish from the sea for you. With flavored tropical taste, fish and lobster dishes are plenty here. The restaurant is filled with a light vibe and good interiors. With the beach vibe hitting you softly, a good cuisine will be the most you can ask for! 


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