Immerse Yourself In The Authentic Vibe and Culture of Portugal

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 13,2019

Portugal is situated on the western coast of the Iberian peninsula and is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Outstanding attractions, idyllic climate and affordable travel costs are the major factors for this. The glory of the country’s heyday is something that you can definitely see in its incredible architecture during your Portugal vacation. The old buildings drenched in elegance and opulence certainly reflect the prosperity of the country’s imperial days. 


The tourism industry in Portugal is sailing on a stream of success. In spite of the popularity, the country continues to be one of the best vacation destinations. Portugal has it all - innovative art, splendid views, a rich history as well as friendly and warm locals. Moreover, the main airline of the country, TAP Portugal has made visiting the country easier by increasing their stopover program to 5 days. So, are you ready for this 7 days Portugal vacation?

Tour At a Glance

Day 1: Madeira

Day 2: Coimbra

Day 3: Porto

Day 4: Lisbon

Day 5: Sintra

Day 6: Algarve

Day 7: Óbidos

Tour Highlights

  1. Visit one of the trendiest destinations in Portugal, Madeira and enjoy hiking, seaside peace and exotic cuisine.

  2. Witness a treasure trove of beautiful gardens and historic sites in Coimbra and also experience the second style of fado music famous in the country. 

  3. Visit the second largest city of Portugal, Porto and explore its medieval palaces, cathedrals, and gardens.

  4. Try out the best food of Portugal in Porto.

  5. Visit the captivating and historic town of Sintra which is acknowledged by UNESCO for its marvelous cultural landscape.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Madeira

Begin your Portugal vacation right by waking up in the gorgeous Madeira. It is one of the most happening destinations in the country for hiking, enjoying sitting peacefully by the seaside, and trying out exotic food. Moreover, the capital Funchal organizes one of the best New Year parties in the world. If you cannot come here for New Year, there’s absolutely no problem either. Making your way to the main as well smaller, adjacent islands is always a great plan. All the beach lovers will find one of the most gorgeous stretches of sand in Porto Santo. The Madeira Wine Museum and the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, known as Museu CR7 are some of the other highlights in Madeira. 

Day 2: Coimbra

A lovely city sitting by the Mondego River, Coimbra is a treasure trove of historic sites and charming gardens. The city boasts a vivacious culture that possess one of Europe's oldest universities. It also houses the second style of fado music which is quite popular in Portugal. During your Portugal vacation, you are definitely going to get lost in uncovering Coimbra’s various historical attractions including the Gothic Monastery Santa Clara-a-Velha and the spectacular Old Cathedral.  

Also, make your way to the University of Coimbra and admire the Joanina Library, which is considered to be one of the most gorgeous libraries in the world. It has become one of the best tourist attractions in Portugal. 

Day 3: Porto

You can definitely not miss visiting this second largest city of Portugal during your Portugal vacation. The city is characterized by old, vibrant buildings stretched across hilly streets and sit beside major river. Visit the Sao Bento railway station if you love the country’s azulejos tiles. The place offers a spectacular mosaic of tiles, converting the walls into amazing works of art. There are a number of medieval palaces, cathedrals, and gardens and the food here is often considered as the best in Portugal. Porto is popular for its world-known Port wine. Its stretches of vineyards make up most of the closeby Douro Valley.

Day 4: Lisbon

The capital city of Portugal continues to be at the top of travel destinations and trying out the authentic pasteis de nata and the bacalhau dishes is one of the major reasons why tourists can’t wait to visit the city. Moreover, exploring the Portuguese calcadas is also the highlight.  In spite of the boom in the tourism industry, Lisbon continues to be a destination that can be explored amazingly on a budget. It is still one of Europe's most affordable and tranquil capitals. Strolling around in the beautiful city at night is a treat in itself. Visit Alfama and relish the mouth-watering aromas and nostalgic melodies (fado) emerging from lovely restaurants that line the cobblestone, narrow streets. Make sure to not miss Chiado, which is the fashionable district with the world’s oldest bookstore. Visit boho-chic Bairro Alto and enjoy its dazzling night scene. Lisbon is blessed with amazing weather and a lot of sunlight, which means there’s never a bad time to visit the city. 

Day 5: Sintra

The charming city of Sintra is one of the pearls in the glittering crown of Portugal. The fascinating and historic town is acknowledged by UNESCO for its marvelous cultural landscape. Gathered under the wooded Serra de Sintra hills, the town is known for the landmark Palacio Nacional with its signature twin chimneys and colored houses. The city offers a number of hiking trails for the adventure enthusiasts and the highest peaks of the Serra offer incredible views across the Atlantic coastline and distant Cascais. 

Day 6: Algarve

One of the best places in the country to enjoy a blend of warm weather, happening beaches, hiking expeditions, and trendy social scenes. Visiting each of the major cities including Lagos, Albufeira, Portimao and Vilamoura is enough to know that heaven does exist here on Earth! Glistening waters and spectacular cliffs such as Camilo Beach are spattered across the area. In case you do not speak Portuguese and need directions, worry not! Many neighborhoods in the Algarve are English speaking. Wish to break free from the tourist crowds of Portuguese? Well, there are plenty of places to go including Tavira, Sagres and Aljezur. 

Day 7: Óbidos

Would you like to visit a city situated within the walls of a castle? Óbidos is the place to go! The scenic, beautiful and romantic place to click some amazing pictures for your Instagram. You’ll find clusters of white houses adorned with vivid flowers and souvenir shops waiting for tourists. Make sure to try out the Ginja de Óbidos, which is a cherry liqueur served in small chocolate cups. Once the Portuguese kings offered the city as a wedding gift to their queens. Today, the city is one of the most romantic destinations in the country. Óbidos is also known as a city for book lovers because of the splendid Literary Man Hotel. 

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