Top Cities In The United States For Vegetarian Travelers

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 03,2019

Gone are the days when there was merely anything available in veg for vegetarians. The time is evolved and so we are by preferring to have a vegetarian menu on the table over the non-veg menu. Remember, the times when we read about human evolution while growing up and how our ancestors kill animals and eat them for their survival. This practice is not completely out of the date, but people are getting more inclined towards having a simple, nutritious and healthy diet through vegetables. This is being strictly followed in the US where most of the people are turning veggies and that’s why we have come up with the list of top cities in the US for vegetarian travelers. 


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Top Cities In The US For Veggies

If you are a veggie traveler who is soon planning to have a leisure vacation in the United States, this piece of information would do wonders for you. So, all you non-meat eaters, brace yourself to get revealed to the places that are believed to be the best cities for vegetarian food. 

Peru, South America

Famous as a vegetarian-friendly place in South America, Peru is the only place where you can get to gorge upon the best vegetarian cuisines. Peru, being a country with different regions, is famous for serving a variety of local veg cuisines. The freshly made ingredients are the secret to make delicious food items here in Peru, however, these are not available in all parts of Peru. So if you are looking for the traditional Peru food made with rich traditional ingredients, make sure to visit the local restaurants having experience in making traditional Peruvian food with fresh ingredients. Tacu Tacu, Papa Rellena, Quinoa Soup are some of the Peruvian food items that you must try when in Peru Vacations. 

Asheville, North Carolina 

One of the vibrant towns in North Carolina boosting the best natural views and scrumptious vegetarian food for all the veggies. There is plenty of best restaurants in Asheville serving the world-class food ideal for non-meat eaters at the best suitable prices. When around North Caroline, especially Asheville, it is not difficult to find meatless options for your menu. Therefore, if you are or soon to be there, it is suggested to celebrate your meat-free lifestyle with the finger-licking dishes served by the top vegetarian restaurants in Asheville. Vegetarian French Onion Soup, Mushroom Risotto, Sweet Potato Vodka, Sweet Vermouth are of the best gluten-free and vegetarian options to try when in the US. 

San Francisco, California 

When it comes to serving the best vegetarian cuisines in the US, California has always on the top of the list for providing vegetarian cuisine to travelers. This is one of the main reasons for vegetarian travelers to keep California on their travel bucket list. World Veg Fest takes place in October, is the best thing to do in California, in which a traveler could get some cookery lessons through connoisseur demos. This event features cooking demos, performers and vendors for promoting Vegetarian food around the globe. Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Romanesco, and Carrot-beet Salad are some real food items that you must grab when on leisure vacation to California. 

New York, NY

New York is better known for its vegetarian cuisines which makes it the top place in the US to find out vegetarian food. After California, NY is the second destination for finding the best veggie food for veggie travelers. This city never sleeps and is home to the best veggie-friendly restaurants serving a wide variety of vegetarian cuisines. Vegetarian Food Festival happens to take place in October where veggie lovers could come together and have a fair share of art, music, veggie food items, and idea on vegetarian living.

Celebrate World Vegetarian Day

It is the 1st of October 2019 and for all veggie-lovers, it is your day to celebrate your veggie cuisines. Therefore, plan wisely to visit the places where you can enjoy your veggie bites in peace. 

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