8 things to not miss when you visit Bagan

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 20,2020

Bagan is a hub to many ancient temples from the 9th to 13th centuries and offers a lot to visit when you travel to Bagan. It is a small ancient town of this Buddhist nation. The Bagan kings have built many stupas and that are now being regarded as the UNESCO world heritage site. Myanmar vacation packages include many activities in Bagan. The most famous thing to do here is visiting the famous temples and their remains. You can even try some adventure activities when you visit next here.

You must try on the following activities on your next Myanmar vacation when you find yourself in Bagan:

  1. Explore the Temples

  2. Fly over the landscape in a hot air balloon

  3. Fall in love with the sunset at Irrawaddy River

  4. Visit the local markets

  5. A bicycle ride around the city

  6. Shop for Lacquerware

  7. Relish the local cuisine

  8. Experience the Ananda Festival

There is nothing more amazing than experiencing the rural areas of this nation. Every country has some hidden jewels and Bagan is no different. On your Myanmar vacation, you must visit this town to get a historical and cultural taste of this country. You can indulge in many thrilling activities here.


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There are more than 2000 temples in Bagan and this makes it a sacred place. Bagan spent a glorious 10,000 days after which it fell apart. It has many stupas that were built by the locals and every class and kingdom added to the structures. Most of the temples are placed in the Bagan Archaeological Zone. The ticket prices can be checked on their website. Instead of exploring all the temples you can visit only the best and must-visit temples. Buddhists are very disciplined and while you visit their temples you have to follow their rules. like removing shoes, earing proper attire and many more.

Hot Air Balloon

The best way to explore any town is from clouds. You can get onto the highest vantage point by flying over the Bagan in a hot air balloon. It glides up to the height of 2000 feet. The ride is quiet and static that offers you a mesmerizing view and a peaceful ride. It is suggested to carry cash while you plan to visit here. Plan a vacation around the short ballooning season which is held from October to mid- April. This season offers you a very enchanting experience. The hot air balloon ride usually lasts for 45 minutes to an hour.

Sunset at Irrawaddy River

Balloon rides can be a little expensive if you are traveling on a budget. You can try the adventurous way to explore this place. Trekking has always been the best and offers an enticing view from the Irrawaddy River. Many of the temples have been closed, however, the temples near the Irrawaddy River are still open and if you are lucky enough to climb the temples on time then you can experience one of the best sunrises of your life. You can also trek to the Lawkananda temples to see the sunset. When you are done climbing you can spend some idle time on the riverside.

Local Markets

There are two major settlements in the Bagan namely ' New Bagar and the 'Nyaung-U'. Your trip to Bagan is incomplete without having visited the local markets. 'New Bagan' was formed for the residents that were forcibly moved out by the government. Nyaung-U was the north zone and an older town. 

The Mani Sithu market is the most famous local market that you should visit. It is located near the central road. You will be taken back to the ancient market feel when you visit here. The animals are sold here, and you may find the souvenirs to be taken back with you.

Ride around on a Bicycle

Explore the lanes of this beautiful city on a bicycle. There are many self-powered bicycles that can be taken on rent and you can ride around the town on them. The new 'e-bikes' are getting famous and a massive hit amongst the tourists. When you ride around the town you can locate many beautiful locations. If you are in no mood to spend on e-bikes and want to go a natural way you can rent bicycles from the locals.

Buy Lacquerware as the high-end souvenirs

They are beautiful, hand-carved materials that you can take back as decoratives. Myinkaba is a small town in Bagan which is the largest producer of lacquer. There are many workshops here that use different techniques. They are the best to buy as they get better with age. Their color brightens and you can keep them forever. They add to your valuables with their enticing appearance. It was introduced by the Siamese and Lanna in the 1500s. You can take them back as gifts from your Myanmar vacation.

Taste the local Burmese delicacies at the Nyaung-U 

There is nothing that tastes better than local cuisines. Burmese cuisine has been affected by foreign visitors. You may find authentic Burmese, Thai, Tibetan, and Chinese food. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants that offer you local dialects. You can have a taste of the scrumptious pawns, and relishing seafood. The Burmese food has made changes to itself over the years and is now more adaptable by the world now. Myanmar was earlier known as Burma hence, the locals still call it Burmese cuisine. 

Enjoy the colorful Ananda festival

Ananda festival is the biggest Bagan celebration that starts in January. It is a fest that falls near the full moon of the Burmese month. It is the end of the harvest season. It is a carnival that celebrates Buddhists. The locals gather at the Ananda temple and offer food and clothing to the monks. You can see the town filled with colorful bullock carts and offerings.

Your Myanmar vacation will become worth remembering when you visit Bagan for a deeper insight into the world of locals that are still in touch with their roots.


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