A Week-Long Fun In Montego Bay

With the greenish-blue waves dancing over the sea bed coming to lap on the shiny sandy beaches, enjoys some of the finest experience of the Caribbean in Jamaica’s Montego Bay. Montego Bay is an adorable town which is the second largest town in the country and is one of the busiest destinations round the year. It has the busiest airport as well as cruise port with hundreds and thousands of vacation makers arriving at the city of utter beauty and natural charm. Montego Bay is everything desirable that offers immense comfort in the midst of luxury. Go around the city, meet the new dialects, food buckets, sceneries, and markets you will not find back at home. Also when on your Montego Bay vacation, never forget to buy souvenirs to take back with you.


With its arms open to welcome vacation makers from every edge of the world, Montego Bay hosts one the busiest cruise port and airport in Jamaica.  

While the town is spread through the mainland and the beaches, the water sports remain one of the major attractions in the city. Go diving or snorkeling around the reef system in the region, take various water sports valuable in the region, and go visit the marine park. If too much water adventure is not something that excites or captivates you then go to the mainland and get your party shoes on to go club hunting. Visit the galleries in the city displaying some of the finest pieces of art in the country; visit the beautiful markets selling local handicrafts and what not. Here we have planned out an entire Montego Bay vacation package for you below, take a look.

Tour Highlights 

  • Get into adventure as you swim through the lake to reach the underground filled with historically vital tales and millions of bats.

  • Ride on a horse to the middle of the sea as they swim along with you.

  • Take the house tour of two of the most stunning colonial houses in the town.

  • Get your partner and go on this utterly romantic bamboo rafting journey in the middle of dense woods.

  • Snorkel to the marine park protecting several marine creatures you can befriend.

Tour at a Glance

Day 1: Horseback ride and swim

Day 2: Green Grotto Caves

Day 3: Rose Hall

Day 4: Greenwood Great House

Day 5: Bamboo Rafting Martha Brae

Day 6: Set Sail to Negril

Day 7: Dead End Beach



Day 1: HorseBack Ride and Swim

This is something you may never experience anywhere in the world unless you have a pet horse. Book the tour while you are booking your Montego Bay vacation package. The trail takes you on the back of a horse into the sea. Yes, the fearless horses that love swimming in the sea agree to take you on their back as they go chest-deep in the water. Also, the activity is completely cruelty-free.

Day 2: Green Grotto Caves

Get down to explore this stunning cave system that is going to take your breath away. The one and a half kilometer long cave that sits 65 steps under the surface of the earth inside the lake. The cave had played a major role in the history of Jamaica serving as a hiding place for slaves. In the 1990s the caves were turned into a club but now the heritage caves are open for tourists.

Day 3: Rose Hall

The house has the secrets of White Witch hidden yet to be discovered. The woman who owned the plantation house and the plantation around it. She lived in this stunning colonial house where she killed several slaves and three of her husbands before her regime was over. The incredible house is extremely famous in Jamaica and is a must-see visit on your Montego Bay vacation.

Day 4: Greenwood Great House

Rose house is definitely the most popular house tour in Jamaica but Greenwood Great House tour is a must take. Greenwood House is the only one that survived the slave rebellion and thus the house is one of the most preserved houses of the times. The tour will take you around the colonial architecture, the stunning carvings in the house, the wall-mounted artworks, the preserved antique furniture, and the antique books. The house was passed on to the Greenwood generations and the last ones were Bob and Ann Betton who received the house in 1976 and they are still living in the house protecting the treasure of their ancestors.

Day 5: Bamboo Rafting Martha Brae

Explore the enchanting lush green forest on the bank of Martha Brae River and get yourself the chills they tell you about in stories. Get on a bamboo raft with a captain singing to you and taking you around the mesmerizing waters of this stunning place. The magic this river has is the most romantic time you will have to spend with your partner. The river is an adventure that will make your thrilling heart filled with the rush. Buy food and drinks from the floating bar in the river and add even more adventure to the journey.

Day 6: Set Sail to Negril

Hop on for an adventure to the magnificent and serene Negril. Grasp in the mesmerizing coastline before you dive into the turquoise water. The Montego Bay Marine Park is a stunning marine park that protects the rare species found in the Caribbean. With the rise of human intervention in the marine and pollution growth in the water around the world, marine life is tragically affected by a population of rare species going down. To protect the marine creature this park was created that now gives access to humans. Only a limited number of snorkelers are allowed to take a tour each day so it would be wise enough to make an advance booking while you are booking your Montego Bay vacation package.

Day 7: Dead End Beach

While Doctor’s Beach is the most popular beach on the Island, this one is more at peace. The gorgeous beach is less crowded and lets you absorb the sun and the night in peace with its serenity. 



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