9 Best Adventures To Take On Montego Bay Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 24,2020

Blessed with the serene beauty of nature, this destination is a staple in the bucket list of thousands of people. The travel capital of Jamaica, Montego Bay alone hosts more than half of the tourists coming to the country.

The stunning Caribbean coastline is one thing that travelers cannot resist other than the incredible reef system, the enchanting resorts around the city, the explicit display of culture, the scrumptious food delicacies and the desire that gets filled with the slightest touch of the breeze on the golden white shining beach. The MoBay, as the locals call it, has ample to offer to every single traveler so when you are on your Montego Bay vacation, make sure you have included everything you love about the city in your Montego Bay vacation packages already.


Starting your Montego Bay vacation with full frolic of joy and excitement is a must. The exceeding city has millions of adventure sports to offer to you. One may never get over the hangover of this city, be it of the terrific adventures it has to offer or the nightclubs that get your drunk on glamour and alcohol too.

The reef system in the Caribbean presents a great sight for snorkeling while other several water sports can be taken fun with. If adventure is not your idea, then get to leisure in a magnificent resort with great luxury, or go around the town and buy souvenirs to take back home. Make your Montego Bay vacation packages appropriate to your choice of vacation

Tour highlights

  • Go tube floating in the White River to reach the Blue Hole and ancient colonial coconut plantation.

  • Witness the magical glittering water under the night sky at one of the rarest places in the world.

  • Have a look at the colonial-style elite house in Rose Hall.

  • Go river rafting on a bamboo raft the river covered with lush green forest on the banks.

  • Taste the world-famous Jamaican Jerk cuisine and enjoy its lip-smacking taste.   

  • Go adventure hinting at the Cockpit County and enjoy mountain climbing, kayaking, underwater caves tour and a lot more.

  • Spend a day in the rum estate.

Tour At A Glance

Day 1: Take the Inner Tube and Blue Hole Tour

Day 2: Good Hope Estate and Plantation

Day 3:  Luminous Lagoon

Day 4: Jerk cuisine sampling

Day 5: Rose Hall

Day 6: Martha Brae River Rafting

Day 7: Montego Bay Culture Center

Day 8: Appleton Estate Rum tour

Day 9: Cockpit County


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Take the Inner Tube and Blue Hole Tour

Jump on to a tube and let yourself flow in the White River that will take you to an adventure like never before. The river will take you to the ancient site of the Island to witness the massive coconut plantation from colonial times and old Spanish bridge on your Montego Bay vacation.

Day 2: Good Hope Estate and Plantation

What was once a plantation now sits as a thrilling ground for adventure seekers. Travelers put the estate in their Montego Bay vacation package to have a terrific adventure. Take the home tour, go taste the delicious rum, take a dive in estate’s pool, get your gear up for zip-lining, take ATV tours, and take a challenging tour all in one place. This is the place you cannot afford to miss.

Day 3: Luminous Lagoon 

One of the rarest places in the world where the night water glitters. Book a cruise ride to witness this magic filling the deep water under the star-studded night sky to take your heart away. If watching the water from a distance is not enough for you, take the leap of faith and go snorkeling in the midst of sparkles covering you all over as you go around the sea, snorkeling or swimming.

Day 4: Jerk cuisine sampling

Jamaican Jerk, smoked and filled with spices makes you drool and is a world popular cuisine. Luckily, there is not just one but two world-class places that serve you the phenomenal dish prepared with love and a lot of spices for sure. Have a taste of this incredible delicacy and let your taste buds go crazy on the terrific taste.

Day 5: Rose Hall 

Taking you back to the colonial times, this humongous mansion that was built in the 1770s focuses light on the life of Jamaican white elites in those times and their lavish lives. The house belonged to White Witch where she would punish the slaves in the evilest ways only to make her earn the terrible name she has. Go around the house in the stunning and massive lawn that calls you in for a game of Golf.

Day 6: Martha Brae River Rafting 

Get closest to the ways of nature by ditching human-made artificial travel methods to have a ride on the river. Martha Brae proves to be an incredible place to go river rafting with the rafts made simply out of bamboo and is taken around by an experienced rower as you glide through the lush green banks of Martha Brae.

Day 7: Montego Bay Culture Center 

The art capital of western Jamaica, Montego Bay Culture Center not only a gallery but a museum too that has a collection of some of the finest sculptures, incredible paintings, and several other works singing the tale of the enriched culture of the island. The Center offers a great peek inside the life of the ancients of the islands too.

Day 8: Appleton Estate Rum tour 

Rum is the language and emotion everyone around the world shares. While the Caribbean has several popular Rum Estates, not each one is as good as Appleton Rum Estate making it the capital of Rum of Caribbean. Take a tour of this pristine beauty and taste the incredible Rum to make your Caribbean vacation count.

Day 9: Cockpit Country 

Leaving out Cockpit Country of your Montego Bay vacation packages is no less than a crime.

Take an adventure is this incredible place that has the right recipe to fulfill the hunger of adventure stricken in you. Go mountain climbing on tall straight mountains, go kayaking in the stunning river, witness the underwater caves and waterfall, and explore the mysteries unattained.


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