Loosen Up Your Mind With Relaxing Montego Bay Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 24,2020

Welcome to the second-largest city in Jamaica where dreams come true. If you have been tempted by the idea of relaxing in the ground of tropical adventure while the beach is right at the corner, Montego Bay vacation is the perfect plan for you.

The night sky in this incredible town is enchanting and it will take your heart away in a heartbeat. Let your mind loosen up in this serene land covered in golden white sand making the perfect beaches. Walk down the stairs of your hotel to party on the beach in the greatest nightlife in the country.

Explore the town entangled in culture and the taste of locals. Go around the town; color your taste buds in the flavors of the town. Meet new people in the town that is always filled with travelers and locals sharing their experiences and tales.


Montego Bay is a town straight out of dreams and a place you would never want to miss out on. The stunning Caribbean sea will make you hold your breath as the turquoise waves hit the glittering white beaches with people standing with their feet socked in the mix of water and sand looking out to the horizon. The vibrant town has a lot to offer in the mainland too. The exquisite market with a lot of local crafts work, side of the lane giving the taste of delicacies with richness of the local flavors, stunning and incredible resorts covering the entire town, tiny coffee shops and massive classic restaurants and nightclubs waiting for you to come and drown in the world of fun that will make you cherish your Montego Bay vacation packages forever.

Tour highlights 

  • Spend a day at the spectacular Doctor’s Cave Beach and learn about how the place got its name and the belief of locals.

  • Visit the protected marine park for flora and fauna as you go snorkeling around them.

  • Witness the incredible sparkling water in the night at Luminous Lagoon, one of the rarest places on the planet.

  • Go river rafting in the river that flows through the middle of Martha Brae with dense trees making it intriguing.

  • Visit the indigenous Rastafari Village and learn about the culture of the village.

  • Go back to the colonial time as you wander through the corridors of Rose Hall.

Tour at a glance

Day 1: Doctor’s Cave Beach

Day 2: Montego Bay Marine Park

Day 3: Luminous Lagoon

Day 4: Martha Brae River rafting

Day 5: Rastafari Indigenous Village

Day 6: Rose Hall

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Doctor’s Cave Beach

This incredible beach is studded with beauty carved by nature but this is not what this beach is all about. As per the belief of the locals, the Doctor’s Cave Beach has forever been a popular destination, even before the vacationers started floating in the city. As they say, the water that once washed off the beach had curative elements. Now, after years of tourists going encircling around, we do not know if the magic is still there but the beach does attract people who either prefer to relax under the tempting sun or get themselves busy in water sports.

Day 2: Montego Bay Marine Park

The Marine Park beholds pristine beauty and was created to protect flora and fauna of marine in the region. With too much human invasion and a growing amount of pollution, the flora and the fauna of the region had been at risk so to save them from the adversity this incredible park was created. Make sure to book a tour in your Montego Bay vacation packages way in advance.  

Day 3: Luminous Lagoon

Brace your heart because it is going to skip a beat or two. As soon as you lay your eyes on this mesmerizing water stream. Just what its name suggests, this lagoon, just a few kilometers away from Montego Bay is among one of the only few places in the entire world where you can see, touch, and even swim in the glittering water. The stunning beauty of this extravagant creation of nature makes one wish to stay in the same place for as long as they can. The glitter illusion comes from microorganisms settling on the floor of the lagoon that makes the bed of the water glitters and so the water glitters too.

Day 4: Martha Brae River Rafting

Travel 30 kilometers on the east of Montego Bay to reach Martha Brae River rafting village. The village offers an unmissable journey that you should not skip on your Montego Bay vacation. Get ready to have an adventure to the closest of nature as your raft on a bamboo raft along with an experienced captain who is going to row your raft and keep you safe. Take a few breaks on your trip to get food from the floating bars. The lush banks of Martha Brae make the rafting even more stunning and incredible.

Day 5: Rastafari Indigenous Village 

Get into an experience that is almost impossible to get anywhere else in the world. Come and connect with the indigenous village of Rastafari where the rare indigenous culture prevails. The village also became a popular spot after the 1930 movement that demanded to keep the indigenous culture safe and in practice. Ever since then the culture and the region have been safe and under the care of indigenous tribes only. Take a tour around the village and befriend the people of the tribe, learn a little about them and their culture that is only found in Rastafari village.

Day 6: Rose Hall

This stunning colonial building will take you back to the colonial times when the Jamaican white elite lived their life in such a beautiful mansion. Yes, the resident of this mansion was an elite but the bewitching woman was known by the name “White Witch” because of the devious and evil deeds she did. Annie Palmer was a woman living in her fantasy and let me make sure, her fantasy was absurd and devastatingly evil. The woman loved her house and had cultivated a mesmerizing garden around the house. When on your Montego vacation packages, do not miss out on this incredible mansion.

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