Embrace The Breathtaking Views During 5-Day Cuba Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 06,2020

Cuba is emerging out as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for all the right reasons. The stunning colonial vibe, the mesmerizing beaches with the sun shining bright, the gorgeous spread of rainforest, the insane hold of tradition and ethics and a million other things is the reason you need to start planning your Cuba Vacation packages right now.

The country that once held the breath of the entire world for 13 days with their experiments and face-offs with nuclear weapons, the country now provides sweetness to the countries all over the globe from the largest sugar cane plantation in the country where they cultivate sugar and makes the smoothest rum of all.


If you are in Cuba, prepare to be all fancy for the picture because the country will give you no opportunity to miss a spot blasting with incredible colors for your pictures. Walk around the cities and grasp in the traditions of the massive land with aesthetic kept intact. Live in the colonial time that still remains the same in the country of Cuba. With the vibrant vibes and mesmerizing flavors and textures, Cuba will win your heart when you are not even looking for the same to happen.

The country is a mix of urban cities with bustling lives that still use technologies dating back to centuries and cities where life moves at a very slow pace but does not let the digital influence ruin their lives.

Tour Highlights

  • The colonial vibes and facades are the city that will take you back to the 1950s and splash you with freshness.

  • Go to the incredible city of Cienfuegos, spend time watching the flamingos, dive into a natural pool from the waterfalls and watch the incredible waterfalls’ range.

  • Spend a day relaxing under the sun as you apply your sun blog all over the body to get the mist of freshness and relaxation.

  • Spend a day in the city of Vinales where life runs on a very low pace breathing ever fragment of the mist of life and adventure in the air.

  • This tiny coastal town which was once remote is now one of the largest tourist hubs in the country.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Tour at a Glance

Day 1 Havana

Day 2 Cienfuegos

Day 3 Varadero

Day 4 Vinales

Day 5 Baracoa

Day 1 Havana

The vivacious city that detoxifies your heart, soul, and mind is covered under a layer of the 1950s. Land in the city and you will find your steps tracing back to the 1950s. The colonial architecture of the city, the buildings in pastel colors and the sun illuminating it all paint the perfect picture right out of imaginations. The city was hostile to forts for centuries ago. With people dancing in an incredible culture of a mix of Spain and Latin, the beats will make you shake your hips too. Grab a drink at the bar or take a stroll around the city and know more about the lifestyle of the locals.

Day 2 Cienfuegos

One of the most gorgeous cities in Cuba, Cienfuegos is underrated but we would recommend you to Cienfuegos in your Cuba vacation packages. Spend time strolling in the central square of the city to know more about it and its beauty. Watch an incredible sunset from Punta Gorda. Spend time at the Laguna Guanaroca Lake, boat to the middle and watch flamingoes splashing on the water.

Take a tour of El Castillo, the incredible fort that was built with an idea of protecting the city from the threat of pirates.

Go to El Nicho, dive in a natural pool with glittery blue water and watch the mesmerizing waterfalls.

Day 3 Varadero

Varadero is a stunning beach that has several incredible resorts. Soak some sun on this widespread beach with a layer of sand keeping you cool as the sun showers you with the heat. The lovely town and the resorts make a great count if you wish to rest and relax a day in luxury by a pool or on the beach taking a dip in the soothing water. If you wish to explore more and stay in the region offering more cultural experience then you don’t have to include Varadero in your Cuba vacation packages. 

Day 4 Vinales

Vinales is a stunning town with rich vegetation that runs around the city. Surrounding the cities are mountains and hills painted with stunning colors. Bring out the adventures traveler in you and go on a hike. If that does not work for you, take a horseback ride and explore the several caves around the town.

The locals of this town do not rush with time instead they lay back and enjoy. You would find a local rather enjoying sitting on a chair in the front porch of their house rather than running for a chaotic life just to call it life. The rising sun in this town is the most beautiful of all and is never too far to spread the orange tint all over you.

Day 5 Baracoa

Till a few years ago, the only way to reach the coastal town of Baracoa was through the sea. This made the town remote and only reserved for its residents but travelers could not keep themselves away from the stupendous beauty of this little town.

The town is covered with stunning beaches showered with the warmth of the sun as the beaches run for miles with the sand covering every single footstep humans leave behind.

The coast also has a massive rainforest. Apparently, this rainforest has been termed as the last rainforest left untouched by humans and is being protected under UNESCO world heritage.

Go hiking in the incredible town, go grab a beer at the beach shacks, interact with the locals and get your taste buds colored in the delicious colors of old and traditional recipes, go meet the locals and learn about how they are invested in their ethical practices even in the 21st century.

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