Tips For Adventure Packed Japan Vacation

Japan is still 95% undeveloped and holds many active volcanoes. A land of technology which is a dream of many tech-freaks. Book Japan vacation packages for an adventure-filled holiday. It is a perfect mix of modernity and traditional country. There are many strict rules here and many policies. The education system too is very different. People of Japan are disciplined and believe in hard work. From climbing mountains to hiking a trail of picturesque locations you can do it all here. It is a country that will give you many memorable experiences. 

You can plan to visit the following places for an adventure-filled fun vacation:

  1. Takachiho Gorge
  2. Mt. Fuji
  3. Ishigaki
  4. Hokkaido
  5. Mt. Rishiri
  6. Mt. Misen
  7. Okutama
  8. Mt. Koya and the Kumano Kodo Trail


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Detailed Itinerary

Japan is a land with snow-capped mountains and dense forests. A country with lush greenery and a mesmerizing fauna. It is a retreat for all the adventure lovers and visiting here will not disappoint you. You can experience all the adventures like snorkeling, trekking, hiking, skiing, and many others. In the national parks, you can simply sit back and relax for some leisure time. You can decide to either spend quiet time just enjoying the weather or take on some physical activities.

Takachiho Gorge

Float on the dream view of this majestic land. A location that is superficially created in movies but exists for real in Japan. You can fly to Miyazaki and on a few miles, you can take on a dreamy adventure. The waterfalls give you a majestic view. Minainotaki waterfall has a height of 55 ft and when you slip through the calm waters beneath it, it gives you a feel of slipping into other dimensions. The waterfall then mixes with the Gokase River below and you can no stop appreciating its beauty enough. You can take a canyon to float leisurely and enjoy the views. The adventure begins when you pass underneath the waterfall and an adrenaline rush kicks in. 

Mt. Fuji

One of the famous peaks to hike. Away from the bright lights and busy streets of Tokyo is a pinnacle of Japan. Mt.fuji is 12,388-foot high and gives the much-needed adventures to the hiking lovers. The weather can change with every turn and the elevation is enough to make anyone skip a beat. On the end of the trail is Okumiya Shrine and a view from above the clouds is simply enchanting. The climb is worth it and you can take as many breaks as you want when you climb the mountain. But ensure that you have enough food and water supplies on your way up. Also, the Japanese are very disciplined and love the clean environment so don't throw away your trash and carry a bag to evacuate later.


Yaeyama Islands in the south of Okinawa is home to many clear water islands where you can have many water activities. However, Ishigaki Island should be in your must-visit destination list. You can swim with the rays here and experience the majestic underwater world here. The best thing to do here is to explore the flora and fauna situated in the underwaters here. The swimmers, divers, and snorkellers are the major attractions here. Only 5 boats are permitted at one time to avoid the dangers as it is said the sea is unpredictable.


You can spend at least 4 days here and still miss out on some hidden paradises. Take a trail on the land here or simply go cycling. The best time to visit here is spring and summers if you just want to wander around. However, if you move a little far and hike up the mountain here you will discover a snow paradise. A Narnia where you can enjoy many snow activities.Mt. Daisetsu is the peak that lets you ski in the clouds. You can either campaign here of a simple walk past the flower valley. During spring it turns into a beautiful location with enchanting flowers all around.

Mt. Rishiri

It is 12.5 miles from the mainland of Hokkaido and is on an elevation of 5,500 feet. The best time to visit here is June to August when the alpine flowers layer the island. You need to travel to Rishiri island to experience the coldest region of  Japan. 

Mt. Misen

It is on the Hiroshima island and is a paradise for hikers. You can climb on the mountain as it is just 1,600 feet but the view from here is mesmerizing. If your Japan vacation packages are during spring season then you can experience the world-famous cherry blossoms here and in winters you can enjoy the view of golden leaves. The entire trail has temples on its side and deers. You can sometimes spot monkeys too. When you reach its peak you get a mesmerizing view of the Seto Inland.


It is a two- hour ride from the capital Tokyo and is a hub of many national parks. After reaching there you can take some rest and move further with your plans. The best thing to do here is Paddleboarding and canyoning in the rivers and lakes nearby. For adventurous fun, you can zip line across the Tamagawa River.  It is situated amidst the Mitake-Keikoku Valley. A truly fascinating adventure awaits you on the land of Japan.

Mt. Koya and the Kumano Kodo Trail

To visit here you need to fly to Osaka and there you can take a road trip to Mt.Koya and the Kumano Kado trail. Kumano Kado trail is a difficult yet worth visiting trail. There are three major shrines located here and when you hike through the Mt. Koya you can reach Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, which holds a very major role in the culture of Japan. Earlier people used to reach here barefoot to show their devotion and faith. Now, you can trail until Mt.Koya for a fun-filled getaway. You can learn the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku here.

Your Japan vacation packages can be adventurous and fun-filled with these activities. 

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