Best things to do on your Japan vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 11,2020

The picturesque land of Japan attracts a lot of travelers every year. It is an economically leading country and the tall buildings with modern architecture boast of the most advanced technologies of it. Japan is a paradise for every anime fan and you may stroll upon the graffiti on walls and even on trains. There are many theme-based restaurants and clubs where the anime's dominance can be felt.  Japan is made up of 6,852 islands and is surrounded by the pacific ocean on the west and the sea of Japan on the east.

There are many amazing things to do on your next Japan vacation packages. Your itinerary can be planned according to the following places:

  1. A trip to Arashiyama
  2. Enjoy the Tokyo Nightlife
  3. Get mesmerized by the Cherry Blossom festival
  4. Learn the Kabuki Dance
  5. Have a fun time at Sumo show
  6. Experience the man-made wonder Ise Grand Shrine
  7. Learn facts about the atomic radiations at Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  8. Relax in hot springs
  9. Walk around the Harry Potter world
  10. Take rides at DisneySea
  11. Taste the authentic sushi

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Detailed Itinerary

There are many common things that you can do on your Japan vacation, however, taking a tour of the country to try on a few hidden gems here should be in your bucket list.

Take a weekend trip to Arashiyama

Have a leisure weekend at the weekend resorts in Arashiyama. It is located near the crowded city of Kyoto. The best time to visit here in November when the weather is a little soothing and cold. You can even stay here in December and enjoy the Hanatoro festival. When you stay here you can go boating in the nearby Oigawa river or pay a visit to temples around it. There are temples like Tenryuji, goji, and Nenbutsuji. During this time the bamboo groves are on their harvesting best. Also, there is a monkey park a few steps away from the resort and you can go for a picnic.

Tokyo Nightlife

Your Japan vacation is incomplete without having experienced its nightlife. Tokyo has the most happening bars and clubs. Tokyo makes a perfect night- out. There are many unique themes based restaurants that you can enjoy and clubs that are 20 years old. Many international DJs perform here and the celebrations are always extravagant. You can check into the Izakaya bar where you can relish authentic chicken skewers and some amazing seafood. Fried tofu and vegetables are also mouthwatering. Don't leave this place before chucking local beer.

Cherry Blossom Festival

It is also known as the Hanami festival. It lasts for two weeks of the spring season. Sakura and Ume flowers bloom in the gardens in Japan. You can plan an evening here and spend the night with food, drinks, and music. All this looks enchanting under the blossomed cherry trees. The view of the delicate pink flowers makes a scenic view and you get lost in its beauty. You can take a tour to the Honshu region of Japan to experience the Cherry Blossom Festival during the months of March and April.

Kabuki Dance

This dance form is more of a theatrical play and not a dance form. It is a traditional dance form of Japan where the artists dramatize a stage play to tell the audience about the historical events and other folklores. It is performed in the well known Kabukiza theatre and at least 2 performances take place daily. If you want to opt for subtitles you need to pay a little extra and you are good to go. The show starts at 11 am and ends at 4:30 p.m. 

Sumo Show

Sumo wrestling is a traditional sport in Japan. Tokyo is a hub of it and you can enjoy this match at Sumida, If you are more fond of Boxing or Ryogoku you can enjoy those matches also here. If you plan on to roam around a bit then you can find some art galleries and museums around it. Another interesting place to visit nearby is the sumo museum where you can find things related to history and its culture.

Ise Grand Shrine

It is located at Mie prefecture and is dedicated to the sun goddess and is located in the heart of the forest. This shrine is centered between two main shrines, Naiku and Geku. It holds very holy importance in the life of the Japanese. The most interesting fact is about the construction of this shrine. This shrine is constructed without any nail and instead of nails, cypress wood and joined woods are used.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Japan has the most terrifying past. It is the only country that has been attacked by a nuclear bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki both faced the wrath of nuclear radiation on August 9, 1945. The government decided to spread awareness about nuclear power and is impact and this made them construct the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. This museum includes a video room, a bookshop and a refreshment room where one can learn about the horrifying event.

Hot Spring Bath

If you are in Japan you are in no dearth of hot springs. Pamper yourself on your Japan vacation with a relaxing bath in the hot spring waters at Kusatsu Onsen, Lake Kawaguchiko and Yufuin Onsen. There are always separate baths for males and females.

Harry Potter World

Japan is the most advanced country in terms of technology. Universal Studios have built an entire Harry Potter world for the Potterheads. You can take a walk around this Harry Potter world and live those movie scenes you loved. You can wander around in the cobbled streets and drink butterbeer. There are Hogwarts rides and you can enjoy them and relive your childhood days. It is situated in Osaka.

Disney Sea

There are many Disney theme-based parks but DisneySea is unique and mostly has adult-oriented attractions. You can enjoy the broadway show while you sip your favorite drinks. Drink the cocktails from the 1920s and some cuisines from ancient Japan. You need to spend at least 2 days here for enjoying another attraction which is 30 mins away from DisneySea- Disneyland in Tokyo. Both theme parks will take you on a Disney rollercoaster ride.

Have Sushi

You might have tasted many sushis but the one you get to taste on your Japan vacation packages is very authentic. For tasting the real sushi you need to visit Toyosu Fish Market. It is one of its kind and will give sooth your tastebuds. They have veg sushi too for vegetarian travelers. 

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