Have You Heard Of These Offbeat Places In Italy?

“The Creator made Italy by designs from Michelangelo.” – Mark Twain

Well! This quote is enough to justify the beauty of Italy and how elegant it could be. The mesmerizing locations, amazing food, and the culture everything is for sure going to woo you away. How can one not fall in love with it? It is also one of the design capital of the world. Everyone loves Italian, may it be food or the architecture here. A lot has been said in the praise of this beautiful country and a lot have been explored by us. But have you ever visited the true and untouched side of this country? Today we are going to spill the beans about the beauty that Italy has been hiding from us. Take out your passports and start planning an excursion to these offbeat places in Italy that you must visit once in your lifetime and you never know you may plan to settle down there. Love is always in the air here and you might find solace in nature on your Italy vacation.


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Monte Isola in Lombardy

Lombardy has Europe’s largest Lake Island- Monte Isola which is situated amidst Lake Isola. Once you visit here there is no turning back. With the population of just 2000 people, it is the most secluded island here. It may sound strange but it has no cars. The people here are very quiet and gives a warm welcome. It is yet to be discovered by the tourists and this helps in maintaining the peace this place holds. There is no traffic and no hustle-bustle of city life. Instead of spending luxuriously one can actually enjoy the peace and calmness of Monte Isola.

Castelluccio in Umbria

Planning a trip to Italy in the spring, ditch the famous tourist spots and visit this beautiful landscape. Castelluccio casts a mesmerizing spell on everyone and leaves you falling in love with the violet poppy that blooms on this Island every spring season. It is located on an elevation of 5000 feet and is the highest village of Castelluccio. You can experience the ancient history of Italy here. As the village still has remains of its 1000 years old culture here. Instead of wandering in overcrowded areas, pay a visit here. But, be careful as it is an earthquake-prone area and you may need to avoid the specific diameter when you visit Castelluccio on Italy vacation.

Campo Imperatore 

Visit a nature’s wonder on your next Italy vacation. How? Well, different seasons have a different impact on Campo Imperatore. In winters it finds solace in a snow clas land and in the summers it’s all bright and shiny. The sunrays make everything look gold. The springs give Campo Imperatore a nice green lush makeover, whereas the autumn makes it all black and white. It is very rare to find this sight in today’s world and the zero crowds add a cherry on the cake. You can hike up the 25km mountain and get lost in the breathtaking view it offers. 

Cascata Delle Marmore

Love nature? Then this is the place for you. It is one of the best-kept secrets of Italy. Marmore waterfalls are the best man-made waterfalls. It inspired many ancient Italian renowned poets and when you visit here, you will know why it is so. The waterfalls are not always flowing but there is a certain time for it. It is advised to check on the details before visiting here as when the gates of river Nera are open the view of this waterfall becomes enchanting and you will love what you see. It is situated amidst the green jungle and the hike to this place is also very easy.

Treviso, Veneto

Why visit overcrowded Venice when you can wander in the streets of Treviso. It is a mini Venice with similar canals and churches and ancient architecture. Venice is no doubt unmatched but Treviso is famously known as the mini Venice amongst the locals. You can enjoy authentic dishes and beautifully carved buildings. Plan your Italy vacation at this offbeat side of Italy and there will be no looking back. Venice is always crowded and has lost its charm due to the carbons we take with us. But, Treviso is yet untouched by the tourists. 

Sperlonga, Lazio

Itay has an alternative to every famous attraction it has. Sperlonga will give you the feel of the famous Rome. You can spend some leisure time at the beaches or simply wander around the streets exploring its history. There are many museums here which give you a deep insight into the history of Europe. The canals and the architecture can inspire the hidden artist in you. You never know what may happen on your Italy vacation and maybe you end up falling in love with these offbeat places. 

Tropea, Calabria

Do you love Italian food? Obviously everyone does. Now imagine having tasty authentic Italian food and the sandy beaches with a stary night and a beautiful moon. All of this on your romantic getaway to Tropea. This place has everything you need on your vacation. You can spend some quiet leisure time exploring this village. Tropea is one of the best-hidden jewels of south Italy that is best explored on a cycle. 

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

It is the food capital of Italy and is often visited by the foodies. Yes! This makes it one of the happening town where you can enjoy the delicacies that you crave for. Enjoy every bite of your meal in the cute, decorative restaurants. Lasagna is the must-have dish here and you may even take few recipes with you. 


Why not travel ‘the road not taken’ as the offbeat places often set the rhythm of your mind and soul. One can visit crowded places but still not find peace and nature it’s looking for. Try ditching the famous spots on your Italy vacation and visit these less known places for having more fun and utilizing every second of your time. 


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