6 Days of Captivating Hawaii Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 06,2020

Flashback to 1,500 years, a group of canoes arrived at some of the islands after rowing for an incredible 2,000 miles in the ocean. After the most stupendous journey, the group of people settled in the islands and we call it Hawaii now. The traditions they brought in more than a thousand years ago are still alive in the native land with hula dancing enchanting the soul and filling joy, with surfing bring humans closer to the superpower the ocean is, and the vibrant colored textiles that mark as the identity of Hawaiian souvenir. The breathtaking beaches, the majestic volcanoes, and the incredible wildlife on the island will give you a never lived before time.


Hawaii is a group of islands that welcomes travelers with the door of its heart wide open. The phenomenal views of the ocean, the horizon that never looks far enough, the hula dance that is going to make your heart groove, the site of magnificent volcanoes, the auspicious yet vibrant culture, the scrumptious food and everything that can give you the most pleasured time will be on your Hawaii vacation. Book your Hawaii vacation packages to live the most fantastic time on your vacation.  

Tour Highlights

  • Spend a day in the capital of the big island with the rich history of Hawaii and historical monuments.

  • Dive into the knowledge of ancient cultural heritage and rituals of natives in Honaunau Bay.

  • Spend a day in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park watching the incredible lava activity ad spend the night at Volcano Village relaxing.

  • Visit Kalapana, the place where once sat the most incredible beaches of the country now turning into black soil beaches because of active lava activity.

  • Go stargazing in Mauna Kea with the explicit view of divine nature and incredible witness the beautiful Rainbow Falls.

  • Visit the World Botanical Garden of Hawaii to witness a humungous number of plant species and take a tour of the former cane sugar stronghold in Honoka.

Tour At A Glance

Day 1 Kona and the beach  

Day 2 Honaunau Bay

Day 3 Volcano Village and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Day 4 Kalapana

Day 5 Mauna Kea

Day 6 World Botanical Garden and Honoka


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Kona and the beach  

Spend a day in the capital of the island that is enriched with the deep history of the establishment of Hawaii. The town was the royal vacation destination and does has the incredible experience to offer. The bustling town has fantastic restaurants, bars, and clubs to meet the locals and learn more about the delicacies and culture of the Island. The water of Kona is exceptionally clear and calm that invites a traveler to free their spirit and go for snorkeling, sailing on the face of the ocean, diving in the deep of blue, and meet the native dolphins in their habitat that are always friendly around humans.

Day 2 Honaunau Bay

Honaunau Bay is a National Historic Park that will enlighten you with the knowledge of ancient practices and cultures of the natives that go about 1500 years back in the past. The culturally deep-rooted Hawaiians here are extremely respectful to the animals and nature and will expect the same from any traveler on their Hawaii Vacation Packages. The incredible ancient significance and the exemplary respect for nature make it a perfect destination for your snorkeling trip. Who knows if you could find an artifact in the depth of the water that is a precious value?

Day 3 Volcano Village and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The breathtaking Volcanoes National Park will take you closer to an unattained truth of the planet that most humans do not get an opportunity to witness in their lifetime. Take a ranger along to witness the fall of lava in the sea throwing out a gorgeous composition of fireworks. If you are adventures enough hike Kilauea Iki trail in the depths of the rainforest to see a collection of millions of years of lava activity to witness a once in a lifetime scenic that will leave you boggled. Spend the night relaxing in the serene Volcano village beside a fireplace or in a hot bathing tub. 

Day 4 Kalapana

Witness the spot that was once the most breathtaking beaches in Hawaii just 30 – 40 years ago, which were a heart-wrenchingly gorgeous scene, turning into black soil beaches each day at a time due to the active volcanic activity in the area. Sit and watch the incredible art of nature that will send a shiver down your spine and will warm your heart at the same time. It is the most divine view to look at while in the region.

Day 5 Mauna Kea and Rainbow Falls

Just like the name suggests, the Rainbow falls give out the beautiful and magical illusions by nature called rainbow. Visit the amazing falls and grasp the serenity of the place. In the chaotic city life, gazing stars is almost impossible. Gaze stars in the phenomenal land of Mauna Kea as you lay on the ground or stand tall and straight to gaze at the clear sky studded with the lustrous stars. The night sky here is as clear as it is freshly baked out of the oven (if only you can get what we mean). Take a tour of the dense rainforest or hike if you are an adventure freak.

Day 6 World Botanical Garden and Honoka

Step in the World Botanical Garden where the world would stand still as you walk through the intimidating garden that has thousands of species of plants for you to see and know. The place serves as home to a vast number of plant species. Move on to the land of Honoka that once was the stronghold for sugar cane plantation. Now the town is a place of vibrant facades, fascinating shops, and streets lined with beautiful trees. Go shopping and buy souvenirs from the town to bring back home with a heart and mind of the amazing and captivating Hawaii vacation packages.

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