Here's this Adventurous Vacation to Amazing Germany!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 11,2020

Traveling is Rejuvenating! “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”, the statement is absolutely true. If you do not have travel plans for every preceding year rather every preceding month in advance, you are undoubtedly missing something very important. Do not wait for the next moment, just keep your next plan ready always. 

If you are thinking of preparing your next plan, consider turning your head towards Europe rather than western Europe. Germany Vacation Packages would perfectly fit into your next plan. And, if you want to experience some adventure this time then an adventurous vacation to Germany would be the perfect option. 

This is a 7 days Germany itinerary! You are going to do some of the best adventurous activities through this week-long trip. Many do not know, but Germany is one nation which is not only known for the big city thrill, but the outdoor activities are equally interesting here. Be it skiing in the Bavarian Alps or plenty of watersports played in the southeastern part of the country or all those wellness routines along the North & Baltic Sea, everything is interesting.  

Let’s embark on this short & beautiful adventurous journey: 

Vacation at a Glance

Day 1: Sleep In a Sky Tent

Day 2: Ski in Oberstdorf

Day 3: Hit the Beach in Sylt

Day 4: Experience Rügen’s Chalk Cliffs

Day 5: Go Sledding in Wallberg

Day 6: Log Rafting on the Isar River

Day 7: Departure

Vacation Highlights

  • Enjoy camping in a Unique Sky tent. 

  • Skiing in Oberstdorf.

  • Stroll around the Beach in Sylt.

  • Rügen’s Chalk Cliffs experience.

  • Go Sledding in Wallberg.

  • Log Rafting on the Isar River

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Sleep In a Sky Tent

Camping is enthralling, and if an adventurous element is added, it becomes way more interesting. How about sleeping in the air hanging your bed on a tree? Doesn't that sound interesting? “Sleeping in a sky tent” is quite adventurous and you will surely enjoy every moment of the day. 

This is the first day of this Germany vacation and today, in the Pfronten village at the adventure resort of Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht, you will enjoy sleeping in a sky tent suspended with a tree. These tents are called portaledges and it looks the way the tents made for the rock climbers include.

There are ropes attached to the branches of the tree with which you will climb to the top of the tent. And, you will really enjoy the amazing Bavarian Alps views and would not regret the athleticism that these climbing needs. This sleeping suspended space is amazing ~ you will enjoy this entire day.

Day 2: Skiing Oberstdorf

The second day of this trip and today you after breakfast, you will get on to the second adventurous activity of the trip ~ Skiing in Oberstdorf. The ski resort of Oberstdorf houses the longest downhill slope (around 45 miles) of Germany. However, you cannot compare the Bavarian Alps with that of its Swiss & Austrian counterparts, yet there’s undoubtedly great adventure you will enjoy. On the northern side of the Alps, the Kanzelwand and Gellhorn ski areas are the largest ski terrain. And, about an hour away is Austria's Kleinwalsertal ski area from Oberstdorf. You can enter into the area and make the day a binational skiing day. This way, day 2 of the vacation comes to an end, you will get back to your hotel and enjoy a sound sleep preparing yourself for the next day’s adventure. 

Day 3: The Beach in Sylt

The perfect adventure is when you cannot find it! Thinking about Germany, you won’t imagine beaches. But, you are here, the day has come, you should know that Sylt, the North Sea Island of Germany is the most beautiful beach in Europe. You are definitely going to enjoy this day! Located around five miles away from the northwestern coast of Germany, it takes around three hours to reach Westreland, the main town of Sylt from Hamburg. And, there are simply a few things that are great on this trip including the world’s largest windsurfing competition that is organized every September in Westerland. And, there are ostentatiously attractive restaurants and the sprawling coastal mansions that are other things to enjoy. End this with your perfect dinner in one of these glitzy restaurants. In the end, get back to your hotel room and catch up on some sound sleep to prepare yourself for the next day's adventure. 

Day 4: Experience Rügen’s Chalk Cliffs

Most Germany Vacation Packages that focus on adventure and adventurous activities can’t leave this part of the country. Rügen is Germany’s largest island and it is located on the northern coast of the Baltic Sea. 

Today, after breakfast, you will take a train or car (whatever way you have planned it). It takes around four hours to reach the island from the capital city, Berlin. There are plenty of amazing things to enjoy this day ~ the long beautiful beaches, the rugged mountains, and the wellness-oriented hotels. 

The amazing chalk cliffs rising around 4000 feet are one of the most attractive parts of this place. This is going to be an amazing part of this trip. Dinner at your hotel in Berlin.

Day 5: Go Sledding in Wallberg

The fifth day of the trip and today you will be enjoying sledding in Wallberg. For Germans, Sledding is the most loved time pass! Whenever there is snow around the Germans will go crazy and go around the area sledding. 

Sledding is a winter sport, which is carried out on a wooden plank which is also called a sled. It is done in a seated position. Ask any German and they will tell you why Sledding has become this popular in the country. 

Today, you will be visiting the popular Wallberg mountain, which is located near the Rottach-Egern town. Here you will experience the longest natural sled run. This sled stretches over 4 miles and it also has cable cars attached to keep you connected into the loop. 

Day 6: Log Rafting on the Isar River

The sixth day of the trip and today you will be enjoying Log Rafting on the Isar River. If you are traveling from mid-May to mid-September, this is going to be a better option. You are going to enjoy riding on a log raft built in a century-old style, in the crystal clear waters of River Isar. The river is the main waterway for Munich and the River’s origin lies in Austria’s Tyrol region. 

Day 7:Departure

This is the end of your Germany Vacation. You will catch your flight from Berlin, the capital city, back home. Make sure you have captured every moment and enjoyed every moment. With an amazingly exciting trip that will get your adrenaline going will make you think of the next trip or browse Germany vacation packages for your next trip. 


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