Top Nine Islands to Visit in Fiji - 2019-2020

Author: Lisa

Welcome to the heart of South Pacific, Fiji Island. Fiji is made of 333 islands and surrounded by pristine and white water beaches. This is an ideal vacation destination for adventure lovers' offers crystal clear waters for divers and water sports lovers. Fiji is known for its luxurious islands and resorts which uniquely welcomes travelers. Fijians welcome you in their unique way at the airport. Fiji exhibits all the precious colors of nature. Dive in the turquoise blue sea and reach to the thriving corals of this beautiful island. The tangible bond between the Fijians offers the happiest atmosphere for your vacations. Enjoy the warm starry night with a delicious meal on the pristine beaches of Fiji Island. The wonderful view and beautiful culture of Fiji let you forget all the stress of your life. You'll find the variety of spice in life and Fiji is acting as a seasoning. Enjoy your vacation days in the most beautiful islands of Fiji.

Top Nine Islands to Visit in Fiji:

  • Mamanuca Island

  • Castaway Island

  • Robinson Crusoe Island

  • Nadi Island

  • Fiji Island

  • Yasawa Island

  • Bounty Island

  • South Sea Island

  • Matagi Island

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Detailed Itinerary

  1. Mamanuca Island- Picture Perfect Island

Mamanuca Island is a tropical paradise getaway for your vacations. Mamanuca Island is the most popular destination on Fiji Island. With several romantic resorts, Mamanuca Island offers various water sports activities and gives you an extreme level of relaxation and satisfaction of vacation. Enjoy water sports like snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, and many more. Travelers will love this fun-filled adventurous place and romantic evenings on the island. This untouched island offers pristine beauty, stunning white-sand beaches, and gardens.

  1. Castaway Island- Elegant Island

Castaway Island offers the perfect family holiday in heaven's land. The white-sand beaches, colorful reefs, and beautiful palm trees add more to this beautiful island. The picture-perfect island makes you feel at home. The stylish resorts with traditional touch depict the elegance of the island. The resorts offer the best and delicious meal during your Fiji vacations. Enjoy Fijian hospitality with a wide range of water sports activities. Fiji vacation agents will provide nonmotorized and motorized water activities with experienced trainers. Spend your day by enjoying snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, parasailing, water skiing, dolphin safaris, and island hopping excursions.

  1. Robinson Crusoe Island- Fijian Cultural Island

Experience true Fijian’s culture on Robinson Crusoe Island. Robinson Island offers private accommodation facilities in Bures and Island lodges. This island provides a high level of comfort, hygiene, and luxurious facilities. Here you'll enjoy adventure sports and cultural experiences of Fiji like kava ceremony, mud-crab catching, and spectacular fire show with island dance. Robinson offers jungle trekking, traditional fish drives, coconut jewelry making, coconut tree climbing, beach volleyball, and scuba diving also. Explore the island from all around on the kayaks and visit the famous beach, Natadola Harbour. Learn the traditional dance of Fiji from the Fijians. Fiji vacation agents will book a cruise trip for you. Enjoy romantic dinner and sunset on the cruise.

  1. Nadi Island- Unique Blend of Cultures

Nadi Island is now upgraded and contains an international airport for the visitors. Nadi is famous for its unique blend of cultures. Nadi is a place for travelers to eat, drink and shop. The main street of Nadi plays Hindi and Fijian music and offers plenty of things like famous multi-cuisine food and retail shops. Nadi is an ideal base to start your Fiji vacations. Nadi offers a huge range of tours and activities. Visit sacred Hindu sites with vibrant colors, Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple with wooden carvings of Hindu deities from India. Enjoy in a colorful and tropical-themed water park with multiple water slides and a wave pool, Big Bula Waterpark.  Hike on the summit of Mount Koroyanitu, which is a home of vulnerable bird species. Explore the landscaped park with orchids & native plants and walkways, the Garden of Sleeping Giant. Explore each part of the island easefully.

  1. Fiji Island- Honeymoon Island

Fiji Island is known as Honeymoon Island in Fiji. Fiji Island is the best place for scuba diving. Fiji Island offers plenty of private resorts for the perfect honeymoon getaway. Visit Thurston Gardens, the botanical garden filled with 100+ palm trees and a museum. Fiji Museum is full of historical artifacts and Fijian cultural exhibits. Explore Cola-i-Suva Forest Reserve, a rainforest with waterfalls and pools for swimming. Enjoy in Kula Wild Adventure Park with unique zip-lining and roller-coaster activities. Walk in the beautiful paths of this adventure park.

  1. Matagi Island- Real Essence of Fiji

Enjoy the tranquility of the perfect south pacific destination. Matagi Island offers you different kinds of resorts like a treehouse, oceanview, beachfront, and two-bedroom accommodation. These resorts give a simplistic island flavor with all the modern luxuries. Enjoy various water sports and other activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, private picnics, cultural tours, trekking, and excursions. Explore Tavoro Falls, features three jungle waterfalls with natural swimming pools. Visit Lavena Coastal Walks, enjoy the beautiful waterfall walking trails and adventurous one also. On every turn of it, you'll be astonished by the beautiful scenery and cross the river most amazingly. Cross white sand beach to reach towards the volcanic black-sand beach.

  1. Mana Island- The Mystical Gem

Mana Island, the magical island is an idyllic center, surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Enjoy the Fijian culture, facilities, activities, and restaurants. Mana Island offers wellness spa and palm-fringed beaches to unwind. Snorkel, dive, and paddleboard the lazy day. Spend the day with wines in your hand on the beachfront. Spend your Fiji vacations in the lap of beautiful nature and scenic beaches.

  1. Yasawa Island- Retreat Paradise

The gorgeous beaches, abundant sunshine and luxurious resorts make Yasawa Island more beautiful and enticing. The natural beauty of the island attracts you and it’ll be a great break from your stressed life. Fiji vacation agents help you to explore this beautiful island. Connect yourselves with the ancient culture, swim in crystal clear beaches, dive in colored corals, and explore private beaches. Yasawa is considered as the first heaven of Fiji Island. Say Bula to all the awesome adventures on your Fiji vacation. Create your adventure of journeying Fiji. Fiji vacation agent will plan your journey according to your desires.

  1. South Sea Island- Uninhabited Island

South Sea Island is one of the treasured islands of Fiji. Discover the underwater world of the island with snorkeling and scuba diving. South Sea Island is a great place to learn diving and sailing. Have lunch in the open-air restaurants and enjoy the performance of Fijians with delicious buffet lunch which includes salads, beer, wine, and soft drinks. Fiji vacation agent will hire expert instructors to ensure your first dive to be memorable. Enjoy each moment of your Fiji vacation. Take a walk around the whole island on a cruise trip. This is a popular destination for the nature lover and adventure seekers.

Enjoy every moment with your family, partner and kids in this most spirit-lifting island and happiest place of the world.


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