5 Days In Breathtakingly Country Ecuador & Galapagos

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 17,2020

Welcome to the Ecuador Galapagos, the world of beauty. The vibrant colonial centers of the islands and the tiny villages are filled with some of the most friendly people in the world. The Amazon rainforest is the heart of the Islands with millions and millions of animals, plants, birds, and insect species living in the wild. Never forget the magnificent Andes and its incredible height. Ecuador may seem a tiny piece of land, but this land is filled with wonders ready to take your breath away in a whim.

Coming to Galapagos, the land is filled with volcanoes, making it a heaven for the people who love the wild and adventure. Take the volcanoes and the rainforest together and there is no land in the world that you would rather want to be in. The heartwarming sense of tradition and indigenous culture along with a strong historic back will make you feel like you have just stepped in a fairy tale.  


Sitting in the arms of nature, this land is going to leave you stunned with the phenomenal experience it has to offer to you. From the rare sight of 14 majestic volcanoes standing tall together along with humongous mountains to craters lakes that will leave you stunned and mesmerized. Go horseback riding as you glide through the Avenues of volcanoes, or go history searching in Quito, the vibrant city that holds vital historic Spanish colonial culture and is home to some enchanting monasteries, churches, and bell tower. Watch an iguana or spot the rare sight of Andean Cock in the midst of the incredible jungle that can be found nowhere else on the face of the earth.

Never miss out on the incredible Andes and the Amazon rainforest residing on the land of these beautiful islands. Ecuador & Galapagos vacation packages will leave you enriched with the experience of a lifetime.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend a day in Quito, understating the Spanish colonial culture of this vibrant town preserving several churches, monasteries, and bell towers.

  • Visit the mesmerizing Cloud forest and spot the stunning Andean Cock, hike the jungles, and witness the rare and incredible lush green species of plants and trees.

  • Attend the phenomenal Otavalo Market that has a store of traditional and antique crafts, rugs, etc and display of the local culture to allure your mind.

  • Witness the incredible Cuicocha lake that is a crater lake naturally built on the foot of Cotacachi Volcano with the most stunning sight.

  • Glide on the back of a horse as you enter the stunning Avenue of Volcanoes which is home to some of the most stunning snow-capped mountains and 14 magnificent volcanoes that will take your breath away.


Day 1 Quito

Day 2 Cloud Forest

Day 3 Otavalo Market

Day 4 Cuicocha lake

Day 5 Cotopaxi in Avenue of Volcanoes.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Quito

Quito is a vibrant town with a rich Spanish colonial history that has left a mark on the town in the form of several monasteries and churches that are elaborated and stunning, and it is home to many bell towers that stand tall and sing the saga of the enriched history. As the name sounds, you will be thrilled to spot an Iguana or take a canoe trip to the breathtaking Parque Nacional Yasuni that has the jungles like nowhere on the face of this planet. Enjoy the fabulous nightlife of the town and taste the incredible delicacies filled with the aroma of colonial times and flavors like nowhere in the world.  

Day 2 Cloud Forest

While staying in cities is a thing you can do anywhere in the world, take a trip to Cloud forest in the morning and inhale an experience as you have never had. The mesmerizing natural beauty of this place does not only attract humans but also birds. The Andean Cock is a resident of this place. While it may not always be out on the show, if you are lucky enough to spot the bird, you will know the stunning and bold red colored creature is nothing but spectacular.

Day 3 Otavalo Market

Let the Saturday come and you will witness something incredible in the place called Otavalo Market. Sitting in the incredible town of Quito, the market steals the attention of the world. It converts into a bustling place with hundreds of people present to see the magnificent exhibition of the craft and culture of the locals. Grab or adore traditional crafts, rugs, and everything you can imagine. The greatest part? You can try your hands on bargaining and maybe you grab a great deal to leave everyone home stunned.

The market is a great place to understand the dense culture and pace of life in the town that held so much historic importance of the Islands.

Day 4 Cuicocha lake

Sitting at the foot of Cotacachi Volcano, the stunning sight of this lake will leave you mesmerized. The scenic beauty and the serene peace of the lake that formed in the crater of the lava by the volcano is a phenomenal art by nature. The magnificent volcano sitting in the background of the gorgeous lake makes a destination that will steal your heart. Hundreds and hundreds of tourists visit the lake every year to see the magic of nature.

Day 5 Cotopaxi in Avenue of Volcanoes

Volcanoes pass ways from the core of the earth to its surface that shoot out the hot molten lava that has the immense power to burn anything down. The sight of even a single of such beauty is phenomenal, so how would you take about 14 of the volcanoes along with high snow-capped mountain tops. Among the fourteen magnificent volcanoes sits the world’s largest active volcano, the majestic Cotopaxi. The avenue has several active volcanoes and each one of them is mesmerizing on its own. Let alone the thought of standing in a place surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. Imagine the beauty of such land. Take horse ride, wearing ponchos to surf the way. This would surely add adventure to your Ecuador & Galapagos vacation packages


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