A Nice Getaway In Cuba For Travelers

The time and space of this country are inevitable with the entire world. The country runs at its own pace. This carbine nation has the touch of culture from Africa, Spain and its natives, but the flavors, the aroma, and the texture this revolution independent country have are it's very own.

For centuries, the humongous plantation of sugar cane has been providing sugar to the entire world and has been quenching everyone’s thrust with fine rum.

In 1962, the country had the entire world on the edge of their seat with a nuclear standoff but despite it, the traditions and the vibrant vibes of the country did not fade away and has all of it on a silver lining to offer you with your Cuba vacation packages.


The sturdy imagination of some of the cities of this country gives you an extravagant vibe of freshness is incredible. No matter what takes off in the country, its rhythm never goes away. Cuba is a compilation of charm, culture and impeccable contrast. The revolutionary struggle of this land is what makes Cuba vacation packages something not to be missed. The enchanting colonial pace of life is one of the greatest things about the country other than the celebration of traditions and ethics of this phenomenal land or revolutions, sugar cane, and tobacco.

The miles-long beaches of white sand never let the tint of tradition sweep away with people dancing on the rhythm of joy all the time, your Cuba vacation will leave you with an incredible memory on your memory forever.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend a day in the picture-perfect city of Havana that will take you straight back to the 1950s.

  • The entirely colonial town can offer you a visit to the sugar mills, dipping on the beach, taking a hike in the rainforest and a meet with the leatherback turtles.

  • Stay in Vinales and witness life at a slow pace. The picture colored houses, the abandoned caves, and tobacco farms are a must-see in the town.

  • The town has a great mix of Afro – Caribbean culture on the show and is one of the most photographic cities in the country.

  • Baracoa is a stunning coastal town that has turned into a tourist hub and is home to the world’s only untouched rainforest.

Tour at a Glance

Day 1 Havana

Day 2 Trinidad

Day 3 Vinales

Day 4 Santiago de Cuba

Day 5 Baracoa


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Havana

An Incredible city right out of imagination will give you the perfect freshness you are looking for on your Cuba vacation. The city is preserved with the finite collection of prestigious historic monuments like forts, a massive sea walk of 5 miles long. The city stands still in the 1950s with the colonial facades and the streets covered with vintage cars running all around. The striving colonial monuments, enchanting Latina culture, and the pastel-painted buildings dating back to the 50s is everything the city is about and that is what makes it the ideal destination for the world to make their vacation in. Be wise and never leave Havana out of your Cuba vacation plans.

Day 2 Trinidad

If you are fascinated about staying and living in the colorful color of colonial times with cobbled stone streets, ravishing plazas, and colonial buildings, do not forget to include Trinidad in your Cuba Vacation packages. Get enchanted with the charm of this Cuban town, go visit the several museums, take a dive into the massive sugar mills turning a huge amount of sugar canes into sugars each day, or just sip a cup of coffee in a vibrant traditional Russian coffee shop. Go soak in the sun at Blanchisseuse Beach and hike in the rainforest or watch the turtles with the leatherback coming to the shore to soak some heat themselves.

Day 3 Vinales

This stunning city is straight out of the pictures where life is not hurried like in the metropolitan cities. People live life at life’s pace and do not turn it into chaos. The city sits in the heart of Cuba’s tobacco cultivation region. The town is surrounded by hills painted in beautiful colors and stunning houses with verandahs in the front again, painted in the gorgeous colors bringing life to the town. The locals love sitting on the front porch of their house on a chair where they greet the world coming into the town. Visit a local tobacco farm, go take a horse ride to the abandoned caves and explore the grasslands surrounding the area to add thrill to your Cuba vacation packages.

Day 4 Santiago de Cuba

The second-largest city of the country celebrates the life of mixed colored people. Every year in a celebration, people of color come together and dance on the rhythm of joy. The city has produced a fair share of music composers in the country. It stands on the edge of the Caribbean explicating the beautiful culture of a mix of the Afro-Caribbean population. The central cemetery is the resting ground for a huge number of revolutionaries who were a part of the revolution that kept the world on the edge.

Day 5 Baracoa

Even though the town is tiny, it will be one of the most pictures coasts you will come across on your Cuba vacation. The tiny town is inhabitant by dense vegetation of tropical forest with several rivers passing through it meeting in a gorgeous bay in the Atlantic. Although, until very recently the only way to reach this town making it a remote one, the town was one of the oldest colonial towns in entire America. No longer the remote town, today it has become a huge tourist hub as the coastal town offers hiking and diving and a lot of other adventure activities. As per UNESCO, Baracoa is home to the only remaining rainforest that has no human intervention, simply left untouched by humans.


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