Experience The Divine Nature During Costa Rica Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 06,2020

 This article reveals about the beauty of Costa Rica that can be seen through the Costa Rica vacation. 

How often do you imagine yourself taking a stroll in a land of lush green forest or grassland, with a volcano in the background and with a mesmerizing waterfall on the other side? I would say every time your heart stumbles upon ditching the chaos and taking a run for vacation.

Costa Rica is a land straight out of imagination with stunning colonial architecture on the show that explicit man-made art in the country. But this is not what the country is all about. Costa Rica is all about the magnificent active volcanoes and mesmerizing beaches of sand. On your Costa Rica vacation, you are going to come around ample beaches and the popular active volcanoes so book your Costa Rica vacation packages wisely.

Choosing a vacation package for Costa Rica can be a huge deal of work if you have not been to the country before. Although the map may show it as a tiny country, this beautiful nation has the gift of divine natural beauty that you can never miss out on and thus your Costa Rica vacation demands the right Costa Rica vacation packages that open up the opportunity for you to explore every part of the nation. With the active volcanoes desperately waiting for you to watch them, and the sandy beaches with palm trees raised high, they wait for you to take a walk and relax or go out on an adventure. Costa Rica awaits you.

Tour Highlights

  • Stay a day and explore the heart of Costa Rica, San Jose to witness the mesmerizing skyscrapers, the local markets, and delicacies of the city.

  • Witness the humongous active volcano called Poas Volcano and the Tabacon Hot Springs in a magical sight.

  • Visit the third most important wetland in the world called Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge and witness some of the rarest species of animals, birds, and plants.

  • Manuel Antonio National park is a tiny park that is home to a huge number of plant species, over 100 bird species, and a white-faced capuchin monkey, and three-toed sloth along with a few other animals.

  • Spend a day relaxing with on Playa Espadilla which is always bustling with tourists because of its fantastic beauty.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 San Jose

San Jose is literally termed as the heart of the nation and the city will leave you stunned with the amazing architectural beauty. There are several skyscrapers in the city along with the rich touch of esthetic and culture in the city. The urban city houses some of the best delicacies around the country and is also considered to be the most phenomenal city among the Latin American capital cities. Also, the city is blessed with several amazing parks that bring nature in the center of a bustling city with a population of 4.9 million.

Day 2 Poas Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs

As you start hiking on the trail, you will get the smell in the air that will be enough to tell you that you are headed to an active volcano. Because the volcano is active, there are going to be numerous times that the smell of sulfur will call out to you as it flows with the wind in the direction you are. Go, have a look at this phenomenal creation of mother nature, admire it and wonder how something like this was ever developed to be so stunningly gorgeous.

Go and visit the country’s most magnificent and exemplary hot water springs that fall in the boundary of the Tabacon Resort. Make sure that you book your day pace to the hot spring while you are booking your Costa Rica vacation packages as well to avoid the unwanted delay.

Day 3 Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

There is something that attracts every single human being and it is called the wonders of nature. While we have all seen enough wetlands around the world, Costa Rica has something unique too. Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge should be considered in your Costa Rica vacation packages because the land is crowned as the third most important wetland in the world with its significant importance as it is home to a large number of rare species of birds, animals, and plants.

The stunning scenery of the refuge is breathtakingly beautiful and is an enchanting experience for both adventure and nature lovers. It is also a world protected area as per the designation given by Ramsar, as it also falls in the significance of a humid zone of the country.

Day 4 Manuel Antonio National park

Manuel Antonio National park is a beautiful park in the lap of nature that houses stunning white sand beaches, coral reef systems, and rugged rainforest. The National park offers its guest to come and explore the extravagant numbers of unexplored land of the rainforest where you can have a sight of the endangered species of white-faced capuchin monkey, and three-toed sloth along with tons of other plants, and few other animal species, and over 100 species of birds. Every inch of these parks offers you adventure, go on trails, stay a night in the midst of the forest and sleep under the sky full of stars and let yourself feel the touch on nature.

Day 5 Playa Espadilla

Playa Espadilla is one of the most incredible beaches in the country and attracts thousands of tourists each year. The sandy beaches, the long-standing palm trees, the giant sea waves, the mesmerizing breeze, the warmth of the sun and a thousand other things call you to spend a day on this stunning beach with a coconut in one hand and sun blog in another.

The beach is also a great destination if you wish to go swimming in the sea. The parties on this beach never stop. Dive into the colors of locals, eat the fabulous and scrumptious food, and entangle the beach in your memory forever with your Costa Rica Vacation. 


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