Explore the Unseen Adventures and Vibrant Colors in Colombia

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 09,2020

Colombia is a vast country that has been in a bad light for several years. Sweeping the stereotype of the fabulous country aside, dive into the spirit of a traveler and do not leave a corner of this mesmerizing nation unattained. From incredible rainforests that houses millions of wild species of animals and plants, to serene mountain valleys, to incredibly stunning beaches, Colombia vacation sits ready to give you the taste of it all. The beauty of this nation will leave you stunned and will make you wonder why travelers have left this divine land unseen for so many years in the past.


Colombia is a land of unseen adventures and vibrant colors that never leaves the radius of your presence. The perfect unison of water and the wild will take your breath away. With the picture-perfect towns colored like a unicorn, to beaches that are heavenly, to the rainforest that is crazy enough to take you away on the unseen adventure to take a dive in the marine to befriend the life you have never seen. If this is not something you would want, then take a book and get lost in the aroma of coffee spread in the air. From mountains and valleys to oceans and beaches, and the lush green jungle, Colombia vacation packages are for every kind of traveler.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend a day in the capital city of Colombia, going around the amazing museums, stunning graffiti art, and explicit display of culture in town.

  • Climb up a 10,000 feet high mountain to visit the holy church that sits on the top of the mountain making it an incredible place to view the city.

  • Breath the freshness of unplugged coffee in this green land called Salento that has stupendous scenic beauty to offer.

  • Witness the tallest palm trees in the world on this slanting green mountain in Cocora Valley that you would never want to miss.  

  • Spend a day in Pablo Escobar’s own land and learn about the social history of Medellin.

  • Spend a day in nature’s lap in Santa Marta. The town does not offer raving parties but the serenity of nature and peaceful beaches.

  • Spend the last two days losing yourself in the midst of the rainforest, hiking, and camping under the raw sky.

Tour at Glance 

Day 1 Bogota

Day 2 Monserrate

Day 3 Salento

Day 4 Cocora Valley

Day 5 Medellin

Day 6 and 7 Santa Marta


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Bogota 

Visit the incredible city of Bogota, the capital of Colombia and learn the richness of culture on the nation and the scrimping flavors of food of the locals. Being the capital of the nation, the suburban facades of this incredible city will leave no opportunity to leave you stunned. Starting with the very first gold museums, and other museums that store the most auspicious and precious pieces of art. Get out and walk through the city to find walls around the town painted in the most vibrant colors of graffiti art depicting millions of stories.

Day 2 Monserrate 

It is time to live your dream of being on the top of the world as you set to climb the incredibly high mountain that dominates the city of Bogota. The majestic mountain that seems to touch the limits of the sky wants you to climb it up and feel the freshness of the power of being on the top of the world. If you do not want to climb the steep mountain, just take the cable cart that offers a stunning view and hop up on the top.

Day 3 Salento 

Lose yourself in the aroma of coffee as you step in the region. This is the most popular region in Colombia that gives the country its identity of coffee. The aroma from the plantation fills up the air and the mesmerizing scenic beauty fills up your heart with the lust of wandering and grasping it all in your heart through your eyes. You cannot miss Salento on your Colombia vacation packages because the region is the cherry on the cake of your vacation.

Day 4 Cocora Valley 

Corora Valley or the Valle de Cocora lays on the bed of Andean Mountain. The sloppy green mountains that are incredibly stunning hold the nation trees of the nation, the palm trees. The mesmerizing view of this incredible mountain will leave you stunned and will make you crave to live in the middle of the beauty forever. These palm trees are believed to be the tallest palm trees in the entire world which make the scene all more overwhelming and majestic.

Day 5 Medellin 

Sitting in a narrow valley, the tiny city has stories to tell you to amaze your heart and soul. Once what was the city of murders has transformed into the most gorgeous self out its own and has become a serene place with law empowered. With the sky liners touching the gates of heaven, there is nothing more incredible than the history of this city that will tempt more than anything or site on your Colombia vacation packages.

Day 6 and 7 Santa Marta 

Take out two days and get lost in the rainforest. Get your gears and hike in the jungle leaving behind the chaos of city life. Build a tent, converse with the wild animals, run in the streams of water flowing to no one’s land, and sing to the irrational lord of the wild, hunt your own meal, live like Adam and Eve. Sleep under the naked sky filled with stars and wake up to the wilderness narrating you the tale of its being. Hike in Santa Marta, that takes a minimum of two days is an incredible experience that no traveler should miss out on. The land has so much to offer to fill the box of your treasure that you may never imagine.

Bring back home the memories that are worth cherishing for the rest of your life. This is what Colombia vacation packages look like.  

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