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Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 13,2020

Chile, as they say, is a country at the end of the world where nature continues to rule with its perfect contrast. Sitting on the edge of the continent, between the Andes, an incredibly long and high mountain range that runs through entire South America and the Pacific Ocean. The country is a strip patch that runs long and thus comprises oceans, mountains, glaciers, and deserts all at the same time. The diversity of the country is what speaks for it all. From dry land patches with sand filling into the ice-capped glacier, your Chile vacation has got everything to thrill you. Make sure you pick the right vacation package to live the experience to the fullest.


Chile is a country full of wonders and land of nature. Mother nature has installed wonders is the land and rules it like the queen. Take your backpack and put on your shoes to hike through this fantastic country that brings adventure at its peak. From the high running mountain ranges Andes to the dry deserts in Patagonia, to the wide sandy beaches that are home to penguins, Chile has got everything you can dream off. Book your Chile vacation packages and make sure to include all the incredible places the country has to offer on a golden plate garnished with the flavors of adventure and serenity.

Tour Highlights

  • Witness the suburban culture mixed with a metropolitan life in this city that has everything to offer like antiques, monuments, and parties in the capital city.  

  • Go hiking in the rugged yet stunning piece of the barren land that serves as a bed to the rocks and sand in the Atacama Desert.  

  • Visit the last point of the world before taking off to Antarctica.

  • Spend a day in the most Iconic National Park in South America that is home to glaciers, lakes, mountains, rainforest, and endangered wildlife.  

  • Smell the mesmerizing aroma in the wine capital of Chile with the warmth of the majestic sun.

Tour at a glance

Day 1 Santiago de Chile

Day 2 Atacama Desert

Day 3 Southern Patagonia

Day 4 Torres del Paine National Park

Day 5 Colchagua Valley


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Santiago de Chile

Overshadowed by the majestic Andes Mountain, the city holds the most beautiful sight for your eyes. The incredible artifacts around the town that lies in the tall standing monuments built by the ancestors of the country. Offering thousands of incredible sights, the city is the perfect combination of suburban life and metropolitan life. While people keep running in the chaos, they are still so connected to their culture that is explicitly demonstrated on all the corners of the town. Go to Los Dominicos and get your hands on some exquisite antique wooden crafts. Climb up San Cristobal hill and watch the city with a 360-degree panoramic view. Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and walk through the city. Mark every minute of your Chile vacation count while in Santiago de Chile.  

Day 2 Atacama Desert

Do not miss the alluring bed of rocks and sand in the Atacama Desert in your Chile vacation packages. The barren land has nothing but is still as stunning as you can imagine. Called the driest desert in the world, the natural landscaping of the desert and the enchanting texture will leave you mesmerized. It is spread till the horizon and it seems there is just no end. Hike through the desert or stay in a resort to relax in the warmth of the sun by the pool as you sip your mint cooler.

Day 3 Southern Patagonia

Southern Patagonia is the region of Patagonia that falls under Chile. Home to the Torres del National Park, the most iconic place in Chile, the region is crowned with the blessings of nature. With icy cold and blue glaciers standing tall, attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists each year. The region is home to penguins and the lush green rainforests that hold beauty like nowhere else. Standing at the end of the continent, South Patagonia is the last checking point as you go to Antarctica, the south most corner of the world and the coldest place on the planet. The enormous mountains seem to take your breath away as they reach high to the horizon standing in the middle of the forest. The beauty you can imagine is the beauty you see in South Patagonia.

Day 4 Torres del Paine National Park

The wilds of Torres del Paine will take you on a journey that is only for the brave hearts. From climbing mountains to riding horses, to diving in the water, one may have to do them all. The breathtaking and the most iconic place in the region, the national parks stuns thousands of tourists each year. The mesmerizing deep blue lakes, the magnificent icy glaciers, the majestically tall mountains, and the lush rainforest speak for itself. The Cordillera del Paine is the center that steals all the attention of the visitors. Go hiking and explore the unexplored barrens of this national park that is home to some of the rarest plants and trees and some of the wildlife already under the count of endangered.

Go boating in the lake that is the water from the melted glacier. Go as close as you can and watch the enormous glacier from unimaginable closeness. Mark your Chile vacation with the best encounters you achieve in the country.

Day 5 Colchagua Valley

You have arrived at the land of sour grapes and aroma in the air. The sun is always warm here and the land runs along the vines. The vine capital of the country, this valley is home to most of the wineries in the country.

The aroma that fills up the air will want to live in the valley. Overlooking mountains have stores of stories to sing to you along with the locals who are invested in the simplicity of life. The culture has been kept intact in the region with humans to be the most friendly ones. Walk in the valley, visit the monasteries, witness the local traditions, taste the scrumptious flavors of love and tradition and watch the sun going down at dawn while you sit in a winery, sipping the elixir. To enjoy your Chile vacation, you have to make sure to choose the best Chile vacation Packages


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