Mouthwatering Seafood Of Cambodia One Must Try

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 02,2020

Cambodia is an Asian country with very less, tourist footfall. If you are looking out for a calm and secluded location for your next holidays then go for Cambodia vacation packages. It was once a war place and land mines are spread across the entire land, however, they have been de-mined for making tourism safe here. Since it was under French rule for a very long time the architecture and the way of living are highly inspired by it. Cambodian cuisine is also known as Khameri cuisine. 

You can taste the following on your vacation to this country:

  • Fish amok
  • Banana blossom salad
  • Samlor Machu trey
  • Kuy teav
  • Crab and pepper
  • Lap Khmer
  • Green mango salad
  • Pork and rice
  • Balut
  • Pickled fruit

The food here is quite different and unique. The sauces are inspired by Thailand and you can see people making very weird food choices like tarantula (a species of a spider). Here is the list of food that you must try on your next Cambodia vacation packages.

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Fish amok

Your visit to Cambodia will include a variety of fish amok as it is the national dish. It is particularly made of rice and freshwater fish. Very few can master the art of making an amok. It is generally cooked with a perfect blend of sauces and coconut milk. Few restaurants add lemongrass and pepper too for adding a pinch of spice. Kroeung is a thick paste made of turmeric, kaffir lime and shallots. It is served in the banana leaves. The best way to check the quality of this dish is to have a bite and if the fish melts creamily in your mouth it is perfectly cooked.

Banana blossom salad

People here love sauces and salads, you will find many varieties of salads here. Few salads are unique in their own way and many explorers take away the recipe and molds into their taste. Dash of lime over stir-fried banana blossoms is the signature way of cooking this dish. The aromatics add a different flavor to it. You can see this dish all over when you visit Cambodia. Every restaurant adds their favorite aromatics to it, some prefer lemongrass. Another addition to this dish is garlic and shallots. You can have it as your dinner or breakfast. Mostly, people prefer it as their breakfast for a citrus start to their day.

Samlor Machu trey

A household recipe that you can take away with you. It's a sweet and sour fish soup with different spices and sauces. Fish sauce plays a major role in it. Tamarind juice and pineapple add a tingling flavor to it. You can add different flavors to it like lemongrass, garlic, and beans. The fish sauce you select and the amount of salt or sweet you add to it can decide the quality of it. Hence, everyone has a different flair in making this dish. If you want to taste the authentic Samlor Machu trey then you should try having it at any local's house rather than a restaurant.

Kuy teav

It is a thick broth or stew made up of beef or meat along with rice or noodles. You can prepare this soup with the spices of your choice and add or subtract the ingredients according to your taste. The best way to prepare it is to add garlic, chili, and lemongrass to it. You can add a dash of lime to make it tastier. The thickness of the soup depends on the meat you add to it. You can experiment with various meats like pork, fish, meatballs, beef, etc. You can add fried shallots for an added flavor along with aromatic spices of your choice. 

Crab and pepper

You can have this seafood everywhere but the coastal town of Kep serves the best. The dish is very simple to create and the spices added to it are also very common. The only thing that adds to its flavor is the crab. The people in Cambodia believe in fresh meat. The crabs are caught fresh and of different types. It is a must-try dish when you visit this coast. There are many shacks that serve the same along the beaches.

Lap Khmer

If you love spicy seafood then you must try this one. Lap Khmer is thin slices of meat marinated into spices, shallots, and other spices along with lime for the spicy and tangy taste. Have it while you sunbathe on the beaches or while exploring the town.

Green mango salad

There is a different tanginess and citrus feel to the salads of Cambodian. The green mango and the cucumber pickle along with fish sauce gives it a different zest and freshness. It always works as a great snack to munch in with your drinks or at the shack.

Pork and rice

Say no more! A famous and favorite dish that is renowned worldwide. You can taste the better version of it in Cambodia. Give it a try while you stride towards jungles or hike onto the bridges. It keeps you full and provides you energy.


Cambodians have a very different and unique taste. They can eat anything that is edible or is a source of energy. The fertilized duck embryos are a famous snack among the locals. No need to cook or add anything to it. They eat it directly from the egg. It may sound bizarre but the locals love its taste.

Cambodians love citrus and zesty food. Their dishes are incomplete without lemongrass and herbs. Most of their dishes have shallots and lime along with ginger and sauces. They mostly use coconut oil and fish meat as they are available in abundance here. You can try different types of food and sauces while you walk around the beaches. The best way to enjoy the food is at local shacks. or the local markets. Trying the seafood at your next Cambodia vacation packages is a must. You can try many more dishes as there are varieties spread across the different islands and many recipes are for sure worth taking home.

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