Activities You Should Take To Enjoy Cambodia

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 01,2020

A nation that is mostly known for the unique flag and the remains of the biggest temple. Cambodia is the only country with a building printed on its flag. You can find people eating weird insects and most of their dishes have lemongrass and lime in it. You can explore the most secluded and picturesque beaches here. The rich cultural heritage of Cambodia has many interesting facts. You can simply prefer a homestay on your next Cambodia vacation packages to know about the culture and history of Cambodia deeply.

You can not miss out on the essence of Cambodia and the mysteries of this country. It's a land which is highly influenced by many Asian cultures and Indian being the dominant one. It was ruled by French till the 1950s and later on, was handled by the Khmer. It is hence also known as the Khmer Empire.

On your next excursion trip to Cambodia you should try doing the following things:

  • Homestay
  • Temples
  • New Year Festival
  • Ride in Tuk-Tuk
  • Cuisine
  • Democratic Kampuchea
  • Beaches

The land is entirely covered with the land mines and the govt. has de-mined most of them to make tourism safe. The cultural outfits are very rich and very colorful. Most of the population here is in their 30's and the average age of the population is 15 years. They are not much into the celebrations, for example, most of them even skip their birthdays. There is not much to explore here as the country's still developing but the places you will be exploring are for sure going to take your heart away. 


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Detailed Itinerary

You must try the following things on your vacation to make it to the fullest.


There are many resorts and bungalows here, that might be in your budget. But, to enjoy the country to full you must prefer homestays. There you will not just experience the authentic food but will also, get to know the mysteries of this place. The locals can also teach you the few basics of Cambodian language and the best places to visit and hangout. Instead of having a guide you can take their help. Also, feel home as these people are very friendly and welcoming. A better perspective is surely received when you watch the country from the lens of the locals. They guide you through every happening place and the one for some luxurious time too. 


Angkor Wat is the world's largest temple. It was built in an area of 400sq km. Cambodia is a hub of temples. You will find so many temples here but the Angkor Wat still remains the most famous. It is also a UNESCO heritage site as most of the remains of the temple are yet to be discovered. You can explore this temple on foot and get mesmerized by the images carved on it. It was once the most beautiful temple and was built in the 8th century under the reign of King Khmer. There are around 3,000 ancient temples and most of them belong to the era of King Khmer and his ancestors. Hence, there will be no dearth of temples on your next Cambodia vacation packages.

New Year Festival

It happens in April and lasts for 3 days. It is on 14th April this year so plan your vacation accordingly. The first day is known as Maha Sangkran meaning the first day. On this day people usually pray and wash different body parts with holy water on different timings of the day.  Face in the morning, chest in the afternoon and feet in the evening. Virak Vanabat is the second day where people usually involve themselves in charity and help the less fortunate. On the third day i.e Vearak Loeng Sak the locals wash the Buddhist images or sculptures with holy water. The new year festival is celebrated to mark the harvesting season and is celebrated with full enthusiasm and games.

Ride in Tuk-tuk

There is no place in Cambodia where a tuk-tuk can't take you. They are very colorful and the drivers know every lane of the country. If you get friendly with them, they will offer you many pieces of advice. Also, if you want to enjoy the delicacies there they will guide you through the famous eateries that will not burn a hole in your pocket and will give you an amazing taste. Tuk-tuk is a very common ride, they are so famous that you can even find an app for it.


The dishes here might not be that popular but are worth trying. The cuisines here are filled with coconut milk and lemongrass. They are mostly served with rice or noodles. The fish amok is a national dish here, it is made with coconut milk, stir-fried shallots, and freshwater fish and served with rice on banana leaves. If you want to taste something different than you can go for the fried tarantula and the various insects that they usually eat. The staple food choice, however, remains to be rice and noodles. There are many hidden eateries here where you will get the local alcoholic drinks and lip-smacking snacks too.

Democratic Kampuchea

Cambodia has a very unique and sad history. Almost 2 million of the population of this country was lost in a mass genocide from 1975 to 1979. You can see the remains of this horrifying past in Kampuchea, where the skeletons are still located and a mortuary of 450 people is still there. However, it is not recommended to click pics there or wear something obscene to respect the sentiments of those souls.


Your Cambodia vacation package is incomplete without visiting these beaches. The beaches here are secluded and very clean. You may find yourself in a completely different peace when you spend some time there. The most famous beaches here are the lazy beach and the coral beach. You can admire the beauty of the sunrise and sunset very peacefully here. There are shacks and small restaurants for keeping you entertained and full.

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