Unique beaches of Cambodia you must explore

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 10,2020

For every beach person, there is an island. If you like secluded beaches, pristine water and some personal time then Cambodia should be in your bucket list. Very few people know about this hidden jewel. Even if you are a solo traveler you won't find it difficult to adjust here. The miracles of mother nature can easily be experienced here. Plan your Cambodia vacation packages starting from Sihanoukville where you can experience the best of everything. 

The beaches you may plan to visit are:

Day 1: Coral Beach

Day 2: Victory Beach

Day3: Koh Pos

Day 4: Koh Thmei

Day 5: Sokha Beach

Day 6: Koh Tonsay

Day 7:Lazy Beach

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Detailed Itinerary

On the edge of Ream National Park lies the best beaches in the globe. They are yet to be explored by travelers. Most of the travelers prefer Thailand and other countries for their beachy holiday. Explore the secluded beaches at Cambodia vacation. You can reach Sihanoukville via flight, road or train. The nearest airport is 17km away from the city and you might plan to take a taxi from there. This island is a hub of many beautiful and picturesque beaches where you can experience one of the best sunsets and sunrises. The beaches are clean, peaceful and yet to be explored by mankind.

Cora Beach

As soon as you enter this beautiful beach you can spot some bamboo huts and fishing boats. Lay down peacefully to enjoy the pristine clear water and the majestic view. For some leisure activity, you can either go fishing or just sit back and relax. The crystal clear water gives you a scenic view that you can never forget. You can do snorkeling and explore the fauna and flora of the island. Many of your fellow travelers can be seen trying cliff diving and other activities. If you want to spend a peaceful day here simply ride a bicycle or lay down lazily to see the beautiful sunset.

Victory Beach

There are many things to explore in Sihanoukville and you may want to try out many on your short expedition. This leaves very little time for you to spend on the beaches. No worries, you can simply take out a few hours to spend on the Victory beach. It is a beautiful beach with white sand and clear waters. Snorkeling is the favorite and popular activity here as this is a very peaceful beach and you won't find any crowd here. Lay down on the sand and just soak in the sunbath. You can also try fishing here and you may find some amazing seafood too.

Koh Pos

Another gem of Sihanoukville is Koh Pos, also known as the snake island. You can explore the jungle nearby or simply explore the beach itself. If you walk a little far you may find some interesting places to relax away from the crowd. The major attraction is the seafood that you will find here. However, beware of the surroundings as you might come across different species of snakes here. However, if you want to do some wildlife photography you can take a walk to the Techo Morakat Bridge and on the other side, you will find a jungle that will sway away you with its beauty. But it is not recommended to stay there after sunset.

Koh Thmei

It is a very small beach and very luxurious too. You can spot a few bungalows and hostels here. It is very less crowded as there are very limited options to stay here. It is perfect for those who are willing to spend a few hours for that luxury snorkeling or diving. The accommodations here are of mid to higher range so it is better to take your favorite book and spend a few hours here. You can spot dolphins here. This beach attracts a lot of bird watchers too.

Sokha Beach

Partying at a private beach is altogether a different experience. Sokha Beach is one of the few privately owned beaches in Cambodia. Since it is privately owned by the resorts there you will find a very classy crowd here and only a few visits here. Since there is an entry fee to this beach it is highly maintained and you can find one or another party here. Sokha Beach is one of the most happening beaches in Cambodia. You can even take a small hike to Serendipity Beach from here and spend the rest of the evening there.

Koh Tonsay

Koh Tonsay is famously known as the rabbit island because of its shape and you can try almost every seafood here. There are cottages and many food stalls that you can look out for. It is still an underdeveloped beach and you can take a boat ride from here to the Kep. This island is beautifully carved by nature in the rabbit shape. It is situated near the Vietnam border and you can see its influence on the properties located on it.

Lazy Beach

Cambodia is famous for its lazy beach. The name might sound lethargic but the crowd here is not. It is an untouched paradise and you will fall in love with it the moment you step on the sand here and watch a majestic sunset in the turquoise water. This beach is so clean and well maintained that you won't find even a single disappointing element in it. Lay down on a hammock and enjoy the picturesque view of this paradise on earth. Indulge in some lip-smacking food and experience the best of Cambodian beaches at Lazy beach.

Beaches hold a special place in everyone's heart and they travel across oceans for a few lazy days at the beachside. If you want to do the same then Cambodia is meant for you. With the least crowd and clear water, there is no way you can get disappointed. Cambodia vacation packages without a visit to these beaches are incomplete. The lazy beach is a feather in the cap and a true paradise on earth.

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