Best Things to DO in “SOFIA” - BULGARIA Vacation Secret Revealed

Bulgaria vacation packages ~ thinking of traveling to this part of Europe again? Bulgaria is all laden with plenty of wonderful tourist spots to visit and there’s something magical about this destination. The most fascinating of them all is the pristine Black Sea Beaches, but there’s an unspeakably great amount of beauty to be explored. This 10 days itinerary has been designed with a focus on the best things to do in Bulgaria. With this Bulgaria vacation, you will explore the capital city, Sofia and its amazing Sunny beach, the stone forest & the perfectly impeccable old town. 

With most Bulgaria vacation packages, the capital town of Sofia has often ignored travelers more interested in ski resorts and the coastal areas. Though Sofia is not the kind of city with any metropolitan feel, however, there are undeniably some of the best things to do in Bulgaria. The plenty of tourist attractions including Ottoman mosques, stubborn Red Army monuments, and onion-domed churches are some of the must things to do when in Bulgaria. 

Sofia is indeed home to plenty of best museums, restaurants, galleries, clubs, and more. With all this, the city will surely keep you engaged at every turn you take. Let’s embark on this 10 days journey of Sofia with this Bulgaria vacation.

Vacation at a Glance

Day 1: The Guard Ceremony & the Presidency

Day 2: Visit the National Palace of Culture

Day 3:  An Event at the Red House

Day 4: Kokolandia Visit

Day 5: Go Paintballing

Day 6: Vitosha Boulevard

Day 7: The Museum of Socialist Art

Day 8: Vitosha Mountain Hiking

Day 9: The Archaeological Museum

Day 10: The Sofia History Museum

Vacation Highlights

  • Capture some real-time pictures of the smart guard of honors.

  • Visit the National Palace of Culture.

  • An Event at the Red House ~ located in the central part of Sofia is an amazing example of the architectural designs that existed during the Communist Government in Bulgaria.

  • When in Sofia do not miss experiencing paintballing.

Tour Price

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: The Guard Ceremony & the Presidency

Welcome to Sofia, Bulgaria! It was in the 1950s that the Presidency was built! Initially, it was built as a part of the ‘Largo’ complex. But, today, it is the place where the official chamber of the President of Bulgaria has been designed. And, its location in front of the archaeological museum accentuates its meaning for those who come to travel to this place. Many tourists come here to capture some real-time pictures of the smart guard of honors. 

Every hour, the guard changes! You can witness this spectacle (just 5 minutes before the completion of an hour). However, if you want to see it with complete pomp then you should visit sharp at 12:00 PM on the first Wednesday of every month (there are music and sound all around). This day experience it all and get into the tune of the Bulgarian spirit. 

Day 2: Visit the National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture, located in the central part of Sofia is an amazing example of the architectural designs that existed during the Communist Government in Bulgaria. Lyudmila Zhivkova ( the daughter of Todor Zhivkov, communist leader of Bulgaria) had the idea of a space for the national museum. She is also believed to have worked for the communist government and she had played quite an influential role in the art & culture of Bulgaria.

The construction of the National Palace of Culture was completed in 1981, the year when Bulgaria also celebrated its 1300th anniversary under the guidance of architect, Alexander Barov. The official symbol of the palace is a bronze sun. Covering an area of 15,000 square meters, you will see here conference halls, plenty of painting, sculptures, and more. 

It was in 1984 that this new trend of the celebration of New Year with a number of events started. There have been plenty of events & many world-class artists have showcased their talents including soprano Darina Takova, Andrea Bocelli, violinist Nigel Kennedy, and more. In colloquial language, the palace is referred to as NDK. With 15 halls in total, it makes for one of the largest of all the cultural complexes in the country. If you are looking for Bulgaria vacation packages during summers, it’s going to be great visiting the palace. There is a range of events & shows during this time that includes theatre, concerts, and dance performances. 

Day 3: An Event at the Red House

The Red House house in Bulgaria is one-of its-kinds independent cultural centers where poetry, political debates & drama performances are organized. These events that are organized here are free most of the time. It was established by  "Andrey Nikolov", which witnessed its inaugural day in 2004. This is your third day of this Bulgaria vacation and today you will enjoy attending an event here. You are definitely going to love the immensely educating debates & discussion on different political, social & cultural issues. 

Every year approximately 30, 000 visitors come here to get enriched! With these educational events, you will get an opportunity to share your thoughts with intellectuals and understand their viewpoint. You will listen to some real bold viewpoints on different aspects of life. In addition to that, you will also get this opportunity to know some of the greatest works of two of the greatest artists including the sculptor Andrey Nikolov and the architect Ivan Vasilyev. Not all Bulgaria vacation packages will take you through this immensely enriching place. 

Day 4: Go Paintballing

Almost throughout Sofia, paintballing is popular! Today is the fourth day of your Bulgaria vacation and you will be enjoying something interesting. Paintballing is the thing for the day. While in Sofia, you will have access to plenty of areas where you can get access to a number of gaming areas, paintballs & rental equipment. Paintball Sofia provides an altogether different type of forest backdrop while you fire paint. The whole experience is really interesting! When in Sofia do not miss experiencing paintballing. While you get this opportunity with this itinerary, but in the beginning of choosing Bulgaria vacation packages just make sure you specified your preferences.

Day 5: Departure

This is the last day of your Bulgaria vacation and you will leave the country on a happy note. With a lot of memories and zeal to look for more Bulgaria vacation packages for the next time soon, you will be excited even at the end of the trip. Capture a plethora of memories to remember at the end of your journey.


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