Embrace The Breathtaking Views During 5-Day Bora Bora Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 15,2020

Bora Bora is known for its pristine turquoise waters, stunning volcanic peaks, white-sand beaches, coral reefs, exotic water life, and breathtaking greenery. Have you already started imagining it? Well, take a vacation to your dream destination; relax on the beach, enjoy sipping cocktails, snorkel tropical life and regain peace. A wide range of luxury hotels and resorts lined up on the coastline of Bora Bora help you dream come true. You can relax, sunbathe and swim or look for action with the activities arranged at the beautiful island. Bora Bora has a lagoon and barrier reef both whereas your desired activities can be cherished. Experience what heaven feels like on the paradise island with Bora Bora vacation. 


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Embrace Peace and Tranquility with a Five-day Bora Bora Vacation

We bring you the step-by-step highlights of the beautiful island for a five-day vacation with your loved ones:

  1. Vaitape: is the main town of the Bora Bora Island and has been the most attractive spot for the tourists. The Alain Gerbault Memorial situated in the town is dedicated to the first Frenchman. The town has an old vintage bank, cafes, vintage post office, a protestant church, and beautiful little shops. 

  2. Matira Beach: is the only beach on the island which has public access. It is known for its crystal clear water and white sand. Mainly, snorkeling is the most attractive sport there. Tourists can discover the tropical reefs and corals in the blue pristine water. 

  3. Mount Otemanu: is situated at the heart of the island. It is one of the extinct volcanic mountains of the island. Tourists enjoy going at the top of the peak, some enjoy boat tours around the mountain while others love to take the helicopter ride near the mouth of the mount. 

  4. Taha Island: embark on a getaway to the jewel of the ocean. Relax in any luxury resort to enjoy pampering yourselves and the warm waters of the island.  When one travels to the island it’s merely for relaxation and leisure. Get sun-soaked on the beach and let your feet feel the texture of the white sands. Whether a honeymoon or a solo vacation, the island promises you to have the time of your life. Swim in the turquoise clear water to see the exotic life. Unlike other vacations, it does not have a lot many things on the itinerary to exhaust you but aims to regain your long lost peace.

  5. Pearl farming: you can dive in the crystal clear waters with the perfect equipment to discover lined oysters. You are also allowed to choose your own oyster and take it to your home as a souvenir of love. Pearls are considered very precious on the island so if you are actually allowed to see one of their practices consider yourself lucky.  It is an exquisite gift anyone can ask for!

  6. Jet-skiing: the place is not only reduced to leisure but even promises you adventure. To feel adrenaline rush up your nerves, jet skiing is a perfect choice. The activity can be done across the blue lagoons with the geared equipment.

  7. ATV ride: A thrilling ride up the hills of the beautiful island is one of the greatest attractions for the tourists. You will have all the time in the world to get acquainted with the ride. The entire excursion will get you near World War 2 bunkers. The route will also take you towards the breathtaking views of Mount Otemanu and Powai. 

  8. Humpback whale watching: if you decide to go on vacation between July to October, you can see stunning humpback whales in the early mornings. Thee whales migrate the region during that time of the year for food and breeding. And it will be cherry on the top to see those beautiful creatures in your dream vacation.

  9. Water safari: The Island is home to many colorful fishes and beautiful water creatures. The water safari of lagoon allows you to see blacktip sharks and exotic stingrays. These creatures are not at all aggressive but rather friendly so swimming with them is not such a bad idea. However, they should not be tempted by blood and food. On the water journey, you will stop at two places. First, you can visit the coral gardens to appreciate nature’s creation. Second, you can have the chance to swim along with the rare blacktip sharks. Also do not forget to carry your underwater camera to click beautiful pictures and post them on your social media handles. 

  10. Kite surfing: supervised lessons to feel the wind in your hair by taking adventures is a treat to your own self. With the perfect set-up and experienced instructors, you can take up the beautiful adventurous activity.

  11. Standup paddle: is the must to do activity in the clear waters. The activity is easy and friendly to help you enjoy a paddle down the breezy wind. The sensorial experience is a promised therapy!

  12. Diving in the divine waters: the uniqueness of the biodiversity of the beautiful island definitely prompts you to take up diving. Discover the pristine spots underwater appreciates the lagoon’s ecosystem.

  13. Paddle yoga: it’s time to feel at peace with yoga on the water surface and hence it brings you to the paddle yoga activity. It involves relaxing on one spot while floating on the blue waters. Meditating amid the waters will help you discover the art of letting go and feeling your deep conscience. 

  14. Gulliver cruises: experience the Polynesian culture at the cruise. The onboard vacation promises you to visit the beautiful island with the help of gigantic cruises. The dream vacation promises you exquisite stay, food, and luxuries while you discover the island!


The natural paradise awaits you and promises you the time of your life! Enjoy your perfect stay at a lavish resort and experience the beautiful adventures to cater yourself to the love you actually deserve. Treat yourself and your lovely family with a breathtaking destination. Hurry and book your holidays now with the best Bora Bora vacation. 

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