Top 9 Places to Visit in Bora Bora - 2020

Welcome to the magical world of Bora Bora Island. The island consists of many beautiful sites like tropical lagoons, coral reefs, small islets, volcanic mountains, pristine beaches, tropical vegetations, and glamorous resorts. Bora Bora Island is surrounded by many smaller islands. The beauty of this magical island entices you to plan Bora Bora vacation trip. Bora Bora is considered a heavenly paradise for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation in the middle of natural beauty. Bora Bora is also known as Romantic Island. For newly-weds Bora Bora is the perfect place for private and romantic honeymooning. Bora Bora offers over-water beachside resorts, sun-soaking points, water activities, and many more. Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s leading lady, unrivaled and unwavering. You get a chance to perfectly spoil oneself with a luxurious getaway in Bora Bora. The rich culture of Bora Bora influences you to shop traditional pearl jewelry and art pieces. The locals of Bora Bora welcome you with traditional songs and dances. They love to share their culture with travelers. They lived in a relaxing atmosphere with a philosophy ‘aita pea pea’ which means ‘not to worry’.

Top Nine Places to Visit in Bora Bora:

  • Anau

  • Nunu’e

  • Fa’anui

  • Toopua

  • Tevairoa

  • Motu Piti Aau

  • Mute Island

  • Vaitape

  • Matira Point

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Detailed Itinerary

  1. Anau- Authentic Village Island

Anau offers the traditional look of French Polynesia with few restaurants, shops, and churches. It is the most bonafide island of Bora Bora. Anau consist of the great marine museum featuring replicas of famous boats and Anau is famous for its uniqueness. Anau offers various things during your Bora Bora vacations. Enjoy hiking on the popular mountains of Bora Bora- Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia. Visit Alain Despert Art Studio and experience wonderful hospitality after watching fabulous and amazing art pieces. Anau has a famous shallow lagoon which is a popular dive spot for the divers. Anau’s lagoon is home of manta rays, moray eels, clownfish, sea anemones, and rose corals.

  1. Nunu’e- Tempting Island

Bora Bora vacation agent will take you to the most tempting and alluring island, Nunu’e Island. Enjoy sunrise and sunset view on the beachside. The main attractions of Nunu’e Island are Tupana safari Bora Bora and Pofai Bay. Discover the inland beauty by Tupana safari 4×4 jeep tour of Bora Bora mountains. Bora Bora vacation agents will take you to the most scenic spots and let you enjoy the spirit of the island. Pofai Bay consists of colorful coral reefs and different species of turtles. You'll get an amazing view of turtles swimming in the crystal clear water. Enjoy your wine in the cool breeze and beachside view. Enjoy appetizing food in the most famous restaurant, Bloody Mary’s restaurant. Blood Mary restaurant gives you an amazing experience of dinner in a bonfire with cultural dance and local wines. Take a walk on sand floors while listening to the cultural music of Bora Bora.

  1. Fa’anui- Enticing place

Enjoy the view of the enticing island in the community of Bora Bora islands. Bora Bora vacations will give lots of pleasure in different islands of Bora Bora community. Enjoy a ferry ride on Farepiti beach and clubbing on a yacht at night. Have a pleasure of fishing at Marae Fare-Opu, catch some different and colorful fishes from the Fa’anui Bay. Stay in private Bora Bora Bungalows. Visit the Naval Museum Bora Bora, where you can watch 40+ handmade sailboats and watercrafts free. Read about the architectural drawing and donate some amount for the museum. You'll get to know about the marine life Bora Bora in the museum. Bora Bora vacation agents will tell you about the amazing stories related to the boats and marine life. Also, explore the World War II guns museum. Bora Bora was treated as a base at the time of World War II.

  1. Toopua- Beautiful Lagoon

Head towards the most beautiful lagoon and famous diving site of your Bora Bora vacation trip, Toopua Island. This island is well known for its variety of marine species like manta rays, eagle spotted rays, whitetip sharks, triggerfish, surgeonfish, butterflyfish, and mullet. Bora Bora vacation agent will book experienced divers for you. Dive in the lagoon and swim with colorful manta rays and eagle spotted rays and sometimes kiss whitetip sharks. Enjoy canyon ride in sandy and coral canyons. Walk on the beach and stay in private overwater bungalows.

  1. Tevairoa- Seaside Resort

Welcome to Tevairoa, the seaside resort, and beach island. Enjoy the delicious food in the restaurants of this island. You can also enjoy some spa therapies on the island. This is the highest elevation resort in Bora Bora. Enjoy your meal in the dazzling view of Mount Otemanu. Tevairoa offers international multi-cuisine and amazing therapies. Relax in the sun on the beachside and enjoy various watersports activities. Tevairoa is also known as the pearl resort of Bora Bora.

  1. Motu Piti Aau- Isolated Island

One more island in your Bora Bora vacation trip. This is also a small island but the beauty of this island is magical. You can enjoy various watersports activities like snorkeling, jet-skiing, 4WD safari, a cruise trip, kayaking, sailing, deep fishing, and canoeing. This island is one of the lavish resorts on the planet with its enviable location. It is considered as the crown of Bora Bora Island. You'll get a 360-degree view of Bora Bora Island from the resort. The dazzling turquoise sea, brilliant white strip sand, and softest sand will amaze you. The marine life around the resort is alluring and thriving. Bora Bora vacation agent will take you for the cruise trip under the stars with a panoramic view over the lagoon.

  1. Mute Island- White Valley Island

Mute Island is also known as a white valley island. The Bora Bora airport is located on this island. The runway of the airport starts and ends directly in the water. The buildings of this island are built in a modern style but handled in local style. The field is located over the lagoon and directly located from the piers. You can take a ferry from the airport to reach other places of Bora Bora Island. Dive in the transparent and royal-blue water for the amazing experience. Watch different marine species like grey sharks, tunas, jacks, turtles and many more.

  1. Vaitape- Main Town

Vaitape is the largest city of Bora Bora Island. Vaitape consists of so many resorts. The resorts offer plenty of activities to the tourist like snorkeling, jet skiing, surfing, fishing, and many more. Vaitape is lined with cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, pearl shops, etc. The main attraction of Vaitape town is Parroquia De San Pedro-Celestino. This is a beautiful and peaceful old church. The church is made up of stained glass windows above the altar to resist cyclones. Visit private motu and lagoon trip as a perfect place for your picnic. Enjoy the beauty of the lagoon and feed sharks and rays for the wonderful experience in your Bora Bora vacations.

  1. Matira Point- Romantic Beach

Matira beach is very famous in Bora Bora Island. The crystal clear water, beautiful lagoons, and unbelievable colors and tropical beauty attract tourists on the beach. Matira Beach is a gorgeous beach with lush palm green hills and its authentic Polynesian charm. It is described as the most beautiful beach in the world. The warm and shallow water of the beach allows for various water activities. Enjoy your meal with a sunset view on the beachside. There are plenty of activities for the adventure seekers and a romantic getaway for the couples.

Bora Bora vacation is a perfect getaway for a honeymoon, adventure lovers, and family trip and solo trip also.


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