6 Days of Incredible Fun On Belize Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 07,2020

Sitting in the lap of South America, Belize does wonders for its size. Even though the country is micro in size but has got enough to make it the perfect getaway destination. With lush green forests to swimming in the incredible Caribbean, to witnessing the tremendously long and lively reef system to visiting wonders of men, Belize Vacation Packages will make it the perfect one for you. With the stupendous mix of nature’s carvings and rich fascinating history left behind by ancient men, the country has something to offer to every kind of traveler. Your thrust for adventure will be fulfilled here by the molten golden sun while the birds sing to you the song of sovereignty. 


Every single day spent in this winsome country will bring a new adventure to you. From visiting the caves of the dead to swimming along with the sharks, you will have it all served on a silver plate. The profusely green forest will give tranquility to your persona as you wake up in the woods with tiny creatures serving you the morning sunshine. Modern life comes together with nature here and makes it the perfect to have a relaxed Belize Vacation. Therefore, make the most out of it by choosing the best Belize Vacation Packages.  

Highlights of the Tour. 

• Get to the dark caves where the Mayan tribe practiced sacrifice and spend an evening with the crystallized skeletons with their skulls cracked open. 

• Visit the ruins of Tikal Mayan, the home of Mayan tribe and learn the way this tribe lived hundreds of years ago along with a meet and greet with the wildlife of the region. 

• Take a visit to the bustling town of San Pedro on a golf car with no streets in the town at all.

• Relax at the Caribbean sea whilst you watch the sun kissing the sea. 

• Go over the Great Blue Hole and swim along with the sharks and admire the creation of nature in its purest form. 

Tour at Glance. 

Day 1 Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour

Day 2 Tikal Mayan Ruins 

Day 3 San Pedro 

Day 4  Caribbean Sea 

Day 5 Catamaran Cruise and Shark Ray Alley 

Day 6 City of Belize


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

 Day 1 Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour

Running a kilometer into the earth, this cave has been recognized as a world archeological site and a natural wonder. This is not it, the history of the caves and the presence inside it makes it so scary and sacred that National Geographic had termed the cave as the most sacred cave in the world. Mayan tribe that lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago, practiced human sacrifice in the caves and had sacrificed 14 humans to be précised, in the cave. The remains of those humans still sit in the heart of the cave with pottery and other art crafts. The skeletons have crystallized by now but will mesmerize your mind in no time. Because of the same fragility, the government only allows 125 people to visit the caves. 

Day 2 Tikal Mayan Ruins 

Buried in the dark depth of Yucatan jungle is the ruins of Mayan that will leave you to spellbound and will detail you with the culturally enriched story of the Mayan tribe that lived hundreds of years ago in the ancient civilization. The civilization is now home to millions of wild creatures extending to as many as 300 species of wilderness including animals and the birds. Also, the site now houses several auspicious and sacred temples that attract millions of tourists every year to this UNESCO World Heritage site. The ruins will make you believe why every part of human existence is a blessed dream we never dreamt of. 

Day 3 San Pedro 

San Pedro is a tranquil town with sandy streets and sidewalks covered with beautifully crafted wooden houses. The bustling town of San Pedro is a picture-perfect town with the bright green sea shining with palm trees standing tall. The town is an island that will give you a lavish experience of life with a touch of Spanish culture along. Take a polo cart and go around the city, eat the seafood at the shacks, have drinks at the beach bars and prepare for the marvelous adventure coming next.  

Day 4 Caribbean Sea 

Take a day to yourself to relax by the crystal clear water of the Caribbean as it shines bright in the daylight. Have a refreshing coconut by the edge of the setting sun on the Caribbean. Go for diving in the clear water along with the sides of the majestic reef system that is alive and one of the longest in the entire world. Become a resident of the underwater and meet the marine blazing with life in the blue. This can’t be skipped from any Belize Vacation Packages.

Day 5 Great Blue Hole and Catamaran Cruise in Shark Ray Alle

Fly over the marvelous Great Blue Hole that will leave you amazed by the serene beauty of this massive that appears like a magnificent natural pool with bubbly blue water making it a flaunting view your eyes will never get tired of watching.  

Then get on a cruise to go swim with the beast sharks that we stereotypically believe are always ready to rip open us in pieces. Swim in the blue with the sharks and befriend them to see their world in the marine. This experience will leave you stunned and stamp it on your heart and mind forever. 

Day 6 - City of Belize 

Spend a day looking into the life of Belize. Ditching the regular and boring, go on a city tour on a carriage or better, take a horse and ride like a knight around the town. Have the delicious seafood delicacies that are the pride of the city and the country too. Take a walk at one of the profuse beaches in the city. Adore the colonial architecture with a tint of Spanish influence in the city making bringing out the suburban aura in the city. Groove with the people at a bar and sing long the song of happiness on your Belize Vacation Packages.   


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