7 Days Fantastic Vacation in Belize

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 03,2020

Hey adventurer, you have landed on the perfect location because Belize is going to get you elated with the high spirits of diving into the deep blue water to flying like a bird to watch the Great Blue Hole, to camping in the middle of the wild, to becoming a part of it, Belize Vacation Packages will serve it all to you and will send you back home with enriched stories of wilderness of Belize.


Belize is a country of beauty and elates of nature’s craft tightly packed into a small unity yet counts as wonders. The extraordinary and ravishing towns on the side of beaches will pump you up with the fun as you run along the sea. The stunning country will leave you astounded as you dive in the water to the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system on the planet. Take a flight over the Great Blue Hole or if you are a brave heart, dive into it. Walk in the mysteriously scary and sacred caves of ATM where the long-gone Mayan tribe used to practice sacrifice of humans, and walk a day in the ruins of Mayan’s civilization which is now home to millions of wild species. Belize Vacation Packages would help you in knowing more about the country in a better way. 

Tour Highlights 

  1. Spend a day in the contemporary city of Belize and learn about the auspicious culture of the county.
  2. Witness the world’s second-largest barrier reef system which is absolutely mesmerizing and alive.
  3. Spend a day at leisure on the sandy beaches in Placencia.
  4. Bath in the ocean and sleep in the jungle in Hopkins to have a taste of wild on your tongue.
  5. Visit the sacred ATM caves and let the tale of mortality sing to you and give you the chills in the spine.
  6. Walk in the Ruins of Tikal where Mayans lived and had built a civilization in the middle of a dense forest. Hike to the lost city and meet millions of animals that reside in the ruins now.

Day 1 Belize City

Day 2 Ambergris Caye – Scenic Island featuring white sand beaches, a famed barrier reef for driving & The Great Blue Hole 

Day 3 Placencia 

Day 4 South Water Caye 

Day 5 Hopkins 

Day 6 ATM caves

Day 7 Ruins of Tikal 

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Belize City

The city of Belize is a stunner that will welcome you with the crispness of its culture and the vibrant aura that becomes the major attraction in the city. Walk along the beaches and admire the colonial and architecture with a bit of Spanish influence. The city is bustling yet serene to spend a day or two and learn about the impeccable history and of the land of Belize that has several Ancient artifacts and cities that are still alive. 

Day 2 Ambergris Caye 

When in Ambergris Caye walk on the warm white sandy beaches and relax your soul away from the chaos of life. Take a dive into the second largest reef system in the world and take a flight over the majestic Great Blue Whole. If you are a brave heart and love the depths of blue you can even go diving in the Great Blue Hole too. 

Scenic Island featuring white sand beaches, a famed barrier reef for driving & The Great Blue Hole are something that you will get to experience from your Belize Vacation Packages

Day 3 Placencia 

Take a day’s break and spend a day relaxing in the luxury of a room that faces the sea and wakes you up in the morning with the sun waking you up with its most pleasant smile and a glass of pina colada. Go out and take a tour of the peninsula on foot, go kayaking and have the most thrilling ride, go for a scuba dive and get acquainted with the marine. 

Day 4 South Water Caye 

South Water Caye is one of the most underrated places in Belize. The Caye offers divine peace for a relaxed evening with a loved one. The town that keeps quiet most of the time will give you the best kayaking experience while you take the jump for the adventure. It is a great little town for education trips too as they have a protected nursing ground for the fishes. Take your sunglasses and the hat and climb on the boat to get some fishing done as you sip the chilled beer. 

Day 5 Hopkins 

Let go of a massive city and spend a day in the serenity of this tiny coastal city that brings you the greatest experience of both dense jungles and beaches together. Ignore the extraordinary luxury rooms in the hundreds of dollars worth of resort and spend a night camping under the roof of bright sparkly stars in the middle of the jungle to wake up to the adorable lullabies of wild. 

Day 6 ATM caves

Stay away from this one if you are a weakling. A visit to this phenomenal cave demands a heart of steel. The rugged cave that runs a kilometer deep in the face of the earth was a mortal ground where the Mayan tribe performed the sacrifice of humans. 14 humans to be exact were sacrificed in the caves and their skeletons are still preserved turned into crystals. Along with the skeletons, several pieces of pottery were also found in the caves which are extremely fragile and for that reason, the government only allows 125 people each day to enter the caves to keep it under controlled human intervention.  

Day 7 Ruins of Mayan in Tikal 

Ambergris Caye – The bustling island is the territory that welcomes the most number of tourists each year. The bustling town has scenic beauty that will give peace to your eyes and heart. With a lush green palm tree standing right in front of the bright green waters, the town looks like a perfect postcard picture. The vibrant yet zesty town is the perfect place for all kinds of travelers. Go on foot and cover the entire island in just a little while to observe the cultural heritage and the life of people in the town. Or grab a drink and grove on the tunes of the town at the beach in several bars and food shacks. Explore more that could enhance your Belize Vacation Packages.

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