Top Destinations For Spa And Wellness In Bali

Bali is an epicenter for the wellness retreats and if you are not sure what to do in your Bali vacation packages then you must relax and get pampered at the top wellness centers. Scrub, steam, nourishment and a majestic spa, you get it all at your next Bali vacation. With the emergence of more and more tourists and explorers visiting Bali, the spa and wellness business has boomed a lot here. There is no fun of a vacation if you don't pamper yourself. Bali has everything that you would want, from food to beaches and temples to wellness centers. Many wellness centers offer you ayurvedic massages and yoga retreats too.

You can enjoy the Bali vacation packages by getting relaxed and rejuvenated at the following spa and wellness centers.

1. Soori Bali Spa

2. Fivelements Bali

3. Soulshine

4. Bliss Sanctuary for Women

5. La Joya

6. Tjampuhan Spa

7. Mulia Bali Spa

8. COMO Shambhala Estate

9. Goddess Retreats Bali

10. Four Seasons Sayan

Vacations are for chilling and rejuvenating, Bali offers you both. Spending on yourself is considered to be an investment and at Bali, you will get many chances to invest in yourself. You can plan your visit to all these 10 centers for a refreshing experience and can experience something different at every location.


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:  Soori Bali Spa

Soori Bali Spa is considered to be the best wellness spa as it comprises free yoga sessions too and the therapists are very professional and before providing you any services they do a complete check-up for your allergies and any disease. Their prenatal massage is very beneficial for the relaxation of your entire body. They have an inhouse retail store just in case you want to buy their therapeutic products. Their messages are based on European and Asian techniques. 

Day 2: Fivelements Bali

Built near Ayung river, near Ubud town, it is a luxurious resort that offers some deep nourishment to your inner soul. There are private pools and free parking as an added service. The architecture is made of bamboo and the view from here is very soothing. The wellness retreats are inspired by Balinese culture and take you in a mystic healing. They believe there must be a balance between inner wellness and the outer one, and it can be achieved with proper meditation and therapies. 

Day 3: Soulshine

If you want a relaxing atmosphere with a beautiful view then you must visit this place. They have a yoga retreat center along with villas and spas. Enjoy a relaxing spa and take a walk around the property and calm your inner self. It was built by Michael Franti and his creativity can be felt in the architecture. Since it is located in Ubud it is near many famous tourist spots and you can easily check out the town too.

Day 4: Bliss Sanctuary for Women

If you want to treat the women in your life with utmost luxurious pampering then this is the place you should book for her. Here you are treated like a queen and your day starts with a yoga session followed by the services you opt for. You never fall sick of this place, spend a day and you would want to come back here again. This was built on the ideology that women are the epicenter of our lives and they get very little time to appreciate and pamper themselves. With this resort, they are treated with the necessary nourishment and calmness.

Day 5: La Joya

Take a break from the city's hustle-bustle life and visit La Joya for the calmness. It is an amazing clifftop resort with all the luxurious facilities. The scenic beauty of this resort is surely going to rejuvenate your senses. You can select the packages according to your needs or you can simply customize the existing one according to the time you have. They also have an open bath area that can be accessed on-demand.

Day 6: Tjampuhan Spa

They have a distinctive hot and cold pool together and get welcomed by the generous and overwhelming staff here. It indeed has always maintained the spot in the list of top spas to visit in Bali vacation packages. If you are on a honeymoon you can book yourself a calming flower bath followed by a creamy and moisturizing spa. The staff is always there to assist you and make your stay a comfortable one.

Day 7: Mulia Bali Spa

If you visit Bali and not take the services of Mulia Bali Spa than you are surely missing out on traditional Balinese massages. They have curated massage techniques from around the globe to give you the best experience. Their Vietnamese massage is worth trying and their traditional Bali massage offers you holistic healing. The therapists here understand your body and skin that helps in providing a package that will be really beneficial for you.

Day 8: COMO Shambhala Estate

Set in tropical forest and very less crowd, it is an exclusive spa and wellness spot that relaxes you and rejuvenates your body and soul. The architecture is built with a mix of traditional and modern architectures. The spas offered here are luxurious and enriching. 

Day 9: Goddess Retreats Bali

Women deserve a break too. This is a spot meant only for females. Enjoy a deep dive into your inner self and get pampered the way you should. Customize the package according to your needs, or gift it to someone special. 

Day 10: Four Seasons Sayan

Experience enchanting healing services at Four Seasons Sayan. The chakra ceremony here is talk of the town and is favorite amongst the masses. Your entire trip is incomplete without having experienced the spa therapies here. One can even book a private spa villa to avail of the therapies.

Turn your vacation into a spa or wellness retreat for holistic healing and to experience the best of Bali. Pampering yourself must be on top of your list on any vacation. Love yourself and indulge in some soul-soothing experiences on your Bali vacation packages.


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