Beaches to look for when you are in Bali

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 28,2020

An Indonesian island that is best known for its coral reef, post-card perfect beaches and a dream for every beach lover. There are more than 12 beaches in Bali and on your next expedition here you must experience the different auras of these beaches. On your next Bali vacation packages explore the dreamy islands here and have a memorable time. You can visit Bali either for some leisure time or your honeymoon. There are a few beaches where the families won't feel uncomfortable and you can even book a private beach or villa for yourself and your loved ones. 

You can plan your beach visit in the following way:

1. Seminyak Beach is one of the happening beaches  

2. Nusa Dua Beach  for the family fun

3. Echo Beach  for a leisure time

4. Jimbaran Bay for having the best seafood

5. Thomas Beach  is quiet and peaceful

6. Sanur Beach  to watch a mesmerizing sunrise

7. Keramas Beach for surfing and water activities

8. Amed Beach to experience divings

9. Bingin Beach for the boho life

10. Sundays Beach Club for hosting any private party

11. Blue Point Beach for the wanderer in you 

Experience crystal clear waters on your Bali vacation packages and plan your itinerary in the following way to enjoy maximum with your loved ones or for a solo trip.


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Seminyak Beach

If you are a hedonist then you must visit this beach. Your pursuit of happiness and soulful pleasure ends at this place. The grey sand stretches as far as your eyes go and you can experience one of the best sunsets here. Shop til you drops here as it is the shopping capital of Bali and when you get tired indulge into a relaxing spa. This is a very quiet beach and you can experience the nirvana at Seminyak Beach with the peaceful nature of this beach. Sit back and enjoy the sunset while you sip your favorite drink.

Day 2:  Nusa Dua Beach

If you have booked Bali vacation packages for your family time then this beach is the perfect place. They are very clean as they are mostly owned by private resorts. There are very few public areas which limit the number of tourists and this, in turn, keeps the place tidy and clean. Water animals never leave anything in or out of the water, but human does and this exploit the beauty of beaches by leaving things that belong to the garbage bin.

Day 3: Echo Beach 

If you love crowds and love observing people than this is the best place. You can find different personalities here and make many new friends here. The waves here are very strong and high so doing water activities without any professional help might be risky. If you are at this beach then don't forget to visit Tanah Lot’s temple which is on the west side. You will meet many professional surfers here.

Day 4: Jimbaran Bay

Your Bali vacation package is incomplete without having a taste of the sea-food at Jimbaran Bay. You will find the authentic sea-food here with a taste that your taste buds will never forget. Once you have a dish at Jimbaran Bay there is no stopping. You might want to pack a quantity that will never end and you can relish whenever or wherever you want. 

Day 5: Thomas Beach 

Experience the lashings of sunshine at Thomas Beach. It is a hidden jewel of Bali. You can access the beach on scooters or take a walk here. If you are planning for a swim, then you must wait for high tide. Also, you can simply sunbathe here and let the beauty of this beach sink in. Once you get tired and feel hungry you can pay a visit to the iconic Suka Cafe opposite Thomas beach.

Day 6:  Sanur Beach 

Cycling at Sanur beach is something you can't miss at any cost. After shopping and traveling across the country you will want to indulge in something peacefull and laid back activities. Sanur beach will be your happy place and the sunrise at this beach must be in your bucket list.

Day 7: Keramas Beach

Located on the eastern coast it is a black sandy beach with a spellbound view. The tides here are for the professional surfers and for people who love pools.

Day 8: Amed Beach

Snorkeling is very famous at Amed beach and it is popular among masses for the same. The waves here are perfect for a luxury dive and sinking in the beauty of water bodies.

Day 9:  Bingin Beach

Unconventional yet mesmerizing lodges are scattered throughout the Beach. It is one of the famous surfing points and you might find many professional surfers here. You can easily grab your favorite drink and enjoy the surfer's paradise. 

Day 10: Sundays Beach Club

Every day feels like Sunday at this dreamy and awestruck white sand beach. Enjoy the luxurious time before leaving Bali. Feel like a VIP at the Sundays Beach Club. Admire the spectacular sunset and the most happening parties that will leave you stunned with their beauty.

Day 11: Blue Point Beach

Beaches under beaches, you may find yourself in a party which is under some hidden cliff or route. Have a luxurious ending with a visit to Blue Point Beach. Your trip to Bali is incomplete without visiting these beaches when you book Bali vacation packages. Spend some quality time at the beaches and indulge in experience for a lifetime. Swim, surf, party and explore on your Bali excursion.


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