Top Adventurous Places and Activities for Australia Vacation

Australia is a wilderness adventure place. Australia is the smallest continent but filled with various amazing adventure activities. Australia is the contrast of astonishing beauty and ultimate adventure. You can explore the beauty of Australia through an adventure itinerary. Australia offers adventure with classic Aussie scenery. Australia is the vast area for water, land and air activities. If you are an adventure traveler, then it’s time to fulfill your adventure dream on your australia vacation. You can create your own adventure trip to fulfill your bucket list in Australia. It is almost impossible to discover every place of Australia in the short-span of time; you need almost one year to dive-in Australia's adventure. Australia only attracts travelers to enjoy endless outdoor activities. Australia vacation agent will help you in completing your bucket list adventure. Let's check out all the amazing adventurous places in Australia.

Top Adventurous Activities:

  • Skydiving

  • Bungee Jumping

  • Swimming

  • Snorkeling

  • Kayaking

  • Scuba Diving

  • Paddleboarding

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Trekking

  • Rock climbing

  • Mountain biking

  • Abseiling

  • Sailing

  • Surfing

  • Zip-lining

  • Water- Rafting

  • Safari

  • Canyoning

  • Skiing

  • Bushwalking

  • Jet Boating

Top Adventurous Places:

  • The Great Kimberley, Western Australia

  • Mount Buller, Victoria

  • Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

  • Blue Mountains, New South Wales

  • Franklin River, Tasmania

  • Mission Beach, Queensland

  • Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

  • Surfers Paradise, Queensland

  • Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

  • Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

  • Harbour Bridge, Auckland

  • Manly Beach, Sydney

  • Uluru, Northern Territory

  • Glass House Mountains, Queensland

  • Great Ocean Road, South-eastern Coast

  • Whitsundays Island, Queensland

  • Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

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Detailed Itinerary

  1. The Great Kimberley- 4WD tour

The Great Kimberley is an absolutely amazing place for a 4WD safari tour. Kimberley is suitable for active travelers wanting to get away from the city crowd in true wilderness. Get comfortable on a luxury land cruiser and drive along with the wind through your hair. Explore Kimberley beauty and with a small group of your friends. Kimberley is the most beautiful region with the ancient landscape, tropical weather, white sandy beaches, and coastlines.

  1. Mount Buller, Victoria- Skiing

Mount Buller has the largest network of lifts among the Victorian resorts. This is one of the popular choices among the skiers for skiing. There are three terrain park and rider cross course. The mount offers a lively ski scene and plenty of restaurants.

  1. Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory- Hiking

Kings Canyon Rim is a 150-meter dip canyon in Australia's Red Center. Start hiking early morning to witness the rich rose gold sunrise with spectacular wildlife of Australia. The Kings Canyon Rim Walk requires a high level of fitness. Australia vacation agents will find experienced hikers for you, to enable you to hike.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland- Scuba Diving, Swimming

Great Barrier Reef contains the best ocean life in the world. Australia vacation will give you awe-factor in every way it can. Great Barrier Reef is known for its world’s best scuba diving locations; where you can learn and enjoy it. It is an underwater paradise; where you can watch more than 1000 species of fish, 130 species of sharks and rays, 30 species of dolphins and whales, and 6 species of marine turtle.

  1. The Blue Mountains, New South Whales- Abseiling, Trekking

It is one of the world heritage wilderness areas where you can have an unforgettable Abseiling and Trekking experience. The guides will give you lessons and safety briefings with all necessary equipment for your amazing Abseiling and Trekking experience. The breathtaking scenery with a variety of wildlife and plants and glistening rivers of Blue Mountains will give you delight and peaceful pleasure of a lifetime.

  1. Franklin River, Tasmania- Water Rafting

The Franklin River is known for its world’s great rafting adventures. You can enjoy the primitive beauty of wild and beautiful river during the multi-day rafting adventure. Australia vacation agent will hire an experienced guide for your rafting adventure and they will take you in the wildlife region includes wallabies, platypus, and black cockatoos.

  1. Mission Beach, Queensland- Skydiving

Mission Beach is one of the most iconic destination in Australia for skydiving. Skydive instructor will help you in getting perfect clicks during your adventure. The view of the most beautiful beach, Mission Beach, from the sky is so fascinating to watch that will give you Goosebumps.

  1. Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory- Canyoning

Australia vacation will offer you the most fascinating sites and adventures to experience. Katherine Gorge is one of those fascinating sites where you can explore thirteen gorges by canoe. Enjoy canyoning ride with a view of beautiful waterfalls, aboriginal rock-art, and wildlife. Continue your canoe trail to the southern Rockhole, where the waterfall flows after rainwater.

  1. Surfers Paradise, Queensland- Kayaking, Snorkeling & Surfing

Surfers Paradise is one of the most beautiful and crowded beach for kayaking, snorkeling, and surfing. Bookings are essential before you start your adventure here, australia vacation agent will help you to book the best guides with all the safety measures. This is one of the major hubs of the city with a beautiful diverse culture and nightlife.

  1. Horizontal Falls, Western Australia- Jet Boating

Horizontal Falls is one of the most amazing and alluring landscapes. The experience of jet boating on tidal waterfalls with massive tidal movements will be fabulous. The scenic beauty of the falls will amaze you to a great extent. The continuous high and low tides of the falls will give your jet boating an awe-factor.

  1. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory- Bushwalking

Kakadu National Park is the oldest living culture; offers unexcelled walks to engross in nature, satisfy your adventure curiosity. Experience Bushwalking between world-class rock art sites, waterfalls, and pools of the national park.

  1. Auckland Harbor Bridge- Bungee Jumping

Auckland Harbor Bridge is the most fascinating site in Auckland for Bungee Jumping operations. Go through the experience of bungy from underneath the bridge. The thrill- seekers feel fierce and unstoppable and they can even dip their heads in the ocean.

  1. Manly Beach, Sydney- Paddle Boarding

The most magnificent beach of australia vacation, Manly Beach; is a popular beach for the Paddleboarding lovers. Manly beach offers many activities and various accommodation options with beautiful scenery of the beach.

  1. Uluru, Northern Territory- Camping

Uluru is known as the Red Centre of Australia. During your australia vacation, camping is the most important part. Uluru includes 36 red rock sacred domes to explore. Camping between a huge chunk of rocks, watching the sunrise, sunset, and sleeping under stars; is the most relaxing destination of your trip.

  1. Glass House Mountains, Queensland- Rock Climbing

Enjoy your full day on an ancient volcanic peak in Glass House Mountains. Your professional guide will help you in climbing the summit in spectacular scenery. To get most out of your experience start from the smaller cliff after learning basic techniques from the professional guide you hired.

  1. Great Ocean Road, South-Eastern Coast- Mountain Biking

Enjoy the thrill mountain bike ride in the lush rainforest, hinterland and native bushland. The bike trail showcases the natural beauty of the forest. The trails are available for beginners also.

  1. Whitsundays Island, Queensland- Sailing

Whitsundays Island is the most popular destination for adventure travelers. The best way to explore the island is to take a sailing cruise trip to endure the beauty of the island.

  1. Daintree Rainforest, Queensland- Ziplining

australia vacation will offer you must-do activity, Zip-line activity in Daintree Rainforest. australia vacation agent will provide you expert guides for your unique and heart beating zipline experience. Have stunning mountain and ocean views through the activity.

You have explored various new places of Australia with epic adventure sports, its time to say goodbye to this smallest continent.


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