Young And Happening Night Life Of Japan

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 27,2020

The bright city lights and the busy life of Japan are known by everyone but very few know about the amazing nightlife of Japan. Japanese people are thought to be very disciplined. The city is believed to sleep at night but that's when the real fun starts. You can brace yourself with some happening nightlife in Japan. All you need to learn are the things that are illegal here. Japanese love drinking and their local beer is a must-have. No vacation is complete without having tasted the nightlife of that country. Once you spend your night here you will get the Vegas vibes and there is no running back from it. Japanese people love colors and lights, and all can be depicted here. 

The places you should visit here and experience are:

  • Robot Restaurant
  • Genius Tokyo
  • Harlem
  • Shinjuku
  • Izakaya Hopping
  • Kawaii Monster Cafe
  • Live Shows

There are many unique bars and restaurants here. There are chances that you go solo but come back with lots of friends. The people here are very welcoming and you might just end up in a hidden treasure. The locals can guide you through the lanes. Also, being a first-timer here you might like to try only the famous and well-known bars instead of exploring the local streets.


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Detailed Itinerary

Robot Restaurant

Neon lights dominate this bar and the unique theme makes it one of its kind. You can either join the madness or take a seat back and relax. The party vibes here are on a different level and you must visit this place on your next Japan vacation. It is one of the most popular traveler's attractions and you can not skip this place without having experienced it. It is situated in the biggest red light area in Tokyo. The crowd here is very classy and less noisy. The rates are quite high due to the services it provides. The best Dj's perform here and you would love to party here almost every day.

Genius Tokyo

This nightclub is located in Ginza. The club is tactfully built at a very secluded and classy place. You can either join the crowd or pay a little extra to be a member of it. There is a separate members-only area and you can have access to the lounge and relax there. The crowd is almost of high society as not everyone is aware of it. It is located a 4-6 Ginza street, you can use maps or simply ask locals for help. You can directly call the manager and ask for a reservation if you are a crowd of 4 or more. It is open until 4 am.


It is one of the oldest nightclubs in Tokyo. It is a hip-hop club and has been in Tokyo for nearly 20 years. Many of the celebrated DJ's and Japanese hip-hop stars have started their career from here. This club is situated in Shibuya, Maruyamacho which is a famous location for the nightclubs. If you are lucky enough you can spot some celebrities and International Dj's too. This place is open until 5 am. You can relish their signature drinks and cuisine as it is an iconic place and serves the best of everything.


If you are confused about where to find the most happening locations for a perfect night out then this is your go-to place. It is the best neighborhood in Tokyo for night-out and most of the college crowd goes here. The night is always young here and as soon as you enter Shinjuku you get the party vibes with three famous nightlife spots located here. 

  • Kabukicho: It is the biggest red-light district in Japan and is the most happening one.
  • Golden Gai: It has a cozy and extravagant bar area
  • Omoide Yokocho: It is quite old-fashion and you can experience the traditional way of partying here.
  • Shinjuku nightlife wouldn't be complete without eating local dishes and at traditional izakaya bars.

Izakaya Hopping 

This street is famous for its local drinking culture. You can taste many local beers and wines here. You can relax back and sip some sake here. There are 2 major spots for partying. One is Shibuya which is famous for many famous nightclubs that are overcrowded with tourists who want to enjoy a young and energetic party and some amazing live music. Also, if you are more into the old-fashioned nightlife then you must pay a visit to Asakusa. There is no set time you can go as late as 2 am but most of the attractions close by 4 am. 

Kawaii Monster Cafe

It is an extremely colorful and vibrant cafe. There are live shows and amazing delicacies to look forward too. You can sip in some freshly brewed beer and the food. They serve some authentic food and are actually finger licking. The music and lighting add to the vibes of this place. From Tuesday to Friday they have different themes and the whole crowd is dressed up according to it.

Live Shows

Japanese are very colorful people, they never lack entertainment in their lives. If you are in Japan then you should not miss out on the fun they have. You can visit comedy shows, live music acts, or some festivals here. There are always some rules to the way they eat and drink and it is always better to learn them and adhere to them.

Your Japan vacation packages must include these nightlife places for a perfect night-out. You can adore the city's landscape and lights better when the majority of the town goes to sleep. Japan is at its best on the weekend and you can't afford to miss out on this scenic view.


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