6 Beautiful Days To Spend In Argentina

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 04,2020

Argentina is a splendid country that sits in the lap of nature’s most exquisite creations. With humongous glaciers, divine cold-water lakes, and contact with the diverse species of the wild present here, the stunning country will take your heart away-and will give a rush to your adrenaline that will carve a picture of the country in your memories. Your Argentina Vacation Packages will be embedded with the rich culture, the authentic delicacies, the suburban and colonial architecture, the vibrant lifestyle, and tango that will mesmerize you with the taste of life in Argentina. 


Being the 8th largest country in the world, the land of Argentina stands with stunning valleys in the middle of snow-capped mountains, vineyards, magnificent waterfalls, astonishing ancient ruins, dense lush green forests and national parks being home to some of the rarest wild species in the entire world which make Argentina Vacation Packages the perfect supper for the lust of adventure in you. Scroll down to see some of the best places for you to go on your vacation. 

Highlights of the Tour

  1. Spend a day going around the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, to fall in love with tango, the culture, and the man-made wonders of the city. 

  2. Visit the San Ignacio Ruins and learn about the days of its exceptional power and its fall with a tint of history of the nation. 

  3. Spend a day at the Mocona Fall and let your heart skip thousands of beats with every single drop of water falling from the highs of highs.

  4. Visit the Misiones Provincial Park and come closer to the widest array of wildlife in the lush green and dense forest. 

Tour At A Glance 

Day 1 Buenos Aires

Day 2 Perito Moreno Glacier

Day 3 Cordoba  

Day 4 San Ignacio Ruins – Jesuit Mission

Day 5 The Mocona falls, Mocona Provincial Park 


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Buenos Aires

It is said that the capital city of the country is the heart of the country and what is a better place to be in rather than the heart of a nation? To start off your Argentina Vacation, Buenos Aires will offer you the most vivid spectacle at the life of Argentineans. While in the city, grove your body on the rhythm of tango, take a tour on the streets of this beautiful city, go and take a look at the astonishing presidential palace, Casa Rosada, the iconic landmark of the city, visit the grand opera house Teatro Colon that was built in 1908 and now displays some of the most auspicious arts works in the country and a thousand more landmarks in the city that will take your breath away. 

Day 2 - Perito Moreno Glacier

Located in the Los Glacier National Park, this glacier attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year to commend its majesty power. Stand in front of the massive glacier and stare at it like there is no precarious in the world. The glacier is a 30 km long reserve of fresh water. Despite the hazardous effects of global warming, Purito Moreno is one of the rarest glaciers that is maintaining the state of equilibrium. 

Day 3 - Cordoba  

Cordoba is one of the largest cities in the country being a strong competitor to the capital, it stands on the other side of authenticity. While Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan, Cordoba is well versed as the ‘cultural hub’. The impeccable colonial heritage of the city along with a stiff and very strong Spanish influence makes it an elegant beauty that you cannot miss. The city that was established on the transport route on the 6th of July 1573 is also a heaven for the lovers of galleries. The fascinating mix of ancient and modern in the city will amaze you and leave baffled. 

Day 4 - San Ignacio Ruins – Jesuit Mission

San Ignacio Ruins sings a tale of forbidden victory and a saga of its power, royalty, and massiveness. Today, what once stood as the most vigilant work of architectural art with strength, stands as a defeated soldier that once was the supreme of all. 

Out of all the ruins in the region, this one is called to be the most preserved one as the art craft and carvings on the walls and pillars are still as clear as the day after the government took its restoration work in 1940.  

Visit the ruins and grasp the feeling of victory, power, defeat, glory, and the life the ruins have on display. Touch the carvings and witness the captivating story the ruins have in store to sing to you. 

Day 5 The Mocona Falls

Located in the province of Misiones on the Uruguay River, the Mocona falls are also known as Yucuma Falls. The name of the waterfall Mocona translates to “swallow everything” and it is the exact illusion the waterfall gives. The exemption that makes this water all the most unique one is that it runs parallel to the river for 3 km making it look like a marvelous piece of the craft by nature.   

Take a boat tour in the waterfall, stand with your arms wide open and feel that you are standing in the midst of nature’s most magnificent creation, taking control over it. Earn this experience of a lifetime on your Argentina Vacation Packages

Day 6  Misiones Provincial Park

Living in the chaotic city life we have lost the touch of nature in our being and are miles away from the wildlife. Argentina is home to a vast number of species that live in the wild. Because of the rich natural vegetation, Misiones is the jungle province of the nation with thousands of animal species living in the dense forest of the province which is protected under national and provincial parks. The lush green jungles will give you the most essential experience of staying raw and will bring you at a hand’s distance with the widest array of wildlife. This park is something that can’t be missed from any Argentina Vacation Packages.  

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