Thrilling Activities To Enjoy During Antarctica Vacation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Feb 04,2021

Antarctica is the ultimate travel destination for many enthusiastic globetrotters. Along with scenic beauty, there is no better place than Antarctica to enjoy thrilling and extreme adventures. Today, this mysterious polar region is on the bucket list of every holidaymaker. Adding adventurous activities to your Antarctica vacation packages will help you discover the continent from different angles. Adventurous activities with spectacular serene beauty will let you create memories for your lifespan. To feel the beauty of Antarctica in a realistic way and to enjoy the Antarctica vacation to the fullest, you must check out the given list of exciting adventurous activities. 

1. Camping under the stars

2. Kayaking along the shoreline

3. Run in the Ice Marathon

4. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Under Ice

5. Fly Over The Ice

6. Plan a Sailboat Trip

7. Ice Caving



Check out the list of thrilling adventures that you can enjoy in the wilderness of the undiscovered Antarctica continent. Enjoying these activities on your Antarctica vacation will elevate your experience. 


Camping under the stars



Nothing can be more exciting than camping on the ice. Spending a night under the stars with the pristine wilderness of Antarctica and curious penguins all around is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The chilling weather and less human interaction make it more exciting. Snuggling overnight in the camp might also let you face some obstacles and challenges. To overcome the risks and survive in sub-zero weather, you must wrap yourself in warm clothes and have snow boots, parkas, water-proof jackets, foam mattresses. You can put the camp and sleep on the snow, regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. You just need to have an adventurous and adaptive attitude to make every moment unforgettable. 


Kayaking along the shoreline



The experience of Kayaking in Antarctica is beyond words. It lets you see a different side of this white continent. On a Kayak, which is a small sailboat, you will come across wildlife leaping amidst the sea. You have to paddle your kayak on the shore to see Antarctica from a different perspective. Scenic wildlife like whales, dolphins, walrus, leopards, and penguins, which are rare to find, are all on view. This adventurous activity is generally a part of Antarctica vacation packages. To better enjoy this activity, you must choose a pleasant day and carry a waterproof and froze-resistance camera to capture all the precious memories. 


Run in the Ice Marathon



You can push your body to the limit and explore beyond regular excursions by participating in the Ice Marathon. It is presumed that the trip to Antarctica is incomplete without running in the marathon. It is held every year in the month of November-December at Union Glacier, Antarctica. This southernmost marathon on the earth requires competing with gusty winds and extreme temperatures. To pull off the marathon, participants are required to start preparing months before. If you are audacious and up for more intense challenges, then you can also participate in Antarctica 100K marathon held each January. 


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Under Ice



To uncover Antarctica’s mystical underwater and explore paradise, you must take a chance to dive in the pristine water. The dive through the biologically caved icebergs let you encounter rich aquatic lives ranging from corals to fish to marine mammals. To relish the diving opportunity, you must be a real enthusiast with the required skills and experience. It is not for beginners as it is quite challenging. The divers required to have the right snorkeling gears, a good understanding of self-recuse, and a cold water diving certification. Bright colors, pools, icebergs, majestic wildlife, and subaquatic views create a perfect scene deep inside the water.


Fly Over The Ice



Unlike the past, many Antarctica vacation packages offer day trips by flights. Earlier only the military and research aircraft was licensed to fly over the white continent. The exponential increase in tourism forced the industry to introduce flights. An overnight flight is also available to the hemisphere. Flying on the ice lets you enjoy the broader view of the continent from the bird’s eye. You can explore the continent from different angles with lots of fun and leisure. 


Plan a Sailboat Trip



The pleasure from extreme and risky sports like Sailing cannot overshadow the cruise that offers luxurious facilities. Envisage traveling on a sailboat with a lesser crowd is altogether a thrilling experience for all the fearless souls. The sailboats are typically smaller and are designed to navigate polar conditions. They are perfect to offer travelers an unparalleled view of the silence and calmness of the Antarctica continent. A closer look at the awe-inspiring view of the sea makes the sailboat the wisest choice. Be a component of nature on a sailboat than being an interloper on a cruise.  


This is the sneak-peak of all the thrilling activities that an adventure-seeker will love to do in the country. Add on the activities to your Ukraine vacation packages and venture off for an unforgettable trip.

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