10 Tips for Hassle-Free Antarctica Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 10,2020

Land covered in a layer of snow, and many species yet to be explored. A place with many secrets and mysteries that leaves you awestruck and should be in your bucket list. Just like any other traveler, you might be in a dilemma and the adrenaline rush in you must be on the peak. Booking Antarctica vacation packages are just a small part of your vacation, but checking the essentials and other facts before stepping on the cruise is main.

  • Always pack your clothes first to take out time for shopping too

  • Carry vaccinations and medicines to stay healthy

  • Camera and extra battery to capture memories hassle-free

  • Research about the foods you will eat there

  • Book package a few months in advance

  • Gather the Sailing information 

  • Go for the package that suits you

  • Have travel insurance for extra caution

  • Research about every location

  • Keep extra cash for expenses

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Here are the few tips one must check before starting the excursion:

Clothing according to weather

The temperature of Antarctica is very fluctuating and it might be very cold when you visit there. It is advisable to pack all your heavy winter clothing. Your clothing also depends on the month you are traveling. Also, there are many locations included that experiences heavy snowfall and only certain types of clothes can protect you from the cold breeze there. If you don’t have the required shoes and clothes it is advisable to shop to keep yourself warm and cozy in harsh weather conditions.

Vaccinations and medicines for precaution

You may experience seasickness or hypothermia, hence, it is advisable to take medicine beforehand. Ask your physician or pharmacist to prescribe medicines that might come in handy on your vacation. The weather can be extreme chill and you might catch a cold. It's always best to pack the essential medications not just for you but for fellow passengers. The key is to stay fit and fine to enjoy every moment of your travel.

Cameras to capture memories

Keep extra chargers and batteries handy. You might experience a power shortage and there are very few places where you can charge your phones and cameras. Your cruise will have power sockets but why to take risks. No one likes glitches when they are capturing their favorite memories. Antarctica vacation gives you many reasons to stop and click. Also, you might need to change your exposure settings to +1 or +2 to attain a perfect pic with good lighting. You should take more than one shot at a time to get insta worthy pictures.

Foods you must taste

If you are a chocolate lover then this place is surely meant for you. You will find fewer fruits and vegetables here and more of chocolate, Bannock, etc here. The motive is to give you more energy and keep you warm in such cold conditions. Enjoy the delicious delicacies of Antarctica on your vacation and do try for 'Bannock'. It's a must-have dish here as it is high on calories and will keep you protected from the bitter weather conditions there.

Book in advance

Well! It's a world-renowned fact that booking in a few month’s advances will cost you lower than the immediate booking. Cruises can be very expensive and hence, if you book Antarctica vacation packages in advance you will have a room for bargaining left. Also, you get many opportunities to explore the facts and to shop. You can ask for various options and a detailed plan. You should always have some time for booking your flight tickets and plan the locations you must explore. This also gives you an edge over fellow travelers who had very little time for planning things out.

Sailing information 

There are many ports from where your cruise could sail. You must check this beforehand as few locations might offer you a cheaper cruise. You might select an extravagant cruise but this will end up burning a hole in your pocket. You can opt for a cruise ship that comes in your budget and still leave some extra pennies in your hand. Almost 90% of Antarctica vacation packages include sail from the port of Ushuaia. We advise you to reach Ushuaia 2 days before so that you can explore this city too. It is known as 'the end of the world' and it would add on to your memories if you can spend some time exploring it.

A package that suits you

There are many Antarctica vacation packages that you can explore. Firstly you need to decide how much time you want to spend on vacation and always select for a day less so that any changes in the plan won't hurt your important tasks. Packages can always be modified and you need to be very careful while you select one. Before deciding upon a package cross-check if there is any other travel agency offering you the same in discounted rates. Off-season and on season also affects the rates. Your package must include few activities too. Hence, before deciding upon any specific package do thorough research.

Travel Insurance 

Antarctica is a land of possibilities and anything might happen. Travel insurance is very important whenever you travel to a foreign place. There are many routes and mammals you might find dangerous. A travel agent always escorts you and take care of you. Insurance can be for your belongings and essentials too. We take extra care of our travelers but one should be extra cautious too.

Research about every location

Do you buy anything without researching it? Then why not for your vacation. As a tourist, you should understand the locations and cuisines there. Knowing a place like the back of your hands adds to the fun. It takes away nervousness and gives you the confidence to explore the place a little more. Antarctica vacation packages are no less than an experience of a lifetime. Once you adapt to the environment you might feel like going there again and again.

Extra cash for expenses

Keeping some extra cash in hand is always beneficial. There is no official currency of Antarctica, however, U.S. dollars, Pound Sterling and Euro are mostly accepted here. If you are carrying a visa or MasterCard you will be charged in U.S dollars, therefore, we suggest you keep some extra cash in hand to avoid any hassle for money. Many expenses are miscellaneous and you can't swipe your card now and then, that's the time when your cash comes handy.

A different world awaits you on the southern pole. Keep these tips handy and enjoy your vacation. 

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