Discover Everything about People & Culture in Albania

Discovering the people & culture in different places in Albania! There are only a few such Albania vacation packages that one can ever find. It’s going to be a unique experience - and not to say quite an experience of a lifetime. Most Albania vacation packages talk about tourist attractions, history, and view, but this one will take one through experiencing & communicating with people in different parts of the country. Most of us do not know, but the best thing about traveling to Albania is its people. Whether one is wandering along the mountains or the historical town or traveling to the capital city of Tirana - the warm & friendly welcome by its people is unparalleled. Let’s embark on this incredible discovery of people & culture in Albania:

Vacation at a Glance 

Day 1: Discover People & culture in Tirana

Day 2: Discover people & Culture in Durrës 

Day 3: Discover people & Culture in Vlorë

Day 4: Discover People & Culture in Elbasan

Day 5: Discover People & Culture in Shkodër

Vacation Highlights 

  • Know about Shqip (language), the coffee culture, the Communist rule in Albania, and more in Tirana. 

  • Explore the people, culture, history of, the second-largest city in Albania. Discover the cafe culture in Durrës.

  • Take time to stroll around the beaches, seafood restaurants, and different myths about dressing in the city.

  • Know everything about Summer Day, which is an important celebration in the city. Interact with people of different groups of people living in the country.

  • Discover the popular songwriting culture of the city of Shkodër. 

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Discover People & culture in Tirana

It’s necessary to mention here that Tirana is the capital city of Albania and it that sense it is the most important part of the country. Surrounded by hills & valleys, it makes for a real antidote for your soul, body & mind. Albania vacation packages like this are designed to discover about people & the culture of that particular place.

Tirana is particularly a great place where people are quite friendly & welcoming. Here are the top 3 cultural differences one will experience on this Albania vacation.

  • Shqip (language) is spoken in Tirana. It’s unique & a language like this is not found in the world.

  • Coffee culture in Tirana is quite popular.

  • One can feel the emancipating & the reviving phase the country is going through after the Communist rule in Albania.

  • Tirana people won’t compromise on their traditional values for anything.

Day 2: Discover people & Culture in Durrës 

Durrës is the second-largest city in Albania! It is also an economically important city and is located along the Adriatic Sea. And, all packed with amazing traditions, culture, and history - one has plenty of reasons to plan Albania vacation packages. 

In addition to all that, people in Durrës like in other parts of the country are friendly, amicable, welcoming & warm. This is one place where one should not fear asking anything to the locals. Be sure every trivial question will be answered very honestly giving all the little details. And, the cafe culture in Durrës is quite thriving throughout. On the second day of this Albania vacation, wake up enjoying one of the flamboyant cafes of the city.

Day 3: Discover people & Culture in Vlorë

After Durrës, Vlorë is the second largest port in Albania. The place was discovered by the ancient Greeks during sixth century BC and at that time it was named ~ Aulon. And, Albania was declared free on the soil of Vlorë in 1912 and this fact is celebrated in the city till today. Also, Vlorë was the first capital of Albania which remained until the Italian invasion. 

Vlore is most popularly known as a place where only tough guys can survive, however, the complete opposite is true with the city. People are quite liberal ~, in fact, more than other parts of Albania. Because of the link of the city with Italy, it is also the wealthiest of all the cities throughout the country. Here are other top 3 Things about people & culture in Vlorë:

  • One can find plenty of seafood restaurants.

  • It’s common among people here to stroll around the beaches late at night.

  • It’s a complete myth that only conservative dress codes are allowed here. In fact, there are more people wearing shorts in the city than in many other people in the USA.

Day 4: Discover People & Culture in Elbasan

There are a number of groups living in Elbasan together including Bulgarians, Serbs, Italians, and Australians. The city, even after the Ottoman occupation has remained a center for Islam. The Latin alphabet is used for written Albanian language and there have also been many protests by the Muslim clerks for the use of Arabic script in Elbasan. 

One important tradition followed in Elbasan is the Summer Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of March every year. This is a celebration of the existence of life and the renewal of the universe ~ it’s celebrated for quite a long time. 

For the people of the city, it’s a very important celebration ` people celebrate it in different ways including playing games, decorating houses, spending time with family & more. And, cakes like ballakume are particularly made for this day! In Elbasan, people are very enthusiastic about it. In fact, people travel from different parts of the country to witness the celebration. You have got to discover about the Summer Day with all such Albania vacation packages.

Day 5: Discover People & Culture in Shkodër

Shkodra is popularly known for its rich songwriting culture! People of this city have been creating great lyrics for the last many centuries. With romantic and heart-touching lyrics, it’s quite difficult not to get lost in the air of the city. In fact, the music of Shkodra is among the seven spiritual heritages of Albania. “the music of Shkodra” in Albania is referred to as “Ahengu Shkodran”. On the last day of these Albania vacation packages to discover culture & people, just make sure to explore more about the musical charm of Shkodër. 

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