Post-Pandemic: Top Travel Trends Of 2021 You Should Learn

2020, is the year when the world learned the value of freedom. Traveling was undoubtedly out of the question due to the pandemic. It has thrown everyone’s vacation packages off the table. But 2021 seems to be more promising and hopeful, chiefly because traveling has almost resumed in every part of the world.


Travel trends come and go like any other, but this year is going to be remarkable, hopefully. Although travel restrictions are bound to change any minute, which will restrict people from traveling. It is time to explore the best travel trends that 2021 has to offer.


Want to travel this year hastily? Read ahead to know what trends people are following this year.



1. Become a digital nomad this year


“Workation” is a new term to the travel lexicon, which holds promising features for all those exhausted work-from-home individuals. Travel trends of 2021 demand you to come out of your cocoon and choose a distinct location to work in. Everything will remain the same, your old and boring life dealing with the office work. Every day, you will follow the same work routine, having zoom meetings scheduled with the internal team, discussing issues, and logging out of work for a day. But it will be in an unknown paradise with a great backdrop. Yet, it showcases the significance of the improved state of mind just by changing the place you work in. 


Workation packages are becoming common these days. It comes with all basic facilities including uninterrupted internet connectivity. Most of the places chosen for workstations by digital nomads are remote places such as hilltops and forest areas. The motto of digital nomads is to embrace your work from anywhere. 



2. Adapt yourself to social distance traveling


Earlier, traveling to crowded places was not a tough fight. Tourists find crowded streets, bustling cities equally exciting as monotonous places. But now, social distancing has become the norm. The post-COVID-19 world promises travel but at the cost of crowded places. 


Vacation packages have started to alter their travel plans to ensure maximum entertainment and value to the tourists although the distance is to be ensured. Hotels have redesigned themselves to make more space for tourists to stay safe without any fear of catching the virus. All this pushes tourists to accommodate the new changes flexibly and adjust their trips accordingly.



3. Lifestyle aviation might be the new vogue


One of the travel trends in 2021 is going to be this: flying to nowhere. As surprising as it may sound, the future of aviation and its purpose is going to change this year. Several countries have reopened their borders and resume flights by adhering to new, innovative, and safety measures. One such change is longer flights that are customized based on the traveler’s preference. This would allow a group of tourists to maintain social-distancing inside the flight with facilities such as communal dining and bars. Although climate activists are condemning this mode of flight, tourists find it alluring. You don’t have to be strapped to your seat looking out the window anymore, since this new age flight will be remodeled. It will also come up with bunk beds, kid’s play areas, and many sections. 



4. Road trips are here to stay


Every travel enthusiast knows that travel trends of 2021 include road trips as they are going to rule this year, thanks to social-distancing and contact-less travels. The pandemic has incited enough anxiety and fear in the minds of people. Moreover, many travel experts and governments suggest people satisfy their wanderlust by undertaking road trips as it is safer than opting for a full-fledged vacation. It feels safer to travel in one’s vehicle with a limited number of people than sharing space with hundreds of others in a flight or train.



5. Strive to support local tourism


Local tourism needs our support more than ever. While hi-fi destinations may easily stand back in no time, local tourism is about to perish. As a responsible tourist, people should help local tourism gain revenue. Fancy resorts and hotels can be found anywhere. But it is local tourism that represents the indigenous home culture of a particular destination. Buy souvenirs, food, and crafts from community businesses. Opt for local guides since they offer plenty of knowledge about their homeland. 


6. Wellness tourism is set to achieve great heights this year


The lockdown made us live amidst our mobile phones and binge-watching. But that was not the case for all. Many people suffered from depression, anxiety, and loneliness. For such people, the resumption of tourism this year is beneficial to set out to free their minds. That’s where wellness tourism comes to the scene.


It is tourism undertaken for physical and mental health purposes by engaging in psychological and well-being activities. Are you sick of the constant notifications, zoom calls, meetings, online lectures, and your phone? A digital detox tour is the correct option for you. Want to practice healthy and mindful eating habits? Vegan resorts are introducing themselves to tourism for those who want to practice yoga, mindfulness, along with an organic eating style. Fitness tours and weight-loss vacations are also included in wellness tourism.


7. Don’t leave your footprints around!


Well, that does not mean you don’t walk at all. It rather means to become conscious of how you impact the environment and destination you travel to. Every meager step you take while traveling, such as carrying a reusable water bottle, choosing local transportation, shopping at farmer’s markets and community centers accounts for a huge positive impact on the environment. This year, several tourists promise not to leave their footprints around but embrace eco-friendly methods of enjoying vacations. 



8. Travel agents will become the new saviors


Travel agents will become important again as they were. No matter how meticulously and single-handedly you plan your trip, hassles are bound to happen. Either you have to face flight delays or change your trip completely. Despite the pandemic, those travelers who have traveled must have faced major disruptions due to uncertainty in the rules, and regulations. 



This year, travel agents will guide tourists accordingly. Need some post-COVID-19 travel ideas? Done. Want to be updated about the travel trends of 2021 and the changing regulations in the destination? Done. You will be offered solutions for every problem even before you ask. All thanks to travel agents who strive to work closely with tour operators to ensure you have a safe trip.  


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