Cheap Places To Travel In 2024: Travel On Shoestring Budget!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 03,2024
Shoestring Budget

For many people, traveling is much more than just a hobby. They travel to explore, learn, and earn a living. When traveling becomes a part of daily lives, choosing the cheap places to travel to becomes the most important thing. With so many wonderful and interesting destinations, it becomes a challenging task to select the best one that you can visit without breaking your bank. To travel on a budget, there are plenty of stunning destinations that can be enjoyed even when you have a little in your pockets. You just need a little analysis, clever preparations, an ambitious soul, and pro travel tips to overcome the money challenges. If you too are struggling in choosing the cheap places to travel, then you must check out the given list. This is the list of few destinations that provide the ultimate opportunity to travel and rejuvenate on less budget. 


1. Egypt




If you are a history buff and looking for one of the best cheap places to travel, then you must book the tickets for Egypt. Among various countries all around the world, Egypt is one of the finest destinations for ancient civilizations. There are plenty of travel attractions in the country that captivates the attention of the visitors like Pyramids, Mummies, Old Toms, Sphinxes, and more. No matter what you discover in the country,  you can leave without spending a huge chunk of money. For a unique experience, fine dining, friendly people, splendid countrysides, and a strong cultural background, Egypt is an ideal destination. With plenty of things to do, Egypt must be one of the top destinations on your bucket list. Planning a visit to Egypt is worth every single penny you spend.


2. Indonesia




Indonesia is one of the cheap places to travel and a beautiful destination. Everything in the country is quite affordable right from restaurants to events to transportation to hotels and more. One of the most visited destinations in Indonesia is Bali and Batan. With stunning beaches, lively nightlife, fantastic shopping spots, incredible hikes, and delectable food, Indonesia is a must-visit destination for all budget-friendly travelers. While on your vacation, you must consider visiting white-sand beaches, jungles, blue flame volcanoes, and isolated rainforests. This country has so much to do that you never run out of options. Despite having so much to provide to its tourists, Indonesia is still a super cheap destination.  If you want to plan a wonderful and indulgent vacation, you must consider Indonesia for an unforgettable experience on an amazing budget. 


3. Vietnam




There is no other paradise than Vietnam. It is a country with ample natural wonders, rich history, and unique heritage. It is one of the cheap places to travel for backpackers around the world. This country holds unparalleled values for travelers. For a vacation in Vietnam, you need a few dollars as everything here is pretty cheap. Here, you can get fresh food, a comfortable stay, amazing attractions, and safe transportation at an unbelievable price. If we talk about the impressive attractions, Ho Long Bay tops the list. Other than that, there are several off-beaten tracks that you can explore for an adventurous experience. To explore away from the crowd, you can visit Ha Giang province, Tam Coc, Phong Nha, and more. With amazing picturesque sites to explore, you must add Vietnam to your bucket list.


4. Philippines



If you ask budget-friendly travelers, the Philippines will surely be on their travel list. The craze of this country is spreading amongst the tourists at a lightning speed. This country is undeniably one of the cheap places to travel. This is a budget-friendly vacation destination that has magnificent white-sand beaches, delightful seas, comfortable tropical vibes, and fascinating sunsets. To visit this amazing country, you need not to break your budget. You can easily enjoy your one day in the Philippines with $20. If you are well known for the tips for an affordable vacation, then you can travel to the Philippines even cheaper. Although staying in luxurious resorts or enjoying a meal at fancy restaurants will increase your budget, you can have endless options in the country to enjoy your trip at a much lesser price. 


5. Laos



One of the eco-tourism pioneers in the world is Laos. It is a beautiful country in Asia that you can travel to even on a less budget. This budget-friendly destination is sparsely inhabited and is all surrounded by magnificent green forest, mountains, and numerous rice fields. This is one of the cheap places to travel that has something for everyone. Whether you want to spend a luxurious vacation or cheap travel, Laos is for you. Here, nature lovers can relax amidst the greenery while history buffs can admire underground caves and appreciate antique structures. With the massive rugged land, Laos is no less than an outdoor paradise for adventurous travelers. From camping to biking to hiking to zip-lining, you can enjoy anything here on a budget. To spend a day in the country sightseeing, you just need to spend about $20 approximately. Must plan a vacation to Laos. 


6. Cambodia



Among various Southwest Asian countries, Cambodia is one of the cheap places to travel for budget-friendly travelers. Its an inexpensive yet gorgeous country whose locals are amazingly hospitable for providing you an amazing experience. Just like its neighboring countries, Cambodia is equally stunning and populated with some of the kindest people in the world. In this country, you can easily get yourself a private escape for living at just $20. For $2, you can get toothsome street food. Overall, you can enjoy your day in the country at just $50. It is no less than a paradise for budget travelers. When it comes to sightseeing, this country is popular for its Angkor Wat Temple. This sprawling country has a lot of beautiful historic temples, stunning French Colonial architectures, inexpensive bakeries, and a lot more.


7. China



When it comes to cheap places to travel around the world, China is ought to be on the list. Although not all parts of the country are apt for budget-friendly travel, some of them are. Some of the cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc. are quite inexpensive and perfect to travel without spending much. Since the old times, China has been intriguing travelers with its beauty and numerous attractions. Some of the cities of China are budget destinations that even cost less than $20 for a hotel, $2-5 for a one-time meal, and less than a dollar for urban transportation. To enjoy the economic and artistic cities of China, you have to travel on some of the off-beaten tracks. Explore the bustling cities of China and enjoy an affordable vacation. 


8. Mexico



Several Mexico resorts, attractions, as well as restaurants are synonymous with low prices. The tourist spots in Mexico can be labeled as Cheap if compared to other tourist destinations. This big country has so much to explore right from the beaches to cultural activities. If you are traveling to Mexico on a limited budget, then you must pay a visit to Chiapas. It is an adorable land full of jungles, waterfalls, and epic locals. The cost of travel to this destination is amongst the lowest. By choosing the non-urban locations in the country, you can travel to Mexico on budget. From accommodation to traveling to dining, you will be surprised with the low prices. You just need approximately $40 for each day in the country. Choose the unexplored paths in the country and enjoy a vacation on a budget. 


9. Nepal



Amidst the breathtaking views of the Himalayas, the beautiful country- Nepal lies. Nepal is a dream destination for a lot of travelers. For every traveler who wants to take a break from the hectic life and the hustle of metropolitan cities, Nepal is a perfect destination. It provides a quiet and peaceful setting with outstanding attractions to explore in quite a less amount. Nepal is one of the cheap places to travel with plenty of architectural buildings, trekking trails, temples, monasteries, and more. Here you can enjoy the best of nature with exotic views of the Himalayas. You can make the best of your time in Nepal by spending just $20 each day. However, if you are a pro at budget-friendly travel, you can save even more money. This destination is perfect to satisfy your wanderlust without burning a hole in your pocket. 


10. Bolivia



Nested in the heart of the Andean mountain, Bolivia welcomes a fantastic range of tourists. If you are looking for luxurious amenities in Bolivia, then this country is not for you. This is among the cheap places to travel where life is pretty simple and the travel is quite inexpensive. Here, you can comfortably spend your whole day sightseeing for just 20 dollars a day. Although this country does not have ample idyllic attractions, it is perfect for relaxing in nature. For enjoying your day in Bolivia you can plan a visit to Titicaca which is the worlds highest lake and Salar de Uyuni which is a jaw-dropping beauty. Travel to Bolivia is cheap as most of the popular attractions here are free of cost. Among various months, April and May are the cheapest. If you want to travel on a tight budget, you must check out this beautiful destination. 


This list has introduced you to the 10 cheap places to travel without putting pressure on your pocket. Now, you can travel without any excuse and have the best time of your life. Keep this list handy for the destinations that come without a tag price. 

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