Zambia Travel Review

Last month my friend and I traveled to Zambia. It was an amazing trip. Zambia is a magical country. A place of golden sands worthy of Latin America, beautiful beaches and lapping waves, the beauty of the Ssese Islands is Zambia’s answer to the tropical jewels of the East African coast on the Indian Ocean.
Peppering the waters of Lake Victoria, they are regarded the country’s premier leisure and relaxation spot, with the famous Buggala Island and Bulago coming up the top of the list.
The travel company arranged our accommodation in one of the lakeside resorts, we spent the evenings, where hippo-dotted swamps cover between the rims. We have also enjoyed Kayaks and other watersports on Buggala.

Then we traveled to The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the park truly does live up to its name! A land of stone peaks and continuous green, it’s covered in some of Africa’s oldest primeval conservation.
The biodiversity thinks geckos next to gorillas next to a number of unique insects earned the spot a UNESCO World Heritage tag, while most safari-goers visit this way in search of colobus monkeys and chimpanzees. The outstanding landscapes are typical of the Albertine Rift. We have enjoyed all these things with this travel company, they are great

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