An Incredible UK Tour

My 17-year-old daughter, husband and I just returned back from an amazing 10 day trip to England.  When we first talked about the trip, we were confused about how much we wanted to do and what all we wanted to see in, having never been to the UK before. After initial discussions with our travel agent, we decided to base our trip to London, see and do as much as we wanted there, and later add a few day trips to some nearby sites.  

Staying at one perfect hotel enabled us to see and do an incredible amount, then return back to a beautiful, relaxing place each night without having to pack and repack time and again.  Our agent booked an amazing hotel for us and we could not have been happier. The staff was all gracious and attentive, the rooms and bathroom were large, and the location couldn't have been more convenient for us. We were a walk away from anything that we wished to see.  An added bonus was the amazing restaurant at the hotel, which never happened to be too much crowded and served some truly delicious food.

After some long day trips, it felt amazing to just roll downstairs and enjoy some cocktail in their bar, then later stroll across the hallway till the restaurant.  Our travel agent and I had discussed at some length about the kinds of places that we would like to stay and also what we didn't like, and with the combination of her great knowledge of London's accommodations and her amazing attentiveness to my wishes found us a perfect match.


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