Incredible Uganda Safari Tour

This was our first trip to Uganda and we were quite excited about it. We have been looking for an agent who can guide us with the best possible options and for this, we surfed the internet crazily.  The agent that we picked up was actually a reference from our common friend. With his word of mouth, we planned a meeting with the agent which successfully turned out as a full week Kenya tour. The agent and the company for which he was working helped us a lot in making our trip wonderful and memorable. We visited a couple of places in Uganda which mainly has Bwindi forest and lakes in it. We started with Bwindi Forest and we must admit that it was the best forest we have ever seen in our lives. It has everything that our eyes could ever witness in an Uganda African safari. We spotted gorillas there and that was a spellbinding experience. The place was incredible in terms of population( of the wild animals) and scenic views. Also, the agent that we were in touch with was extremely helpful. He addressed all our queries and send us all the necessary information not only for us to prepare properly but also to alight any concerns we may have had. Simply put, we had the best moments of our lives during the Kenya Safari and we are truly happy with it.

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